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Cloud 9 Coupon Bag

I still had some Cloud 9 fabric from the Geocentric Bag Challenge so I made this Coupon bag!  Want to make one? Here is the Coupon Bag Pattern.


It has all the bells and whistles…

2″ of space for coupons!
a front pocket for grocery list, store cards and TODAY’s coupons!
a back pocket for checkbook and calculator!
a pen holder!
a clasp for keys and store cards!
it even hangs on the seat of your shopping cart!

coupon organizer bag / holder


Check out the Geocentric Bag Challenge post

or make your own coupon holder with the

Coupon Bag Pattern.



6 comments on “Cloud 9 Coupon Bag

  1. leah

    I don’t sew, but this seems like a well constructed product and thoughtful design; do you ever sell ones you’ve made? or would you consider making one for me to purchase? :)


    1. Sherri

      Yes I do occasionally sell some. Like me on Facebook, I will post there (and here too) when I have some to sell.

  2. Gina H

    Is this pattern easy to make sizing adjustments? I love this bag but I am not sure that 2″ of coupon space would be enough.

    1. Sherri

      Gina, It may be difficult to change the size unless you are experienced at that. It really depends on your level of sewing/altering and I’d hate to see you struggle with it. :(

    1. Sherri

      Sorry Ina, I only sell the pattern.

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