Spring Quilt Market 2017

Spring Quilt Market 2017

Hi Quilters!

This was my first time ever going to Quilt Market, and wow, what a time I had!

I flew into St. Louis on Wednesday, and got all registered and received my official name badge ~ another first, so exciting! :)

Everyone needs a quilty buddy to experience the show with so I met up with Janel from Nite Owl Quilting (we are friends from Sew Pro in Chicago) and her friend Dorie from Forever Quilting. We had a ball! Thanks ladies, it wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Spring Quilt Market 2017

Nite Owl Quilting & Forever Quilting

Thursday we attended School House. The day kicked off with a Welcoming presentation and the Moda Fabrics William Morris Premiere Event, showcasing the new William Morris Fabric. All of the attendees received a free bag from Moda with two charm packs of the fabric!

Spring Quilt Market 2017

Spring Quilt Market 2017

Before Schoolhouse begins you receive a newspaper-like schedule full of presentation options. You have to choose one presentation for each 1/2 hour ~ it’s not easy to choose by the way!

Schoolhouse Spring Quilt Market 2017

There were 13 time slots and 228 options total! I decided to kick off my day with Jen Kingwell. She is the sweetest and I love her designs and fabric from Moda.

Spring Quilt Market 2017

Elizabeth Hartman had a schoolhouse showing off her newest quilt design and fabric line, Pond.

Spring Quilt Market 2017

Alison Glass had some gorgeous quilts with her new fabric line… CHROMA!

Spring Quilt Market 2017I was a WINNER of a fabric bundle! It’s mine… all mine! But, you can buy it here if you love it too! Spring Quilt Market 2017

Brigitte Heitland showed off her new fabric line, she is such a sweet lady!

Spring Quilt Market 2017

I scored a signed copy of her new book, Zen Chic Inspired, from Martingale.

Spring Quilt Market 2017

The day was jam packed and it ended with Sample Spree, where I bought a few more goodies to add to my Alison Glass bundle!

Spring Quilt Market 2017

I think this Woolies Flannel bundle will make the perfect scarves for my Penguin Quilt!
Spring Quilt Market 2017

And I couldn’t resist this new roll up of Panache by Rebecca Bryan!
Spring Quilt Market 2017

And then.. Quilt market began Friday – Sunday! I’m going to start with my favorite part!
I was lucky enough to have one of my designs for Coats displayed in the Shell Rummel booth! So fun!

spring quilt market 2017I designed this Moonlight pattern last fall and it’s now available as a

free download here!

spring quilt market 2017

You can see the entire collection on the Freespirit Fabric sites, HERE.

spring quilt market 2017

Look at the fun cards they had in the booth!

spring quilt market 2017

It’s really nice to be recognized! :)

spring quilt market 2017

Shell’s fabric looks amazing on this bag! (Pattern is by Aunties Two) And it turns out that one of my quilt guild members, Donna, made the bag! Small world!

spring quilt market 2017

Ok… enough gushing, I took tons of other pictures…


photo dump coming! and this is just a sampling, my phone is full!

I hope you enjoy these…

spring quilt market 2017

spring quilt market 2017spring quilt market 2017spring quilt market 2017spring quilt market 2017

spring quilt market 2017

spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017 spring quilt market 2017

Spring Quilt Market 2017

spring quilt market 2017


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  1. Janel Metsker

    I’m so glad I was able to tour Market with you! Thank you for joining me!
    -Janel Metsker

    1. Sherri

      Enjoyed every minute! :)

      1. Barbara Luce

        I am from Ma. A new beginner, I am in awe that all you ladies design.I am making a quilt of my own design with some others ideas it is a po pourri of many lol. Now at the schools are you learning more ideas, making something, or just like a tutorial?? Thank You Love your Blog, Happy Quilting…

    2. Susan

      Soooo very jealous. Would have loved being there and seeing all the beautiful quilt ideas and fabric and teachers!!!

    3. Donna Barrieau

      That is some serious QuiltMania! What incredible eye candy- thanks for sharing and glad to see some EPP items!
      Donna B

  2. Lesley carruthers

    Thank you so much for this fabulous post! Your quilt is stunning and the pictures of the booths make me feel like I was there!

    1. Sherri

      Thanks Lesley!

  3. Donna H.

    Loved seeing your pictures! Was fun to see how my bag was used in the Coats booth.

    1. Sherri

      Your bag was a big hit!

  4. Debbie

    This looks like it was a lot of fun. Would have loved to be able to do something like this sometime.

  5. Patricia

    How fun Quilt Market, I live in Texas and hope to go to the Houston Quilt Market someday. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Shirley Helm

    Loved the pictures! Gorgeous quilts!

  7. Patricia

    I follow you on Instagram.

  8. Lynda

    This is wonderful! And a lot to digest. I will be returning several times just to take it all in. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Mary Derosier

    Thank you so much for sharing all the photos from Quilt Market!!! So many beautiful fabrics and creative projects. Just found your website and am looking forward to starting the Scrap Happy Sampler very soon.

  10. Nancy

    Thank you for this great post about Quilt Market! Everything is so bright and colorful! Thank you for this great giveaway! Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  11. Maryanna

    Love it! I’m hoping to be able to go either this fall or next spring!

  12. Monica Richardson

    Congratulations for having your quilt on display. I’m downloading the pattern as soon as I hit Post. Quilt Market seems to be sooo fun. One Day I’ll go.

  13. Libby

    Thanks for this very informative post. Almost like I was there. Loved all the photos.

    I am now a follower on Instagram also. Thanks again !

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    What fun!! Thanks for sharing your pictures they are great.

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    Almost forgot….I was downloading the pattern (BIG SMILE) I follow you on Instagram already!

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    Such fun to look at all the pictures and see all the wonderful things. Can’t imagine what it would be like in person. Your giveaway looks like lots of fun.

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  19. slmrn1

    Thanks for the great post. so enjoyed seeing everything. Love The Moonlight Quilt. Thank you for the pattern.

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    Oh wow! Loved the pictures of the show! Thanks for a chance to win.

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    I have been living vicariously thru your posts this week! So happy for you that you got to go. So much fun!

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    Thanks for all the colorful quilt market pictures.

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    I love the new clocks! Thanks for all the pictures and the giveaway!

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    Hi – I really enjoyed your post. I hope to be able to start traveling to different quilt markets when I get my son out of high school and off to college (3 more years). We went to Paducah one year before my son started school and caught the bug. Now I see all year and do craft shows in the summer and fall and love it. Thanks for posting – your pictures are great !!!

  25. Vickie

    So envious of your market trip but so thrilled you shared awesomest pictures!!! You are sew lucky to win Alison Glass bundle….on my bucket​ list!!! Woo hoo!!

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    Thank you much of giving us a taste of the beautiful quilts. Such artistry
    Love your work as well. Keep it coming…

    Deb Waldrop

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    Thank your for sharing pictures & info this week!! Loooks like such fun going to Quilt Market!! Thank too…for chance to win your Give-a-way!! :D

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    Thank you for sharing! I fell in love with the TOMTE Santa Quilt Pattern and ordered it. It was fun looking at all the pictures etc. from the Spring Quilt Market 2017

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    Enjoyed all the beautiful photos from quilt market & a chance to win the give-a-way. Also enjoy your blog.
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    What fun…….going to Quilt Market 2017. Thanks for sharing your photos and the opportunity to win Cotton and Steel give-a-way! Love it.

  31. Audrey

    I was so taken with all the photos of the new fabrics and designs that I almost forgot to comment. I would dearly love to attend a Quilt Market but that is not going to happen. Instead I feel the excitement without any stresses each spring and fall as the new is revealed. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Jacqueline Skarritt

    What a wonderful experience you had! Thank you for sharing and thank you for the give-a-way!

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    Always look forward to your booth in Grand Rapids, the best projects.

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    I love “Cotton and Steel”. I may never be able to go to Quilt Market but I loved every photo you shared. I am new to your blog and I really appreciate you, positively and for sure! Thank you, too, for the generosity of your giveaway!

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    WOW! Amazing quilts! Thank you for sharing, Susan

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    Love your Moonlight pattern. Thanks for all the fab photos of quilt market. Sew much fun to see all of the up and coming. Do love to add perle cotton to my projects as it’s wonderful to stitch with and adds such great texture.

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    Sherri it has to be so exciting going to quilt market. Thank you for sharing some great pics and gifts

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    Congratulations on the Moonlight quilt getting so much attention, both in the booth and in the marketing materials. It’s well-deserved, because that quilt is a stunner.