Mitten Workshop Weekend!!!

It’s been a Wooly Weekend!  I had so much fun this weekend teaching my Mitten Workshop!  I brought my camera along to take pictures of all the fabulous mittens and do you think I took one picture?  Of course not!  (boo)  This sorta thing always happens to me when I get excited… I completely lose track what I’m doing and just get caught up in the moment.

BUT… All is not lost…  I managed to find some time to make some mittens TOO!

I made this pretty red and pink pair…

felted wool mittens

They have a super warm white fleece lining…. yummy

DSC_0023 logo

They are slightly deeper red than they look in the picture – definitely prettier in person if you can believe it!  Find the red mittens for sale on etsy.

And check out these brown ones… toasty!

felted wool mittens brown

I love the buttons on this pair (is that weird?)

DSC_0049 logo

Earth tones with a little pop of color :o) Find this brown pair for sale in my Etsy shop.

DSC_0046 logo

This pair is a nice hunter green and blue…

DSC_0033 logo

The cuffs have all the colors of the mitten parts mixed in… find the green mittens for sale in my etsy shop.

DSC_0035 logo

Another pair with pink and orange…

DSC_0017 logo

DSC_0013 logo

You can find the pink and orange mittens for sale here on Etsy. This last pair I made for myself… I’ve been a purple fan since birth I think… pretty sure it might have been the first word I spoke… purple!  It’s only the second pair I have kept for myself and I love them!

DSC_0031 (2)logo

So there’s the latest!

DSC_0042 (2) logo

If you’d like a pair head over to my etsy shop where I sell the mittens…

or go to craftsy for the Madawaska Mitten Pattern




Easter Eggstravaganza!

The Holidays are all about tradition, family, friends and good times.  I got together with some of my ‘peeps’ (lol) last night and had some good times decorating eggs…

here is what we used: eggs, egg carton, paper, sharpie, pipe cleaners, felt, feathers, colored tissue paper, glue stick and some eyes!

It was eggcellent fun cracking eggstrodinary jokes all night…  Here are just some of the eggsamples of eggs we made…

Easter Egg Decorating cow

Easter Egg Decorating Sun

photo 6photo 1Easter Egg Decorating

easter egg decorating chick mouseelephant easter egg decoratingeaster egg decorating

easter egg decorations pigeaster egg decorations



My Secret Valentine

Thought I’d share with you a little project for my Secret Valentine…

Members of my quilt guild put their name in a hat and much like ‘secret santa’ we all picked a name.  My ‘valentine’ likes music and plays the guitar…  I thought about it and although we all love a hand stitched item I thought maybe she’d like something different… I decided to paint a little valentine decoration for her.  I used some wooden blocks I had kicking around the house.  I was just waiting for an excuse to paint them…

Acrylic Paint Craft

Acrylic Paint Craft

wooden blocks

wooden blocks


acrylic base coat

I used acrylic paints and gave them a quick base coat, painted the letters and symbols ~ and heart notes of course!  I usually sketch out my design on paper that is the same size as my surface so I can get a feel for the placement/size of what I’m painting – then I free hand paint it on the surface.  It’s so easy to clean off any boo boo’s that there really isn’t any worries about mess ups.  I like the organic look of free hand too.   After I finished with all the lettering and notes I added some highlights and floated some dark shading (right side) and light shading(left side) around some of the letters and notes to make them look a little less FLAT.   When I was done painting the blocks I gave it a quick shot of clear coat  (Krylon 6-Ounce Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Aerosol Spray) This step is SO important as far as I’m concerned because it really makes the colors POP!!

100_3751 600x500pix

Easy as Pie!  Now I have a nice home made gift for my secret valentine!  I’m also giving her a pair of pink mittens… it’s so cold in New England right now ~ that’s a no-brainer!

painted valentine

wool mittens from sweaters

Next I’m painting a sewing sign for my sewing studio!  I’m on a roll!


Craft Market Series @ Sew Mama Sew

If you’ve been to my blog you know I love mittens!  I’ve made a ton of them and you can see them all here in my Mitten Gallery!

Mittens from felted wool sweaters

I’ve also been to a lot of holiday fairs ~ selling mittens!

Sew Mama Sew (one of my favorite sewing sites – btw) is offering a ‘Craft Fair and Market Series’ beginning today and I get to kick things off!  I’m really excited to be part of this.  After being ‘on tour’ selling my mittens I’ve got it down to a science.  Those first few shows were so stressful exciting – and now I’m here to share my market ‘toolkit’ and advice! 

From Getting your Cash Box together…

Cash Box

To Marketing Materials…

Marketing Supplies

Find out what’s in My Booth Tote…

What’s in your wallet booth tote?

Don’t forget you’ll need to package your items…

Easy packaged up Mittens!

It you’re gearing up to get your show on the road – get on over to Sew Mama Sew to read the entire blog and print out my toolkit list!




Craft Book Month

It’s Craft Book Month over at Craft Buds!  I’m so excited to be joining in the fun for Craft Book Month, I headed straight away to the local Book Store.  There were so many beautiful books to choose from and really… how do you choose?  I was feeling like I wanted a little project away from the sewing machine, something I could do to unwind and just get back to basics…  I decided on this great book Little Stitches by Stash Books!

Craft Month Book

I have no time to waste if I’m going to be able to share my ‘finished’ project!  Got my coffee, rocking chair and a good book… I’d say that’s a good start!

Want in on the fun?  Check out this link!

Craft Book Month at Craft Buds

**update – find my book review here