Hi, My name is Sherri – thanks for stopping by!  I live in the northeast USA and I’m new to the online community so this is a very exciting opportunity to meet other bloggers!  Woo Hoo!!   Maybe I’ll gain a fan or two!  (so far ONLY my mother has posted!… love you mom!)

 I decided to give away one of my OWL Pillows for the SEW Mama SEW Giveaway!

Meet Oliver Owl – Today’s giveaway!

This fella is all business – and all he needs is a little love and a brief case, or perhaps an IPad!  He is about 18″ tall and 10″ wide – and super cute.   If you have a little one who has bad dreams – he’s the perfect night owl for you!  This nocternal friend never sleeps and keeps a watchful eye out for any bad dreams – keeping them at bay!   OR perhaps you just LOVE owls?  Hey – Whoooo can blame you?? :o)

Want to make one yourself?  You can find the pattern for this Night Owl on my Craftsy store!

Not to worry – you can make a female version too!  Meet the girls…

Nellie Night Owl

Neptune Night Owl

Ok, NOW let’s get down to business as there are LOTS of contests to get to!  Here is the dealio – You will receive one entry for each of the following…

1) just a simple comment on my blog

2) tell me a pattern idea that you’d love to have in your comment

3) join my mailing list (top right)- I promise I will be posting free tutorials soon!

4) friend me on facebook

5) favorite my shop on etsy

6) follow me on twitter @!/RebeccaMaeDsgn

and last but NOT least…

7) if you already bought a pattern from me mention that in your comment on my blog!

Well, that’s 7 chances you have to enter!  Thanks for the support and good luck!  I will follow the Sew Mama Sew deadlines for the giveaway!

Now…. I gotta go… I want to win something too! :o)

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  1. Eleanor

    HOOT! I want one!
    I’d love a pattern for a retro apron!

  2. fern
  3. fern

    I love owls too! I’m giving away owl coasters!! I’d love a pattern to make a cute stuffed owl! ;-)

  4. Laura

    I love owls! These are adorable!

  5. Michell

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  6. Michell

    Follow on Twitter @Michells_place

  7. Heather

    I love this for my son! He loves to cuddle when he sleeps

  8. miranda

    Too cute. Owls are in! How about a bee pattern

  9. kelly

    I love owls! They are so cute! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  10. bonnie

    love the owl, he would go to my step daughter as she collects owls…

  11. bonnie

    a idea for a pattern would be for a mermaid…

  12. Rose S.

    Hoo would love to win your owl — me, that’s hoo??? Hmmm

  13. Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys)

    Oh, I’d love that owl for my new nephew who will be born later this year!

  14. AppieB

    PULEEEEZZZEEEE pick me!!!!! ;-) My daughter will be starting middle school and they are the Owls!!!! She would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this! Did I mention I REALLY want to win?

  15. AppieB

    I’d love to see a dinosaur pattern, for my little boy. :-)

  16. Sissy

    Owl love!

  17. AppieB

    Twitter: Check

  18. AppieB

    Facebook: Check

  19. AppieB

    Etsy: Check

  20. Cass

    My daughter loves owls so this would be perfect for her. :)

  21. Mhairi

    I love the owl and I have an iPad he can help my son on. He is wonderful, I really like him.

  22. Mhairi

    I would love to see a snail or a hedgehog. But I am really searching for a guinea pig pattern and your owls are so lovely that I am sure that you could create one that would be marvelous.

  23. Mhairi

    I am following you through Google Reader and with the newsletter email subscription.

  24. Mhairi

    I have favourited you on etsy. Great store, I love your patterns.

  25. Jingle

    Oh, your owls are just too cute! jinglesells at gmail dot com

  26. Kay

    This is the cutest giveaway, thank you. Owls are my favourite bird.

  27. Kay

    I would love a pattern of a livley little puppy please as we have a very bouncy black puppy called Monty.

  28. Kay

    Laslty, I have made you a favourite shop of mine on etsy.

  29. Marilize

    Hearted your etsy shop :)

    marilize (dot) paulsen (at) gmail (dot) com

  30. Marilize

    This little fellow reminds me of my hubby! It will be a hoot (teehee) to have him in our house. Ryan wouldn’t know what hit him -hahaha.

    Thank you for a chance to win him – he’s adorable.

    I think bag patterns will always be popular – especially the ones that are relatively simple and come out looking complicated. I’m thinking darts ;)

    marilize (dot) paulsen (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. katrina

    adorably cute!

  32. Marie Biswell

    Oh, what a Hoot! Welcome to the bloggy world!

  33. Jackie

    Omigosh this is the cutest thing, I just love owls! Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. Sam Gibson

    I have subscribed, favorited your etsy shop and followed you on twitter – the facebook link didn’t work for me for some reason :)

  35. Steph

    I think an owl would feel right at home with our handmade family as we don’t own one!!

    xo Steph

  36. Steph

    What about a hot water bottle cover?! It’s freezing here and I just randomly thought of it hehehe

    xo Steph

  37. Steph

    Following you on twitter @Overit_Steph

    xo Steph

  38. Steph

    Favourited your shop from sdot!!

    xo Steph

  39. mandy snow

    oh…well…hi…i love owls…well…my son does…oliver is wonderful…xxx

  40. mandy snow

    ok…pattern idea is…a snake…tres cute!!!xxx

  41. mandy snow

    i now subscribe…xxx

  42. mandy snow

    favourite on etsy…xxx

  43. mandy snow

    i liked on facebook…i don’t know if anyone has said already but mabe its just me, but i couldn’t get your friend on facebook link…so i liked you on your facebook bit on etsy….does that make sense???xxx

  44. Jenny Green

    I liked you on Facebook

  45. Jenny Green

    Your owls are so cute.

  46. Maureen Hayes

    Okay, he is the cutest owl ever!! I WANT him. I am sick and even though I am 45 yrs. old, he can keep me company any night! ;-)

    Thanks so much for participating in this giveaway and for offering such a cool prize!

    My contact info is: scrapgirl1467 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Have a wonderful day,

  47. Maureen Hayes

    I am following you on Twitter @Beingillisapill.

    My contact info is: scrapgirl1467 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Thanks for the additional entries!

  48. Maureen Hayes

    I “liked” you on FB!

    my contact info is: scrapgirl1467 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Thanks for the additional ways to enter!

  49. Maureen Hayes

    I went to your Etsy shop and “favorited” it (and made up a word at the same time!!)

    My contact info is: scrapgirl1467 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Thanks for the additional entries!

  50. Maureen Hayes

    I subscribed to your mailing list!

    My contact info is: scrapgirl1467 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Thanks for the additional entries!

  51. Maureen Hayes

    My pattern request is for gloves without fingers or mittens without thumbs so you can still text or use your iPhone. thanks!

    My contact info is: scrapgirl1467 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Thanks for the additional ways to enter!

  52. Tricia

    He is so very cute! My boys would love him!

  53. Ellen M.

    Your owls are adorable – my daughter would go crazy for this! I think fleece monkeys might be cute, or maybe girly fleece flower pillows! Thanks for the chance to win, and good luck with your blog!

  54. Ellen M.

    I joined your mailing list – thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Connie

    Cute giveaway! How about a seahorse?

  56. rebecca
  57. rebecca

    I love the owl– I am expecting a little boy in one month and his nursery is olw themed.

  58. rebecca

    I would love a simple pattern for a babric cover to hide the ugly outside of a cardboard kitty scratch pad…does this make sense?

  59. Emily H

    My pattern request would be for vintage petticoats, the kind that make the circle skirts full. I love vintage clothing!!!:) Great job on the owl, he is adorable!!!

  60. Emily H

    Faved on Etsy! Love your mittens!:)

  61. Ann

    How cute! Thanks for the chance.

  62. Susan

    I love these owls-SO adorable!

  63. Susan

    I would love a little frog pattern!

  64. Susan

    I just added you to my fav. list! Welcome!

  65. Laura Wilson

    I would love to win the owl! We used owls for my daughter’s nursery! Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. kellylynn

    Your owls are way too cute!

  67. Amu

    Those owls are so cute! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  68. julia c

    i would love to see a fox pattern;)

  69. julia c

    i am following you via email

  70. julia c

    i faved your shop

  71. julia c

    these owls are totally cute.. I LOVE owls;)

  72. BreannaS

    Hi love your owls i can see why they have done well

  73. BreannaS

    I would love a pattern for a cute chicken pillow.

  74. BreannaS

    i signed up to be a follower.

  75. Leo

    I want that owl for me and me alone.

  76. Christina G.

    This pillow is darling, love it!

  77. KT

    Love your owl pillows! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  78. KT

    Your owls are so cute–how about some penguins to go with them??

  79. annette

    ooh my daughter would love this.

  80. Stacy Kemper Alfano

    Oh, the pattern I would like to buy is the girl owl!

  81. Stacy Kemper Alfano

    I liked you on Facebook!

  82. Stacy Kemper Alfano

    Favorited your shop on Etsy!

  83. Stacy Kemper Alfano

    I joined your mailing list!

  84. Stacy Kemper Alfano

    Following you on Twitter! @atabanana29

  85. Stacy Kemper Alfano

    My daughter’s would love this owl!

  86. Kat

    Oh, those owls are just too cute for words! Love them!! Thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway, and welcome to the blogging world. :-)

    macska at gmail dot com

  87. brandi

    my sister loves owls! i’d love to give this to her if i win!!

  88. Lori Smanski

    this owl is just the cutest. would be perfect for the little guy that is coming to my nephew in june.their fist child

  89. Lori Smanski

    i would love to see a cute lady bug pattern

  90. Rose

    cute owl

  91. Sherri