Jul i Scandinavia Block of the Month ~ March!

Hi! Today I have a quick tutorial on the Whipped Woven Stitch that I used as part of the stitching on this months applique.

But first I have to share some pics of the progress!

scandinavian applique quilt pattern


Photo-Mar-16,-4-00-17-PM Photo-Mar-16,-4-00-41-PM Photo-Mar-16,-4-44-47-PM


To begin, I whip-stitched a white wool circle to my background.  You don’t actually need to do this but it makes the Whipped Woven Circle stand out even more.

1) Stitch some spokes, coming up from the outside edge and going down into the center of your circle.  I’m using pearl cotton 8, and eight spokes in the example below.

2)Bring your needle up from the back near the center and in-between two spokes. From now on you will be working only from the top of your work.

3) Use the eye end of your needle to travel under the stitch to the left and right of where your thread is coming out… threading under both stitches. This will create a small loop over each spoke that will create the bumps in your finished circle.

4) Pull snug (not tight) and repeat going under the next set of two stitches that are on either side of where you came up. You can see that I am working counter clockwise around my circle.Photo-Mar-17,-11-42-22-AM

5) Continue working in the round…Photo-Mar-17,-11-46-14-AM

6) When your circle is full, take the thread to the back of your work and tie off.

 Done! Hopefully this helped some of you out! :)Photo-Mar-17,-11-48-57-AM

If you want to see another example, I made a whipped woven circle to resemble a sea shell on this project! You might have to search for it, it’s white and (hopefully) looks like a tiny sand dollar.

Thanks for playing along and checking out this month! You can find the pattern here…

Jul i Scandinavia Pattern

scandinavian applique quilt pattern

See you next month!


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Cabin Fever Block of the Month Quilt Pattern

Cabin Fever Block of the Month Quilt #2

Hello Quilters!

I wanted to share the February Cabin Fever block of the month. The pattern went out yesterday to subscribers.

Cabin Fever Block of the Month Quilt Pattern

This is the center star on the top row of my quilt. There will be twelve stars total in the quilt top and each star finishes at 24″. The purple and green star are in the top row and I’ll be adding next months star to the line-up on the right….

Cabin Fever Block of the Month Quilt Pattern

I’m using a mix of solids from my stash and some Anna Maria Horner (true colors) fabric for my quilt and so far I’m really happy with this mix!

If you’re just catching up with this Block of the Month Pattern, you can read all about it in the first and second post (more links at the end of this post).

You can join in any time and

find the CABIN FEVER Pattern in my SHOP.

Cabin Fever Block of the Month Quilt Pattern

Thanks for following along!!


Cabin Fever Block of the Month Quilt Pattern by Sherri Noel ~ Rebecca Mae Designs



Scandinavian Christmas Quilt Block of the Month Pattern

Jul i Scandinavia Block of the Month ~ February!

Yesterday I sent out the February update to subscribers of the Jul I Scandinavia quilt-a-long!  Today I have some pictures and stitching tips to share!

Scandinavian Christmas Quilt Block of the Month Pattern


If you want to subscribe, you can find the pattern here:

Jul I Scandinavia Pattern


We are beginning with the lowest branches and working our way up.

Scandinavian Christmas Quilt Block of the Month Pattern

Scandinavian Christmas Quilt Block of the Month Pattern

Scandinavian Christmas Quilt Block of the Month Pattern

Scandinavian Christmas Quilt Block of the Month Pattern

Scandinavian Christmas Quilt Block of the Month Pattern

Scandinavian Christmas Quilt Block of the Month Pattern

Last month I gave you some tips on the pekinese stitch and I used it again this month in a few places!

Scandinavian Christmas Quilt Block of the Month Pattern

I also added a couple other stitches that you might already know… or like to try.

I used the Bullion Knot to outline the white circles and the red heart. This is probably my favorite stitch and I use it a lot!!! If you aren’t already hooked, maybe you will be soon!

To Start ~ I’m using a milliners size 1 needle.

Bring your thread up from the back of your work, anywhere along the edge of your applique is fine.


Take a back-stitch about the length you want your knot to be.  Mine is roughly 1/4″. Bring your needle out where the thread is coming out.

How to make a bullion knot

Take the thread (next to the tip of your needle) and wrap your needle enough times to fill the back-stitch space (estimate).  I wrapped mine clockwise about 12 times.  Wrap it snug, but not so tight you can’t pull your needle through it.

How to make a bullion knot

Now here is the trickiest part… and it’s not really that tricky once you’ve done it.

I use my left (non dominant) hand and place my thumb over the wraps on the needle in the front of my work, and my index finger on the back of my work and hold the wraps in place (pinching it) while I pull the needle through. Once the needle is pulled through it should look like this…

How to make a bullion knot

Pull the tail down close to the work so the knot rests along the edge of the applique. You might have to fuss with it slightly till you get the hang of it.

How to make a bullion knot

Now you insert your needle again at the base of the knot (where the tail is coming out) and take a stitch so your needle comes out 1/4″ above the top of that knot…

How to make a bullion knotPull the thread to the front of your work.

How to make a bullion knot

Take another back-stitch to repeat the process…

How to make a bullion knot

You can use any length stitch and any number of wraps. If you use a lot of wraps and a short stitch the result will be more of a loop.  You’ll be hooked in no time!!!


I also used a few fly stitches and French knots.  You are probably more familiar with these stitches…

I worked from the left to the right and then back again. To start bring the needle up from the back of your work.

fly stitch and french knot

Insert the needle about 1/4″ to the right and angle the stitch to come out in-between the stitches about 1/4″ lower with the thread under the stitch and french knot

Pull the thread snug creating the V stitch and french knot

Add a french knot here by wrapping the tip of your needle 3 stitch and french knot

Insert it just below the V… notice (with my left hand) I have tension on the tail so the knot stays snug until I’ve pulled the needle and thread all the way through to the back of my work.
fly stitch and french knot

Continue to the right side.

fly stitch and french knot

When you get to the edge return to the left with the fly stitch but instead of adding a french knot, just make a stitch at the base of the stitch and french knot

Continue back to the left edge.

fly stitch and french knot

Done! I hope these tips helped some of you!

See you Next Month!


Jul i Scandinavia block of the month quilt pattern on

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Penguin Quilt Pattern by Sherri Noel, Rebecca Mae Designs

The Big Chill ~ Penguin Quilt Pattern

I just finished a new Penguin quilt pattern!  The Big Chill is full of chilly penguins and includes two sizes.  The Large 58″ x 68″ version pictured here has 9 penguins…

Penguin Quilt Pattern by Sherri Noel, Rebecca Mae Designs

We’ve had a mild winter here in New England, but just in time for The Big Chill release… we had a Snow Storm!  I ran out yesterday while it was snowing to get these pictures. There’s nothing like the quiet that snow brings. This next pic is one of my favorites, I think it captures the quiet stillness… and the chill!

Penguin Quilt Pattern by Sherri Noel, Rebecca Mae DesignsEach penguin is 15″ and has a Kona scarf! I listed the colors in the pattern if you like the look of this one.

Penguin Quilt Pattern by Sherri Noel, Rebecca Mae Designs

I broke into my Architextures fabric for my four penguin quilt… so cute! It has a softer look, perfect for a baby quilt.

Penguin Quilt Pattern by Sherri Noel, Rebecca Mae DesignsThe white I’ve been using is a Robert Kaufman fabric that has some shimmery dots… it’s called Spot On.  Perfect!

Penguin Quilt Pattern by Sherri Noel, Rebecca Mae Designs

Thanks for checkin’ out The Big Chill! You can find the pattern here:


The Big Chill ~ Penguin Quilt Pattern

Penguin Quilt Pattern by Sherri Noel, Rebecca Mae Designs



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Penguin Quilt Pattern by Sherri Noel, Rebecca Mae Designs


Cabin Fever Block of the Month Quilt Pattern

Cabin Fever Block of the Month Quilt #1

January was gone in a flash… We are already one month into 2017, and I have the first month of Cabin Fever Done!

CABIN FEVER BLOCK OF THE MONTH QUILTEmails and Updates went out this morning… please let me know if you have any trouble with receiving them… email me at [email protected] if you need assistance.

If you’d like to join in you can read all about it in the first post, and sign up here:

Cabin Fever Block of the Month Quilt Pattern

The block design in the center is actually the ‘block’ of the month.  The Star is part of the top design.  You will notice I’m mixing solids and prints.  I’m using some Anna Maria Horner fabrics from her True Colors line.

True Colors Fabric bundle Anna Maria Horner

I have a couple bundles in my shop, plus some other supplies that are helpful for this BOM project. If the bundles are gone, email me @ [email protected] and I’ll update you on availability when I get more in stock.


I’m using the prints for the corner squares, background and border.  I will mix the left over scraps of prints and solids into my monthly block.

The star points will be made from my stash of solids with one coordinating print.

solid fabrics

For my Star Background (Fabric B) I’m using True Colors Filigree Coral ~ it’s so bright and fun!

anna maria horner true colors fabric

And for my border (fabric F) I’m using this gorgeous dark version of Filigree, called dusk!

anna maria horner true colors

You can find both of these fabrics sold by the half yard HERE.


Fat Quarter Bundle

6 1/2″ ruler ~ These are great for squaring up blocks so they are all the same size.

Vellum Paper ~ Sometimes I use regular copy paper (shhh!) but it does tend to shrink when ironed.  I have a few packs of this paper if you want to try it.  Either way, use a 6 1/2″ ruler to trim so you know all your blocks are the same size.

Flat head pins ~ These pins (or any flat head pins) are super helpful keeping everything flat when paper piecing.


Thanks for Following!


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Cabin Fever Block of the Month Quilt Pattern


block of the month

Jul i Scandinavia ~ Block of the Month Quilt

The Jul i Scandinavia Quilt-a-Long is underway! This is a non-traditional block of the month pattern that’s all applique.

Originally, I had purchased some red flannel for the background fabric for my sample but I happened upon some red wool and I was hooked… but I’ll let you in on a little secret! I’m in a robin group with my local quilty friends and they are working on this pattern using a gray cotton background and white wool, similar to this needle book I made from the scraps!

Needle Book Pattern

In the photo above, the top white flower and the red heart and little circles are all wool and the two white hearts are velvet.In the next photo, the red flannel on the inside pocket is the flannel I had originally picked as my background.  It won’t go to waste tho, and maybe I’ll be able to incorporate a little bit into my quilt-a-long project!


If you’d like to make a needle book, I have a needle book tutorial you can use to make one too.

For the January installment of the quilt-a-long, subscribers received the supply list and the pattern for the tree already.

There are two main supplies for this project (background and applique fabric) and I will also be using some white velvet to embellish. I purchased all three of these items from a wonderful shop called Camp Wool in Kennebunk Maine. They don’t have an online shop but if you can’t find your supplies locally, you can call their shop for availability and ask if they will ship to you direct.


The two wools and other supplies I purchased at Camp Wool are:

Dorr Bright White #163
Marcus (red) Ro5-7717-2123
The Velveteen was off the bolt, and I don’t have the sku but it’s a creamy white color and lighter than the white wool. (lush velveteen 100%cotton)
Red wool sampler 5 pack (see photo below)
To Coordinate with the wools I purchased Aurifil Wool Thread (optional) in these two colors: Red 8260 and White 8021. I will use these wool threads to whip-stitch the wool applique in place.

If you use wool be sure to check to see if it needs to be washed prior to beginning your project. And, if you decide to use velveteen… Do not iron it!

You can embellish with some threads and extra fabrics if you want to. I’m starting with some pearl cotton, embroidery floss, red wool scrap pack and 1 1/2″ ribbon.

Some of these supplies are listed in my shop if you can’t find similar products locally.

block of the month supplies

I also have the Midnight Sprout version of the ribbon in my shop if you like the gray color scheme (who wouldn’t?) –

midnight sprout ribbon

Assembly of the tree pattern is pretty straight forward…

scandinavian applique quilt pattern

Since the applique is wool, no seam allowance is needed.  I simply pinned my template to the wool and cut out the applique shape. All the extra wool that is cut away will be used for the remaining applique shapes.

tree applique

I made my tree in two layers. The first layer of my tree is wool which I whip-stitched in place using Aurifil wool thread and then I used pearl cotton for the decorative pekinese stitch around the perimeter.

scandinavian applique quilt pattern

The second layer of my tree is velveteen.  I cut it out using the same template, basted it in place and needle turned the edges under so it’s slightly smaller than the wool.  I then back stitched around the perimeter of the velveteen with the white pearl cotton 8scandinavian applique quilt pattern

The pekinese stitch is easy and looks so pretty. It’s basically a woven back stitch. I back-stitched the perimeter with white pearl cotton 5 and wove the ecru pearl cotton 8 through the back-stitches.

pekinese stitch

I’m using a chenille needle for the back-stitching and a milliners size 1 needle for weaving.  To weave, bring your milliners needle up from the back behind the first back stitch.  Working right to left (or whichever direction is comfortable to you) count two stitches to the left and use the eye end of the milliners needle to thread the pearl cotton under the backstitch from the top to the bottom.

pekinese embroidery stitch

leave a small loop, count one back-stich to the right and use the eye end of the needle again to weave the stitch under the back-stitch from the bottom to the top…

pekinese embroidery stitch

keep the needle above the loop and pull through…

pekinese embroidery stitch

pull until the thread is snug but not so tight you pucker your wool. Then just repeat (two to left, one to right)!

Pretty right?

pekinese embroidery stitch

If you want to join in you can

find the pattern information here.

See you next month!


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Jul i Scandinavia block of the month quilt pattern on

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Block of the Month Quilt Pattern 2017

Cabin Fever Block of the Quilt 2017

Join me for the 2017 Cabin Fever Block of the Month!

Block of the Month Quilt Pattern Cabin Fever

I am hosting two Block of the Month programs this year. I already shared Jul i Scandinavia (a Christmas applique BOM) with you…

AND Cabin Fever is a Block of the Month Quilt that’s a little more traditional and will have a lot of… you guessed it… Log Cabin Blocks!

The Log Cabin Blocks will dictate the layout, and I have more than one layout to share with participants. You can decide on how aggressive your Cabin Fever is and pick your layout accordingly!

Options will include two sizes:
84″ x 84″ OR 84″ x 108″

Every month participants will receive a block that fits into the layout. All blocks consist of a circular design… you’ll be an expert in no time!

I hope you catch Cabin Fever and join me!

I will have this BOM pattern listed in two places and you can sign up any time.

Sign up in My Shop


Sign up on Craftsy.


You will be emailed monthly with the pattern information to date.


I will update the pattern monthly on Craftsy and you will be able to view and download the updated pattern information and templates directly.

Cabin Fever Q & A ~

What Can I expect after signing up?

Each month (beginning January 31st) you will receive the new pattern.  Month 1 will include layout options and I will cover some of the fabric/color choices.

Can I sign up anytime?

Yes, if you sign up after January 2017, You will receive all the patterns to date. Any remaining patterns will be updated monthly.

Will I be charged Monthly?

No, the sign up fee is a one time charge that covers the entire series from start to finish and you can sign up any time, it will not expire.

How will patterns be delivered?

As a printable PDFs.

What techniques will we be using?

12 BOM Blocks ~ Each monthly block will be a circular design.  Foundation piecing and templates will be offered and the curved piecing technique will be covered in month one (it’s not as scary as it looks.)

For the Log Cabin Blocks ~ For consistency we will use the foundation pieced method.

What will we use for fabric?

Cabin Fever is a scrap busting quilt and we will talk about fabric as part of the layout choice in Month 1.

See You Next Month!


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Cabin Fever Block of the Month Quilt Pattern at

Dear Daughter Block of the Month Quilt

Block of the Month ~ Dear Daughter

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays! My Dear Daughter BOM Quilt top is done and I wanted to share!

block of the month Dear Daughter Quilt

I also wanted to say Thank you to the quilters from all over the world that participated! Of course we had lots of quilters from the US and Canada ~ Woo Hoo! – (I think Texas was the most represented state!)  A BIG thank you to all the quilters from down under in Australia, New Zealand… and even Africa… As well as lots of quilters in France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the UK to name a few!! WOW! Thank You!


If you are wondering what my border fabric is… I found this fabric by Valorie Wells ~ (Quill Ash) at a local quilt shop. It’s perfect!

block of the month quilt pattern, Dear Daughter from Rebecca Mae Designs

block of the month quilt pattern, Dear Daughter from Rebecca Mae Designs

block of the month quilt pattern, Dear Daughter from Rebecca Mae Designs

block of the month quilt pattern, Dear Daughter from Rebecca Mae Designs

To replicate my border applique I made a template from freezer paper. After I appliqued the first of four border motifs, I cut some freezer paper to size and ironed it onto the fabric (shiny side down) and traced everything.

block of the month quilt pattern, Dear Daughter from Rebecca Mae DesignsThen I peeled it off and used it (with the help of a light box) as a template for placement of the remaining three border motifs.

block of the month quilt pattern, Dear Daughter from Rebecca Mae Designs

I over-sized the width of my border by an inch and a half so I could trim/square it up after it’s been quilted. After a lot of thought I decided to hand quilt my quilt.  It will take some time of course, and I will definitely share some pics with you when that’s complete!

If you want to make your own Dear Daughter Quilt you can find the pattern HERE IN MY SHOP

~ OR ~


There are also a couple quilt shops that will be offering the Dear Daughter BOM as a QAL beginning in 2017 if you want to participate contact the shops to find out more about their programs and monthly fabric kits!

BERNINA Sewing Centre
Lake Mary, FL
Beginning Late February 2017


Quilter’s Corner
Faulkton, SD

Beginning in Spring 2017

And I have to share a couple Christmas Finishes from two of our quilt friends following along!

Sam finished her quilt and presented it to her Daughter for Christmas!!!  Amazing finish Sam!

block of the month quilt pattern, Dear Daughter from Rebecca Mae Designs

And Shawn made FOUR! Look at these gorgeous daughters with their quilts!  This picture makes me happy, and I love that their names are on them! Shawn, I seriously don’t know how you pulled it off. Mind. Blown.shawns-finishHappy Holidays to you all!


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dear daughter block of the month

Chapter 12 ~ Dear Daughter Quilt

Hello quilters!

Here we are at the FINAL Chapter of the Dear Daughter Block of the Month Quilt!  If you subscribe to this QAL you should have already received the final pattern a few days ago.


You can find the pattern

on CRAFTSY ~or~ in MY SHOP!


The Fat Quarter Shop and The Warm Company

are generously sponsoring this quilt-a-long and the winners for December are:

Fat Quarter Shop $25 ~ Tiziana G from Italy!

The Warm Company products ~ Judy C from Canada and Melissa K from Alabama!


It took me some time to decide on what I wanted this final block to say. I had something else in mind originally but ultimately decided on Believe… It can represent so many things! I even googled it and found this..

Believe comes from old German words meaning to have trust. Belief doesn’t require proof, just acceptance. To believe can also mean having confidence. If you believe in me, it doesn’t mean that you think I’m real. It means you think I can do what I set out to do.


Block of the Month Quilt ~ Dear Daughter Chapter 12

I’ll be back again with some pics of the finished border! But here’s a peek!

Block of the Month Quilt ~ Dear Daughter Chapter 12

Thanks for following along!


Block of the Month Quilt Pattern ~ Dear Daughter


Giveaway Day!

Happy Holidays! Today is the annual December give away day (today through 12/11!) hosted by SewMamaSew and I’ve got two bundles of goodies ~ one for USA residents and one for International… PLUS i’m offering 20% off All Quilt Patterns in my shop! Use the code GIVEAWAY!

First for USA

1) An 8 1/2″ Scrappy Bundle from my Block of the Month stash!  That’s 40 different fabrics to add to your stash!

2) A print copy of my Scrap Happy Sampler Pattern to use up that stash.

3) And I’m including a pink sewing machine ornament! A mini of the sewing machine clocks in my shop!


 There’s a lot of yumminess in this bundle!Rebecca Mae Designs

AND don’t forget the full Scrap Happy Sampler Pattern PLUS super cute Sewing Machine Ornament!
Rebecca Mae Designs


For International Winners…


ANY Quilt PDF Pattern from My Shop, INCLUDING BOM patterns!

rebecca mae designs quilt patterns

20% off all patterns today ~ 12/11/2016! Use code GIVEAWAY

Here’s what you do…

Comments ~

Please tell me where you are from and what your working on (I love reading about all your projects!)

Followers ~ (for extra entries)

If you follow me leave a message(s) telling me how (facebook, instagram, email, bloglovin etc) for extra entries! And thanks for following!

Giveaway is open Thru Sunday 12/11!

Happy Holidays!sherri


I don’t know where my manners are!!!  I should share where I’m from too!  I live in Massachusetts, but my heart lives in Maine (where I will be celebrating Christmas by the Sea this weekend!) I’m working feverishly on finishing my Dear Daughter Quilt top while trying to fit in some mitten making, other handmade gifts and gift wrapping! I need some elves! Also… sneaking in time to watch all my favorite holiday movies!

UPDATE 12/12/2016




Christmas Quilt Pattern Scandinavian Tomte

Christmas Quilt Pattern ~ Scandinavian Tomte


A mythological creature from Scandinavian folklore 
typically associated with the Winter Solstice
and the Christmas season.

You may have seen my Scandinavian Tomte quilt pattern in a couple previous posts but I’m excited to share that it’s been published in the latest Simply Moderne issue from Quiltmania! This is a big deal for me, and I am so grateful to the group over at Quiltmania. They are kind and supportive in every way, truly a wonderful experience all together.

Cover Simply Moderne 7

If you already subscribe to Simply Moderne I hope you enjoy this issue! And if not, I would recommend a subscription to any of the three they offer (Quiltmania, Simply Moderne, Simply Vintage).

So back along when I got the news that my quilt was chosen for the winter issue I was over the moon to say the least. I’ve always enjoyed the magazine and all the beautiful quilts and photography!! So, it’s no surprise (I confess) that over the past few months I’ve been spending a little time daydreaming about how they will photograph my quilt. (I’m a pisces, we do that lol)

It was the day after Thanksgiving and my daughters were home from college, we were all just hanging out, decorating the tree and listing to Christmas music when the mailman came with the magazine.  Now, you know my whole family was on magazine alert… let’s just say I might have mentioned it was coming soon (once or twice) AND maybe I was checking the mail a little more regularly (smiles).

We huddled up on the couch and I turned the first page and there it was, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I might have screamed a little…

Christmas Quilt Pattern Simply Modern magazine 7I was actually quite blown away.  Seeing my quilt in such a lovely scene (seriously I want that bed) and seeing it featured on the contents page ~ I was feeling extra special, and thankful!

I quickly noticed the fine print… my quilt had been on a quilt-cation! Was I jealous? Hell ya!

Christmas Quilt Pattern Simply Modern magazine 7

Later that night I googled both La Maison des Lamour (where my quilt was photographed) and Les Petites Maisons dans la Prairie. Both places are breathtaking and I quickly added them to my bucket list… some day.

Funny thing is, the next page brought me right back home to New England ~ to the Vermont Quilt Festival which is just a state away from me!

Christmas Quilt Pattern Simply Modern magazine 7

The issue also features the Tokyo Festival, three portraits (I’m totally obsessing over the the quilts of Kumiko Fujita and Kazue Nakajima)  ~ PLUS a technical lesson with one of my crushes Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession, and a whole bunch of projects….Christmas Quilt Pattern Simply Modern magazine 7

including Tennessee Lightning which I’m in love with! Looks like a great scrap busting quilt.

Christmas Quilt Pattern Simply Modern magazine 7

And guess what?  They made mention of my Dear Daughter Quilt! (GUSH!)

Christmas Quilt Pattern Simply Modern magazine 7

So, this Thanksgiving I’m feeling extra special and so thankful that I get to do what I love! I hope you all enjoy the Holiday Season!!! Hugs!



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Christmas Quilt Pattern Scandinavian Tomte


Christmas Quilt Pattern Scandinavian Tomte

Christmas Quilt Pattern ~ Scandinavian Tomte

TOMTE A mythological creature from Scandinavian folklore typically associated with the Winter Solstice and the Christmas season. You may have ...
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Jul i Scandinavia block of the month quilt pattern

2017 Block of the Month Quilt Pattern ~ Jul i Scandinavia

Hello Stitchers!

I will be hosting two Quilt-a-Long Programs this year! One will be a traditional Block of the Month (announcement coming soon) and one will be a Christmas Quilt!

Jul i Scandinavia

Jul i Scandinavia block of the month quilt pattern

Jul i Scandinavia is an applique quilt measuring 32″ x 40″. I will be making my quilt on a red flannel base using primarily white wool for the applique.

Jul i Scandinavia block of the month quilt pattern

Instead of receiving a block each month, you will receive the applique templates for a branch or section of the project. Please be aware that the image shown is a rough draft of the pattern and may change slightly.

I’d love it if you joined in!

This year I will have the BOM patterns listed in two places.  You can sign up any time

in My Shop -or- on Craftsy.


You will be emailed monthly with the pattern information and templates to date.


I will update the pattern monthly on Craftsy and you will be able to view and download the updated pattern information and templates directly.

Here’s a Q & A to help answer questions ~ If I miss something and you ask a question in the comments I’ll add the answer to this post, so check back.

Will you be posting progress on
Yes, I will post pictures monthly with my progress.

What will I need for fabric?
I will be providing a supply list in January. The background base I will be using for my sample is red flannel. I will also be using some red wool and decorative ribbon to embellish the base. The applique shapes on my project will be almost entirely white and made of primarily wool with some velvet and cotton accents.

What other supplies will I need?
Your supply list will include some optional embellishment supplies. For example, you might want to have a variety of threads for decorative stitches including perle cotton and embroidery floss. Please note that I will not be including stitch instruction with the pattern, but I will make note of some of the stitches I’m using as part of my monthly posts.

What is the finished size of the quilt?
The size of the finished quilt is 32” x 40”.

When will the program wrap up?
I will deliver the final pattern download in November so that you may finish and enjoy for the 2017 holidays!sherri

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Jul i Scandinavia block of the month quilt pattern on

gift ideas for quilters

20 + Gift ideas for Quilters

Black Friday is here and I have some Holiday Savings to share PLUS 20 Gift Ideas for Quilters!

First things first!  Shop quilt patterns @ 20% off through 11/28!

Use code hohoho at checkout!

black friday sale

This sale includes my Block of the Month Patterns!

Gift Ideas for Quilters!

You may need some ideas for yourself or for your quilty friends… I’ve got you covered.  Something for every quilter on your list!

#1 Supplies & Classes

Shop notions, fabric and classes ~ on sale through Cyber Monday @ Craftsy!

Holiday Shopping Guide

#2 Sewing Machine Mug

Late night quilters… Stay awake and sew while drinking coffee from this adorable sewing machine mug on etsy!

gifts for quilters

#3 Gingher Scissor Set

This set includes 4″ embroidery, 5″ knife edge and 8″ scissors. A 2016 Gingher Limited Edition set in the Sawyer pattern. I have a pair of gingher 4″ and 8″ scissors… they are SO nice! Spoil yourself!

gift guide for quilters

#4 Wine Charms with Vintage Thread Labels

Perfect for your sewing group.  Keep your wine glasses in order… lol.  Love them!

Gifts For Quilters - Wine Tags

#5 Sewing Tote

HAHAHA! Great tote for your funny quilt friend! Plus they also sell the matching mug!

gift guide for quilters

#6 T-Shirts from Stately-Type

Awesome T Shirts! … especially excited about the V-neck option!

gifts for quilters


#7 Olisio Iron

This is the exact iron I have, I use it almost daily and I love it!!!

gifts for quilters

 #8 Dry Iron from Vermont Country Store

This is a dry iron with a flat plate (no holes) which means you never have to worry about leaks and it doesn’t leave any impressions on your applique. This iron is a little harder to come by, so you might want to order quick before they are gone. Some of my quilt friends turned me on to this iron and I just ordered one! I also ordered an iron caddy and a pressing sheet to go with it.  Merry Christmas to me!

gift guide for quilters

#9 Quilt Hoodies!

Patchwork threads has some really cute Hoodies (some are on SALE!) plus you won’t want to miss their De-Stash Sale!

holiday gift guide for quilters

#10 Wonder Clips

If you don’t have any wonder clips… you should! So many uses!

Holiday Gift Guide for quilters

#11 Ugg Classic Liberty Boots

For the Quilter who has everything… how about a little Liberty Art Fabric print on Uggs!  What!??

gifts for quilters

#12 Quiltmaker Puzzle

In case you’re looking for a real challenge!!

Holiday Gift Guide for Quilters

#13 Tutto Sewing Machine Case on Wheels

One of the best sewing machine travel cases on the market!  They also have bags for your cutting mat and supplies.

gift guide for quilters

#14 Quiltscape Note Cards by Rebecca Barker

If you haven’t spotted these at your local quilt shop you can find them online from the Artists site.  You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of these cards… and you’ll have a hard time giving them away! So Pretty!

Gift Guide for Quilters

#15 Beats Headphone Skins

How awesome are these Beats Headphone skins!!! Give your Beats headphones some quilty bling with these skins! Tune on your favorite music or podcast and sew your heart out!

Gifts for Quilters

#16 Sewing Machine Clocks

I sell these cuties in my shop and they sell out fast!

Gifts for Quilters

#17 Sew Sampler Subscription Box

Who wouldn’t want one of these showing up every month!!

Gift Guide for Quilters

#18 Two New books on Machine Quiting

Want some help with your Machine Quilting?  Check out these two books!!! Teach Me to Machine Quilt and the The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting!


#19 Quilters Planner 2017

Keep your life and your quilt projects organized in one place with The Quilters Planner! Use the Code FreeShip for FREE SHIPPING until 12/10/16!!!

Gifts and Ideas for Quilters

#20 Coffee Table Book

One of my favorite coffee table books ~ filled with inspiration!

Red and White Quilts, Infinite Variety (presented by the American Folk Art Museum)


Hope you enjoyed these gift ideas! It’s important to mention that although some of these ideas link to affiliates, I wasn’t compensated to write this post.  It’s my own personal list of favorites.  Enjoy!


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Gift Guide for Quilters

dear daughter block of the month quilt bom

Chapter 11 ~ Dear Daughter Quilt

WOO HOO! Here’s the second to last chapter in our Dear Daughter Quilt Sampler! Emails went out on the 16th to Dear Daughter subscribers, so if you didn’t receive yours, please email me! ([email protected])

Dear Daughter Quilt Pattern Chapter 11

If you want to subscribe…

You can find the pattern

on CRAFTSY ~or~ in MY SHOP!



The Fat Quarter Shop and The Warm Company

are generously sponsoring this quilt-a-long and the winners for November are:

Fat Quarter Shop $25 ~ Sandra M from Florida!

The Warm Company products ~ Emma L from Australia and Sue Ellen W from Texas!

dear daughter block of the month quilt pattern

Here’s what the layout looks like… only one more chapter to go!

Dear Daughter Quilt

Dear Daughter Quilt

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Dear Daughter Quilt A Long


Needle Book & Tutorial

These Needle books are great if you do any handwork!  And they make excellent gifts since they work up fast!  Mine is made with Alison Glass Fabric.

Alison Glass Needle book

This fabric is from her Lucky Penny line and intended for a needle book, including two small panels.

(Note ~ You might not be able to find this fabric.  If you love the look check out her Field Day Fabric as an alternate! She also sells a Needle Book Kit!)

I decided to cut up the panels for a more patchwork looking book and added this bright pink fabric from my stash (part of her Handcrafted line) to make the inside pocket.


My needle book measures 6 1/2″ x 4″ closed.  To make this size you will need:


A (4) 4 1/2″ x 7″ patches for inside and outside cover

B (1) 7 x 7 1/2″ patch for pocket

C (1) 7 1/2″ x 9″ piece of batting

D (2) 5 1/2″ x 7″ patch of wool or felt for pages

E DMC perle cotton for embellishing

Let’s get started!

Sew 4 1/2″ x 7″ fabric A patches together in pairs of two on long 7″ edge.


Place one pieced A/A unit (outside cover) on batting with right side up.


Baste 1/8″ seam around perimeter to secure in place for embroidery stitches.


Embellish front cover using perle cotton and set aside. Note ~ I didn’t add any stitches to the second side (back cover) of my project, but you can stitch that side too if you like!


Now, let’s work on the inside cover and pocket.

Fold 7″ x 7 1/2″ B patch in half on 7″ length. Sew a decorative running stitch (or other stitch) along fold edge as a decorative accent. Place on top of the second A/A unit (inside cover).


The pocket will be stitched to the inside cover to make 2 individual pockets. I placed my supplies onto the B pocket to decide where my stitches should go.

needle-book-7needle-book-8Mark a line with a hera marker 2 1/4″ from the edge.

Stitch pocket in place on the marked line with a running stitch of perle cotton through all layers of the pocket and inside cover.  Knot at back.

Sew 1/8″ seam around thee outside edges of pocket perimeter to secure in place.


Place pocket pieces Right Sides Together and sew 1/4″ seam along perimeter, leaving opening on back cover to turn.


Sew a running stitch of perle cotton on back cover of needle book on three sides to close opening and add decorative touch.  Center two wool 5 1/2″ x 7″ D patches on top of the inside cover.


Continue running stitch down center along spine to secure wool pieces in place.


With your needle still on the perle cotton, tie a knot near the last exit point, feed needle back into exit hole through batting and back out 1/2″ away.  Pull perle cotton through, give a sharp tug until knot embeds in batting, trim perle cotton tail off.


Notice the stitching for the wool pages adds a nice detail along the spine?

needle book tutorial

Enjoy your new needle book!!!

needle book alison glass fabric

Alison Glass Needle book

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Needle Book Tutorial

Check out my Tutorials Page for more projects!


Linking up @ Finish it Up Friday, My Quilt Infactuation, Whoop Whoop Friday & Quilting Jetgirl

Tutorial Links:


Sew Pro Stars Blog Hop

Hello! Thanks for visiting my site and if you’re new here… Welcome!

I’m kicking off this weeks blog hop along with a group of Makers from Sew Pro! In September I went to the first Sew Pro Convention held in Chicago. Sew Pro is an event for Designers, Bloggers, Authors and Creatives, giving us the opportunity to meet other creative people in the industry and talk about the business!

I arrived to the event early and I’m so glad I did! I got to meet all these creative women! A group of entrepreneurs, shop owners, and designers (of fabric, bags, quilts and fashion)!!! Makers of all kinds! During the convention, we shared meals, inspiration, stories… and A LoT of notes!

sew pro 2016

The list of Presenters at Sew Pro included Pat Sloan, Tula Pink, Alison Glass, Sara LawsonKristen Link, MiMi G… to name a few!

Quilt Author, Radio/Podcast Host, Author and Fabric Designer Pat Sloan was our keynote speaker. She was the first person I met in Chicago (at the airport)! One of the things she said to me that stuck was “Don’t Wait” and she shared a story about going to her first quilt market.

Some of her presentation points elaborated on this same thought:

  • Don’t wait for things to be perfect.

  • Get your family on board.

  • Do the work!

  • Don’t stop trying the doorknob.

  • Build relationships.

Thanks for the inspiration Pat!

Pat Sloan

Sara Lawson from Sew Sweetness introduces Keynote speaker Pat Sloan @ Sew Pro

mimi G @ Sew Pro

Mimi G. talks about starting a creative business and brand loyalty.

Tula Pink talks fabric design.

Tula Pink talks about the business of fabric design.

Everyone was learning and sharing!

Alison Glass and Spoonflower gave out these pretties during one of the sessions… including some panels for a needle book.

Alison Glass

Of course I had to make one!!! And… with a few more supplies

photo-nov-11-9-19-27-am I made this adorable Needle Book!

Alison Glass Needle book

I customized my needle book and added a couple pockets to store my scissors and packets of new needles.  I also added some purple and gold wool to make the pages. This book will get TONS of use, I love it!

needle book alison glass fabric

If you want to make a Needle Book, you can find the Full Tutorial HERE.

The Theme of the Sew Pro Stars hop is to share a project inspired by Sew Pro… but I thought about this and realized…

I was inspired by the Attendees AND the Teachers! So much creativity in one place!

Plus, these Teachers have been inspiring me ALL ALONG! I love to listen to their podcasts (Pat and Abby – links below) while I sew, I’ve contributed to some of their sites (sew mama sew!) and magazines (GenQ), I’ve got two Alison Glass projects going on and I’m not going to tell you how many Tula Quilts I’ve already made (if you follow me you probably already know).

I feel an even stronger connection to these projects now that I understand the stories behind their fabric.

Tula pink quilt

I even used Tula’s lazy stripe fabrics in my Scandinavian Tomte Christmas quilt pattern! (included in the givaway below)

Scandinavian Tomte Quilt Pattern in red and white

If you haven’t already, go check out some of these inspiring women who were part of Sew Pro ~ and sharing all kinds of knowledge!

Creative Talk Network with Pat Sloan

While she naps podcast with Abby Glassenburg

Join the Craft Industry Alliance!

Thanks for visiting and be sure to visit the other Sew Pro Stars Participating…

Monday Nov 14
Lisa Peterson – lisaandlorelai
Sherri Noel – rebeccamaedesigns (here)
Andi Stanfield – truebluequilts
Tuesday Nov 15
Vanessa Behymer – vintagebarngirl
Pam Cobb & Lynn Rinehart – thestitchtvshow
Sherry Shish – poweredbyquilting
Joanne Kerton – canuckquilter
Lisa Nielsen – thequiltjam
Wednesday Nov 16
Carmen Ross –
Anne Beier – hudsonvalleyquilts
Jessica Caldwell – desertbloomquilting
Pamela Morgan –
Thursday Nov 17
Maryanna Powell – marvelousauntiem
Cathy Smith – aquiltingchick
Lissa LaGreca – lovinglylissa
Paula Mamuscia – creationsbypaulamamuscia
Friday Nov 18
Becca Fenstermaker –
Holly Stockley – lighthouselanedesigns
Teri Seal – daymoonquilts
Trinia Braughton –
Deanna Wall – stitchesquilting

Enter below to win a prize from the Sew Pro Stars including fabric bundles and patterns! (you can enter from any participants site)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you want to know more about the convention, Erin from Sie Macht wrote a great post about the takeaways of this event…

5 Sew Pro convention takeaways for every sewist


  • Sew Pro Mixer Chicago 2016

    Sew Pro Mixer Chicago 2016

dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10

Chapter 10 ~ Dear Daughter Quilt

We are down to the last three Chapters and I’m really excited to be in the home stretch!  Chapter 10 is complete!
dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10

Chapter 10 fits into the bottom right corner of Dear Daughter quilt top.

dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10

If you are working on the Dear Daughter Pattern, the Chapter 10 patterns were emailed out already, so if you don’t see the pattern in your email box, contact me at [email protected] and I’ll get it right to you!

It’s never too late to sign up, the posts will remain and you can sign up any time.

Find the pattern

on CRAFTSY ~or~ in MY SHOP!


Plus, you can find all the links to previous chapters at the bottom of this post!

You’ve probably noticed there are some small patchwork pieces in these blocks.

dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10I wanted to share a couple pointers that I like to follow that help me when piecing these little bits…

Check your seam allowance.  One way to check is to sew three 1 1/2″ squares together.  After they are joined, the center square should measure 1″.  If you’re over or under, your seam allowance needs to be adjusted. Otherwise your block will not finish at the proper size (especially with all these seams… it adds up!)

Change your needle.  Do yourself a favor and start with a fresh needle in your machine to keep you (and your patchwork) in line… don’t let a dull needle drag you down.

Cut accurately.  Take your time and cut as accurate as possible, try not to rush through this step, it will save you later.

Use a short stitch length.  I like to use a shorter stitch length (a 2 on my machine) when piecing small patches.  I think it makes my seams stronger, but more importantly, the ends of my seams (at the sides of my block) don’t start to open as I’m working with the block. Remember, when your stitch length is short, picking stitches out with the seam ripper is a real pain, so check twice before you stitch.

Press seams open.  Some may gasp at the thought… but if you don’t do it already, give it a try! I love how nice and flat my blocks come out.  Sure, you can’t ‘nest’ your seams, but I don’t care (so reckless!), I just pin at the seams, and use a short stitch length… I’ve never had a problem, it’s all good!  Do I do this all the time? No, but I do it a lot when piecing small blocks with lots of seams.

Sew slow and steady.  Don’t race through these blocks, take your time and sew carefully.

Pin.  I don’t love to pin, but I make myself take the extra few seconds to pin my block at the start, end and intersections…  and sometimes in between! The pins you’ll see further down are clover fine glass head pins – use my amazon link or try to find some at your local quilt shop, (any brand of fine pins will do) they slide right into your fabric without moving it out of place.  You’ll love them.

dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10When I made my pinwheel blocks, I got my parts all cut and the diagonal seams marked (yup, marked… don’t eyeball this step)…

dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10

I pinned and chain-stitched when I could…

dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10

Pressed my seams open… see how flat?

dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10

Then I squared up my blocks before joining.


All these little steps improved the outcome of my blocks!  Hope these tips helped some of you!

dear daughhter quilt pattern - chapter 10Remember last month I shared this fabric bundle from Fat Quarter Shop? Well, I used a bunch of the fabrics this month in my chapter 10!  It’s such a pretty bundle! It’s only available for a limited time :)image

The Fat Quarter Shop and The Warm Company are sponsoring this quilt-a-long and the October winners are:

Vickie from Wisconsin ~ Fat Quarter shop $25 Gift Certificate

Susan from Washington ~ The Warm Company Product

Suzette from N Carolina ~ The Warm Company Product



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dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10More Dear Daughter Posts:


camper applique quilt pattern

The Road Home Row Along

Hello!  It’s finally my day for the Road Home Row Along!


This Row along is hosted by Seams to be Sew and Sew Incredibly Crazy.  The idea is to create a row that reminds you of home!  I chose to do my row about Maine. And since I was working on this all summer, and the campers have been on the road… I took that as good inspiration!

 The Way Life Should Be

To represent Maine I included:

One of the Maine slogans (of course!), blueberries, northern lights (stars), Pine trees, chickadee, and the moose!

I made my row using some cotton applique and some wool applique, but use your own preferences.

camper applique quilt pattern

I had dmc floss and perle cotton 12 to make a basic blanket stitch for most of the applique. And I added some bullion knots in a few places for fun ~ see around the tire and windows?

camper applique quilt pattern

When I got to the clothes line, i stitched a basic back stitch,camper applique quilt pattern

and then wove it in both directions with the long tail of the perle cotton to make it look more substantial and like a woven clothesline.

If you use the eye end of the needle to weave it through, it’s much easier!

camper applique quilt patternThe slogan is so long that the letters are rather small.

camper quilt patternYou might want to enlarge them and print something shorter like Welcome, or your family name.

camper quilt applique patternHope you have fun with this pattern!

Free for a limited time.

You can find the Pattern on Craftsy


in My Shop!


I have a couple giveaways on this post!

1 ~ One US winner will receive a Tula Pink Coloring book!  One of my favorite fabric designers!


2 ~ One lucky winner will win a subscription to my Dear Daughter Quilt A Long! See related posts.

dear daughter quilt

3 ~ One US winner will win a machine embroidery design CD offered by Anita Goodesign.



by leaving a comment about each prize you would like!

1 Tula Coloring Book(US only)
2 Dear Daughter BOM Subscription (international included!)
3 Embroidery CD (US only)
Drawing will be open until midnight October 6th.



The coloring book would be an awesome gift for 14 year old granddaughter! When I think of Maine, I think of trees, fishing, and insect repellent–lol, probably comes from reading certain mysteries. The use of wool for the applique is a great idea! Thanks!


I must admit…this row speak to my heart! I love love love it! Your BOM looks fabulous. That would be my choice if I was lucky enough to win. But I’ve already won…I found a new blog that I just started to follow.;-)


I have a new embroidery machine, so I would love to use it more! A design CD would be wonderful!

PLUS visit Seams to be Sew for a bunch more giveaways, and all the other websites who are participating:


September 6
Allie-Oops Sweet Happy Life
creates Harrisville, MI Sunrise Coast
Cynthia’s Creating Ark
creates Adelaide South Australia
Kissed Quilts
creates Grand Coulee, Washington
Renee’s Quilting Addiction
creates Alberta, Canada
September 8
Sew Incredibly Crazy
creates Colorado
3 Patch Crafts
creates Bulgaria
Just Let Me Quilt
creates Las Vegas, Nevada
Quilt in Piece
creates Amanzimtoti, South Africa
September 13
Tweety Loves Quilting
creates Edinburgh, UK
creates Heber City, Utah
Seams To Be Sew
creates Idaho Falls, Idaho
Pine Valley
creates New Zealand
September 15
bdieges designs
creates Road to Tehachapi (CA)
Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
creates Worcester County in Central Massachusetts
Patti’s Patchwork
creates Toronto, Ontario Canada
Seacoast Quilter
creates New Milford, Connecticut
September 20
creates Denmark
Heleen Pinkster
creates Netherlands
MooseStash Quilting
creates Alaska
Rebecca Mae Designs
creates Northern Maine
September 22
Words & Stitches
creates Beaches of California
Quilt Art
creates Africa
I Can Quilt 2
creates Baltimore, MD
Any Pattern
creates Port Angeles, Washington
Patchwork Breeze
creates West Michigan Shoreline
September 27
Creatin’ in the Sticks
creates Dodge City, Kansas
Sue Griffiths Featured At Just Let Me Quilt
creates Northern Rivers Region, NSW, Australia
Seams To Be Sew And Batts In The Attic
creates Hollywood/LA
(Dual Posting)
September 29
Quilted Fabric Art
creates Burlington Vermont
Westend Quilter
creates Manitoulin Island, Canada
Pamela Quilts
creates Oregon
Quilt Fabrication
creates Silicon Valley, CA
October 04
Patchouli Moon Studio
creates Central New Mexico
Linda Robertus
creates Netherlands
Elm Street Quilts
creates North Carolina
Sarah Quinn Featured At Seams To Be Sew
creates Outer Space
October 06
Cheryl LaPlant Featured At Quilt In Piece
creates York, Maine
Miss Loreen’s Schoolhouse
creates New Hampshire
Bumbleberry Stitches
creates Oklahoma
Needle in a Hayes Stack
creates Mojave Desert
Cloth and Paper Studio
creates North Georgia Mountains
October 11
Show N Tell Day


dear daughter quilt

Chapter 9 ~ Dear Daughter Quilt

Hello everyone! Septembers Chapter 9 is out!

Be Kind is a continuation of the Have Courage chapter from last month.dear daughter quilt

Here are some of the completed chapters below,

dear daughter quilt

and a look at where we are so far!  Almost done!

dear daughter quilt

It’s never too late to sign up, the posts will remain and you can sign up any time.

You can find the pattern

on CRAFTSY ~or~ in MY SHOP!


Plus, you can find all the links to previous chapters at the bottom of this post!

dear daughter quilt

The Fat Quarter Shop and The Warm Company are sponsoring this quilt-a-long and the winners for September are:

Sandi from Georgia ~ Fat Quarter shop $25 Gift Certificate

Linda from Kansas ~ The Warm Company Product

Kaye from Texas ~ The Warm Company Product


I have a newly curated bundle at Fat Quarter shop! The last bundle sold out so if you like my color choices and want to build a bundle this one is available for a limited time HERE Fat Quarter Shop.


Of course it has all my favorite designers!  Tula Pink, Alison Glass, Elizabeth Hartman, Zen Chic, V & Co plus more!

I can’t wait to cut mine up, but it’s such a pretty bundle I haven’t even untied it yet!

fqb2 fqb3

Thanks for checking out this month’s Chapter!

dear daughter quilt pattern


More Dear Daughter Posts:


summer breeze quilt

Summer Breeze Quilt

Fat Quarter Shop just released their new Summer Breeze quilt pattern and I’m part of todays blog tour!  Here is my finished quilt!

summer breeze quilt The pattern calls for fat quarters, plus a background fabric, and the original sample (shown below) is made from Kate Spain’s Latitude Batiks fabric. It’s all scrappy and gorgeous!

summer breeze quilt

The fat quarter bundle I used for my quilt sold out so I can’t link you to it, but for a limited time you can get this newly curated bundle!  Turn up the Volume 2  You’ll need to check the Summer Breeze pattern for the fabric requirements of fat quarters… this bundle includes 24.

If you love it ~ don’t hesitate or they will be gone!



I opted to mix some solid gray fabric into my quilt with my fat quarters… Then I got to work cutting out these pretties with this kaleidoscope ruler... so easy!summer breeze quiltRather than placing my fabric completely scrappy and random I decided to group my blocks by color to see how that would change the look without changing the design.

summer breeze quilt

You’ll notice there are a lot of bias seams in this quilt, but squaring the blocks with this 8 1/2″ ruler makes it SO much easier to keep things straight!

This quilt actually went together quicker than I expected.  If you’d like to give it a go, you can get the pattern and watch this video tutorial from Fat Quarter Shop YouTube Channel to get you started.  Plus, if you like the sample in the video you can purchase the entire Kate Spain kit ready to go.

Since I made the adjustment to the color placement in my blocks, when all my blocks were finished, I laid them out from the top left corner down diagonally by color without much fussing. I love the look!

summer breeze quilt

summer breeze quilt


summer breeze quilt

I can’t wait to see what all the other quilters made!!! Go check them out…

Melissa from Happy Quilting

Nicole from Modern Handcraft

Sherri M. from A Quilting Life

Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts

Jessica from Quilty Habit

Leanne from She Can Quilt

Afton from Quilting Mod

Kathryn from Kathryn Jones Quilts

Stephanie from The Modern Sewciety

And I can’t forget to mention the back of my quilt!!!  For the first time I tried a wide back and I loved it!

summer breeze quiltThis one is called Freefall from Tula Pink and it’s 108″ wide, which means I didn’t have to piece the back! Heaven! I didn’t get a shot of the full back but you can see it peeking out in a couple pics. Gorgeous.

summer breeze quilt

My quilty friend Terri quilted it with an all over feather design… Love it! :)

summer breeze quilt pattern



dear daughter quilt a long

Chapter 8 ~ Dear Daughter Quilt

The Chapter 8 pattern is out today!  I think this month is a favorite of mine.  Something about this color combination appeals to me and just makes me happy!

dear daughter text quilt

Chapter 8 fits into the bottom row of the quilt, and there are only four more chapters to go!

dear daughter quilt

Chapter eight is all straight piecing (goes together faster than you might think) and some applique…

dear daughter quilt a long

if you need a refresher on the fusible method you can find some instruction in the chapter one post.dear daughter block of the month quilt pattern

This month’s block has fabric from some of my favorite designers… Here are some details on some of them…

red stripe is Tula ~ True Color, Lazy Stripe (all time favorite, I need them in every color!)

blue in the flower is also lazy stripe from Tula

the green leaves fabric is part of the Rhoda Ruth line from Elizabeth Hartman

dark purple star points is called knotty grape from cotton and steele

orange in the large half square triangle is guinea from Kaffe – I’m down to a small scrap of this old favorite! boo!

green in the flower is also Kaffe – called paperweight

pink(ish) in corners is Kate Spain (heart) from her Canyon collection and a scrap from this quilt.

the ‘Have’ applique and the background text fabric are from Carolyn Friedlander ~ Architectures

If you’re new here and you want to find out more about this quilt you can read the first post or find all the posts and block links at the end of this post.

You can also find the pattern by clicking here…

on CRAFTSY ~or~ in MY SHOP!


The Fat Quarter Shop and The Warm Company are sponsoring this quilt-a-long and the winners for August are:

Karen F from the UK ~ Fat Quarter shop $25 Gift Certificate

Terrie C from New York ~ The Warm Company fusible product

Kris S from Oklahoma ~ The Warm Company fusible product

Congrats!  I’ll be in touch!

dear daughter quilt a long

More Dear Daughter Posts:

Thanks for checking these out!

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dear daughter quilt along



diy color card for tracking fabrics

DIY Color Card for Fabric & Projects

I have a free diy Color Card download to share with you today.

Do you ever want to track what fabrics you used for a project or wish you had a color card?  I started tracking my projects and fabrics with my own diy color card and it’s a great reference that I go back to… a lot!  I have two methods to my madness…

First I like to track the solids I use.  When I purchase any solids, I snip off a piece of the selvage and add them to my own diy color card.  This way when I want to refer back to them or need to purchase more of a color, I have a sample to go to. This is especially helpful with solids since there is no information on the selvage to refer back to later.

diy color card for tracking fabric

I also use this diy color card for projects.  When I start a project I like to make note (or a card) of all the fabrics I’m using ~ sometimes I run out of a fabric I need and the project might sit for a while (sounds familiar right?) then when I go back to it I don’t always remember what I used… no worries, I can just check the project color card.

Here is one I made for a holiday quilt I was working on…

diy color card for fabric and sewing projects

I use a glue stick to stick the samples on ~ easy and works great!

Then I put them all in a binder neatly tucked away!

diy color card for tracking fabric ~ sewing projectI hope some of you find this useful too!  There are two versions in the PDF, one for solids or general fabric tracking and one for projects.

Click for the free PDF download:


If you like this post… please share!

Diy fabric color card for sewing and quilting projects


dear daughter quilt

Chapter 7 ~ Dear Daughter Quilt

We are headed into the second half of the Dear Daughter Quilt!  This chapter goes together quick! We have repeating stars and pinwheel blocks from previous chapters, plus some basic patchwork…

Dear Daughter BOM Quilt chapter 7

You can see where we are in this diagram… It’s getting filled in!!

Dear Daughter BOM Quilt chapter 7

I’ve begun thinking about my quilting plan for this quilt, but I haven’t made a decision yet. I am leaning toward hand quilting.  I ordered a wide back for it last week, it will be the first time I don’t piece the back of a quilt and i’m pretty sure I’m going to love the ease of having the back ready to go!  More on that later!

Dear Daughter BOM Quilt chapter 7

I used some of my stash of noteworthy fabric for the patchwork along the bottom… I love the little sayings that are included!

Dear Daughter BOM Quilt chapter 7

Hope you like this months chapter!  If you want to sign up…

You can find the pattern

on CRAFTSY ~or~ in MY SHOP!


This quilt-a-long is sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop and The Warm Company!  The winners for July are…

Fat Quarter Shop $25 ~ Melinda F. from Georgia

The Warm Company products ~

Tina T. from Germany & Susan F. from Massachusetts

I’ll be in touch!

Dear Daughter BOM Quilt chapter 1-7

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how to choose fabric for your first quilt

Modern Sewciety Podcast ~ and a beginners tip for choosing fabrics!

Recently Stephanie from Modern Sewciety had me on her podcast to chat! Which was SO much fun!  I hadn’t really listened to podcasts before so I took a crash course and listened to a bunch of her shows and now I’m hooked!  I’m on episode #94 and the episode includes a second interview with Timna Tarr.

modern sewciety

Timna is an amazing long arm quilter, she’s won many accolades for her work and has an amazing eye for color!  Check out her instagram!

Stephanie’s podcasts are really nice to have running in the background while your sewing and I’ve picked up some fun tips and great information along the way too!  So thank you Stephanie for bringing all that to your listeners.  If your on instagram, you can follow Stephanie @ Modern Sewciety!

Here’s another podcast interview with two of my favorite fabric designers…

interview with Tula Pink and Alison Glass

While Stephanie and I were chatting we talked a little bit about picking out fabric so I thought I’d share a tip for beginners who might be struggling with fabric choices… and speaking of fabric…

Fat Quarter Shop is offering YOU and Modern Sewciety Listeners a discount!

Here is the discount code: LUCKY1316

It’s good for 13% off purchases, with a few exclusions like Flash Sales and Gift Certificates.

The coupons run through 7/13/16.

Picking Fabrics

Beginners Tip

So here we go!

I’m going shopping in my own stash to show you a tip on selecting fabric for your next quilt.

If you don’t know where to begin, start by finding a larger scale print that you’re attracted to. It should have at least 4 colors in it.  I fell in love with this large scale fabric and bought some for a future project… Isn’t it gorgeous?

DSC_0019I was originally attracted to the fun design and I also found the colors appealing.  It’s not a good fabric for piecing… but I bought it anyway!  I knew I’d use if for something… pillow covers, a quilt border, placemats, a quilt back… lot’s of other possibilities! Plus, it was on sale… no brainer!  So let’s see what happens when we pull the colors out of this fabric…

beginner guide ~ how to choose fabrics for your quilt

I picked out some solids to coordinate with the color palette. Don’t these solids look nice together?

DSC_0031 DSC_0032Or we can select coordinating prints…

how to choose fabrics for beginner quiltersIf you select coordinating prints, try to select some of varying scale – mix up some small prints and some medium prints.

choosing fabric for your first quilt

Also, try to find some that are stripes/geometric, some that are floral and some polka dots/spots.  They will magically blend together and add interest!

DSC_0061You can even blend the solids and the prints if you like!

Use the large print for your border or for the backing of your quilt!  I hope this helps some of you when you’re fabric shopping for your next quilt, even just a little bit!

I’m feeling inspired to make something now!  Don’t forget to tune into Stephanie at Modern Sewciety for some entertainment while you sew!

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how to choose quilt fabric tips


Look what I just saw on Mass Drop!  Denyse Schmidt bundle Katie Jump Rope.
(You can also find her bundles on Fat Quarter Shop)
Almost the same color palette!  Notice there are medium prints, small prints, geometric/stripes, dots, florals… 

Denyse Schmidt katie jump rope fabric