dear diary block of the month quilt pattern

Dear Diary – Chapter 1

Hi Quilters!

Dear Diary Chapter 1 is complete! Before I get into this months Chapter, I’d like to say a quick Thank You for all the kind messages about this quilt and why your making it! Means a lot!! I’m happy to have you along and also thrilled to see so many of you from all over the globe!

dear diary block of the month quilt pattern
Love Yourself …more

Love yourself … more seemed like a good place to begin with this quilt. Every month and each text block will have little sayings or quotes…    Reminders of living a good life, self reflection, positive reminders, goal setting, and inspirational suggestions.

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Dear Diary Block of The Month Quilt-a-Long

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dear diary block of the month quilt pattern

To me the Chapter 1 quote represents slowing down a little and making time for ME – something women (in general) don’t do enough of. We wear so many hats and do so much for others it’s important to take back a little time and give ourselves a little love.

dear diary block of the month quilt pattern

For this months chapter I used the needle-turn applique technique for the applique shapes and the Love text.

For the needle turn technique you want to:

  • Cut out your letters, place them right side up on applique fabric & trace.
  • Cut out adding a 1/4″ (don’t cut holes inside the shapes yet)
  • baste in place – I like glue-baste-it, no pins to get my thread hooked on
  • FINGER PRESS on the lines and trim the seam allowance as you sew, so fraying isn’t an issue.
  • Sew the entire perimeter of the applique and then go back to cut out any holes in the applique (like the ‘o’ and ‘e’)

I decided to add some decorative stitching around my needle-turned applique for fun.

If you like this look I have a pearl cotton bundle to coordinate with the colors I’m using listed in MY SHOP.

I used the fusible method for ‘yourself’ using a blanket stitch by machine. My fusible of choice for this is Steam-a-Seam Lite 2 by the Warm Company. It doesn’t gum my sewing machine needle and what I really like is once I’ve removed the paper backing I can stick my letters in place temporarily and still move them around before I press them in place. Don’t forget you can use your ruler to keep everything straight!

And for the final text (… more) I traced the letters with a removable marker and stitched on the lines with pearl cotton, which made it super quick and easy. It might not stand out like the applique lettering but I like that it’s just a little whisper of a word.

Thanks for following along! See you next month!

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dear diary block of the month quilt pattern

6 comments on “Dear Diary – Chapter 1

  1. Patricia

    where do we go to print out the pattern ?

  2. margie

    I like your add it is cheerful and sweet,,,,,I live in so. Calif. and have been quilting for about 30 years, thanks for sharing, Margie

  3. pegsplace

    I just ordered the pattern today and I can’t wait to start!

  4. Ursula

    Greetings from Fairview, Texas. Can’t wait to get started!

  5. Patricia

    Loved doing this block. Now I think I’ll go back & add the decorative stitching like you did!