quilters garden quilt

Raffle Quilt ~ Quilters Garden

I gotta say it was pretty fun and exciting to see my Quilt Guilds quilt in Machine Quilting Magazine ~Raffle Quilts!

Quilters Garden QuiltOur quilt was right on the binding of the page…

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It made me think of Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. ~ if you’ve seen the movie, you might remember this funny part when Mike is so excited to be in a commercial and the logo is over his face… still makes me laugh (ya my kids loved this movie haha)

This Raffle Quilt was made by my quilt guild.  I’m not even sure how many hands worked on this quilt but I’d say ~ A LOT! 

My guild held a workshop and each quilter pitched in by applying mistyfuse onto the fabric, cutting shapes and/or designing a block (or two!) ~ we got to play and be creative.  Lupins are one of my favorite flowers, so I knew I had to incorporate one into my garden block design…

quilters garden quilt

After all the blocks were designed lots of quilters pitched in to do all the applique work, piecing blocks, quilting and finishing.  You can see all the hours and work that went into this quilt .  I just had a tiny piece of the big puzzle, and it was fun to see my block in the magazine, but it’s all about the love of quilting, and quilters coming together.

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 Thanks for checking it out!

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