Sew Scrappy Sampler ~ Block 8

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  I think it’s a little harder to keep up with sewing when the weather is nice and there is so much to do outside!
I did get my block 8 finished for the Sew Scrappy Sampler…

~ Tying the Knot ~

tying the knot quilt block

For this block we will be working on partial seams (not to be confused with set-in seams)… They are quite simple and you can use the technique for future quilting projects once you know how to do it… so here we go…
This small block uses partial seams ~
partial seams tutorialStart with a center square and the surrounding four rectangles –
quilting partial seams tutorialPartially sew one rectangle to the square, right sides together.  I usually sew a little better than half the width of the center square.

quilting and piecing partial seams tutorial

Press the seam open and add the next rectangle (second seam) working around the center square.   partial-seams-015
 Keep sewing in the round…partial-seams-017partial-seams-022When you have all the rectangles attached sew the remainder of the partial seam to complete the block!




tying the knot quilt blockThere are a couple different ways to configure this block… My block uses the top example in the diagram below ~ if you put the two blocks together it creates a linking pattern…

tie the knot quilt blockHope you enjoy these partial seams!

Find the Pattern in MY SHOP or ON CRAFTSY.

Here are some of the previous blocks…




Modern Love XO Quilt Pattern

My latest pattern

~ Modern Love ~

is now available in my shop!

modern love xo quilt pattern

I love scrappy quilts and this one is a paper pieced pattern so it goes together quick and is easy to join without any bulky points.

modern love scrappy quilt pattern

I did a lot of big stitch quilting with perle cotton on this quilt.

big stitch quilting

If you are interested in hand quilting with perle cotton you can check out my tutorial here:

Big Stitch Hand Quilting with Perle Cotton 8

For this quilt I began near the center of the quilt and hand quilted around each X and O.

big stitch quilting with perle cotton

Then I did some straight line stitching about an inch or so apart around the perimeter of the quilt.

big stitch hand quilting with perle cotton 8

That dreamy gray fabric is Terra Australis by Ella Blue– Gray Bush Sticks.  I got it from The Hangar on etsy (see find fabulous fabrics for the link).  It’s the perfect gray… I love it!

Each X and O on the quilt has four hand-stitched hearts…

big stitch hand quilting with perle cotton 8

The template for the hearts is included in the pattern for those who might want to hand quilt also.  The quilt has such a soft drape from the hand quilting that I just LOVE!  It makes it so soft and cozy.  The pattern gives instructions for three sizes~ Lap, Twin and Queen.

big stitch hand quilting with perle cotton 8

Thanks for checking out my new pattern…

If you like it, Please share it!

big stitch quilting ~ modern love xo quilt pattern by rebeccamaedesigns

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Mitten Workshop Weekend!!!

It’s been a Wooly Weekend!  I had so much fun this weekend teaching my Mitten Workshop!  I brought my camera along to take pictures of all the fabulous mittens and do you think I took one picture?  Of course not!  (boo)  This sorta thing always happens to me when I get excited… I completely lose track what I’m doing and just get caught up in the moment.

BUT… All is not lost…  I managed to find some time to make some mittens TOO!

I made this pretty red and pink pair…

felted wool mittens

They have a super warm white fleece lining…. yummy

DSC_0023 logo

They are slightly deeper red than they look in the picture – definitely prettier in person if you can believe it!  Find the red mittens for sale on etsy.

And check out these brown ones… toasty!

felted wool mittens brown

I love the buttons on this pair (is that weird?)

DSC_0049 logo

Earth tones with a little pop of color :o) Find this brown pair for sale in my Etsy shop.

DSC_0046 logo

This pair is a nice hunter green and blue…

DSC_0033 logo

The cuffs have all the colors of the mitten parts mixed in… find the green mittens for sale in my etsy shop.

DSC_0035 logo

Another pair with pink and orange…

DSC_0017 logo

DSC_0013 logo

You can find the pink and orange mittens for sale here on Etsy. This last pair I made for myself… I’ve been a purple fan since birth I think… pretty sure it might have been the first word I spoke… purple!  It’s only the second pair I have kept for myself and I love them!

DSC_0031 (2)logo

So there’s the latest!

DSC_0042 (2) logo

If you’d like a pair head over to my etsy shop where I sell the mittens…

or go to craftsy for the Madawaska Mitten Pattern




Cloud 9 Geocentric II Bag Challenge @ Sew Mama Sew

Challenge, Giveaway AND Tutorial!

It was a little bit hard to contain my excitement when the gals over at SewMamaSew  chose me to participate in the GeoCentric II Bag Challenge!

Cloud 9 Fabric is launching their amazing line of organic cotton canvas (YUM!),  GeoCentric II!  The new line has 3 new fabulous colors and 3 new prints to choose from and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some!  Patiently I waited, stalking  the mailman checking the mail each day… until… it… arrived! (alright, it waaaas in an envelope…)

cloud 9 geocentric fabric

I planned on resisting the Cloud 9 references… I wasn’t going to say anything silly like ‘I was on cloud 9’ but I WAS thinking it!  The quality of this fabric is SO NICE!  Seriously, Cloud 9 Organic Cotton Canvas just sounds Fabulous!   No one else in my house was allowed to touch it (mine all mine) but I couldn’t stop!  It’s very soft and not at all like the canvas I’ve worked with before… I only put it up to my cheek once… don’t be a hater!

I decided to make a Victoria Tote and although the pattern doesn’t call for leather I had some that matched PERFECT!  So I swapped out the canvas bottom in the original pattern and top stitched the leather on instead.  And added leather straps… Could it get any better?  I’m super pleased with how it came out…

cloud 9 geocentric tote bag

I’m in love with the daffodil and metal colors together…

geocentric cloud 9 canvas tote bag

This fabric is really a dream to work with, it presses so nicely and is just crisp and soft and not as heavy and stiff as regular canvas / duck cloth.  And I really think it looks great with the leather accents… check out the bag bottom…

cloud 9 geocentric tote bag

love it!

cloud 9 geocentric tote bag

The pattern has an exterior and interior d-ring and an interior pocket –

cloud 9 geocentric tote bag

All you need is some GeoCentric Fabric! How will you choose what color with so many to choose from?  Really… I don’t know!  I love the interlock/sprout color in this next photo but I also love the diamonds/sky and the interlock/coral…


I had so much fun working with this organic canvas,  I couldn’t stop, so I made a little zipper pouch!

cloud 9 geocentric tote bag

check out the daffodil lining…

cloud 9 geocentric tote bag

GIVEAWAY – Like me on Facebook and and I’ll randomly choose someone August 10th to win a free Vicotoria Tote Pattern!  Please be sure to comment below that you liked me on Facebook so you’ll be officially entered.

cloud 9 geocentric tote bag

Make your own Zipper Pouch using this TUTORIAL.

You can find the pattern for the Victoria Tote here!

Go check out Cloud 9 and SewMamaSew!


Robin August 5, 2013 at 8:53 am

I am following you on Facebook.  Love the bag, love the fabric.  thank you!

sherrips – I haven’t forgotten about the gorgeous Blueberry Cotton!  I made a Coupon Bag!  Find the pattern here… Coupon Organizer Pattern

coupon organizer bag / holder

geocentric fabric cloud 9


Scrap Happy Sampler #6 June Block of the Month

Take it easy this month with an applique block – Fabulous Feathers!


Summer is so busy so I hope you enjoy putting together this easy applique block.


If you’re following along with the block of the month then you’ll want to make up two rectangular ‘blocks’ to work into your rows when all 12 blocks are done.  If you’re not following then you can easily make this into a square block.


Find the Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt pattern

 in My Shop AND on Craftsy.


Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt Pattern


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Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt PatternIf you want to see more of this quilt, here are all the



How to make a kissing ball

A couple days ago I saw a Christmas Kissing Ball at my friend Suzanne’s house.  It kept catching my eye.  It looked…. traditional, fun, bright, and dare I say, romantic!  It just made me plain old happy!  I like feeling happy!  So I asked her about it, and to my delight she told me she made it!  And that’s not all, she would tell me how I could make one too!  Yippee!!!  I couldn’t help but wonder how many Christmas’ her kissing ball had lit up?  How many people have kissed under it? How many family members had gazed upon it while dreaming about their new years resolutions? (nostalgia!)

Kissing Ball

Kissing Ball

Bottom line was, I had to make one.  I love traditions and I was ready to start a new one…  The Christmas Kissing Ball.

Good news is – You can start one too…  Here’s what you need:

32 – 4.5 oz cone cups

1 set of mini Christmas lights (35-50 light strand) clear or colored

1.5 yard 1″ wide ribbon

32 Christmas ball ornaments 2.5″ – 3″


glue gun and extra glue sticks

15 feet garland (nothing too poofy)

Start by counting out 9 cups and staple them together.  Staple them 1″ down inside cup (mine shown were only .5″ which wasn’t really enough)

 Next place six cups on top of your set of 9 and staple in place.

 You have now completed 1/2 the ball.  Make another half identical to this half.  Fold ribbon in half and lay across the bottom side of one of the halves and staple on securely.

kissing ball tutorial

Next connect your two halves with staples and it’s time to start stringing your lights.  Take the end of your light string without the plug and start weaving the light string between the cones beginning at the bottom of your ball where the two ribbon tails are.  Depending on the number of lights in your string you may need to have two lights poking out in the same spot – just work them in as evenly as possible.  Use your stapler to close cup gaps up as needed  and to keep cords from poking out.  Finish at the top of your ball where the ribbon loop is.

kissing ball tutorial

Next get your glue gun ready and start gluing your ornament balls into the cups.  Put a thin ‘bead’ of glue around top edge of each cup and place your ornament inside.  Depending on the size of your cup and ornaments – they will sit up higher or deeper into the cup. 

kissing ball

 When you get to the end, you might have to really snuggle the last couple ornaments in.  I had ornaments of varying sizes so I got to cheat a little here.  If your ornaments are smaller, you may have more wiggle room between them – no worries – it will all fill in nicely when you add your garland.  You can also embellish and fill in with miniature ornaments.  There are no rules here!

kissing ball tutorial

When you are done with your ornaments it’s time for the last step!  Start at the top or bottom and weave your way around with the garland – applying glue from your glue gun here and there to keep it secure.

kissing ball tutorial

Now… Light it Up!  And test it with a KISS of course!  Magic. 

kissing ball tutorial

Here are a couple variations that my kids made for Christmas gifts…

This first one is for a girls room – pink and silver, very cute…

kissing ball tutorial

And another one with traditional Christmas colors…

kissing ball tutorial


I think these would be great in silver to make for weddings!  The sky is the limit… 

Thanks so much to Suzanne for sharing with me!


Easy Sew in Labels Tutorial

Need to make some quick and easy sew in labels?  Here is one way to get it done…

You will need an inkjet printer. 

First pick up some inkjet colorfast printable fabric (sew on).  It comes in 8.5″ x 11″ sheets that you can feed right into your printer.  Set up your design and do a test print on copy paper first to be sure you have the size etc that you want.   Then simply print onto the printable fabric sheets…

do some slicing…

labels cut

and some dicing… 

labels slice

and some sewing…


mitten with label

label in mitten

label on garland

label on garland


Don’t forget you can use this for making quick labels for your quilts too!




Craft Market Series @ Sew Mama Sew

If you’ve been to my blog you know I love mittens!  I’ve made a ton of them and you can see them all here in my Mitten Gallery!

Mittens from felted wool sweaters

I’ve also been to a lot of holiday fairs ~ selling mittens!

Sew Mama Sew (one of my favorite sewing sites – btw) is offering a ‘Craft Fair and Market Series’ beginning today and I get to kick things off!  I’m really excited to be part of this.  After being ‘on tour’ selling my mittens I’ve got it down to a science.  Those first few shows were so stressful exciting – and now I’m here to share my market ‘toolkit’ and advice! 

From Getting your Cash Box together…

Cash Box

To Marketing Materials…

Marketing Supplies

Find out what’s in My Booth Tote…

What’s in your wallet booth tote?

Don’t forget you’ll need to package your items…

Easy packaged up Mittens!

It you’re gearing up to get your show on the road – get on over to Sew Mama Sew to read the entire blog and print out my toolkit list!




Blueberry Raspberry Jam – Canning Recipe

August is always the time I get into the spirit of harvesting and canning.  Since the blueberries, strawberries and raspberries don’t seem to be ripe at quite the same time, there is always a little freezing to do for one of them.  But no worries, the flavor is still fabulous!  This year I made Strawberry Jam, Blueberry Jam and a Blueberry Raspberry Jam.   Seriously, I can never pick a favorite they are all so delicious!  If you have never canned, it’s so easy…. just follow along.

jar funnel, ruler spatula, magnetic wand, jar lifter

First things first – you will need some basic supplies:

Hot Water Canner – a large pot with a rack at the bottom to set the jars on.

Jar Lifter – this tool is worth the pennies – lifts hot jars in and out of the water ‘bath’.

Jar funnel – wider and shorter than other funnels, they fit the jar perfect and reduce the sticky mess!

Ruler/spatula – helps measure the space between the top of the jam and top of the jar, also helps release bubbles out of  a filled jar by slipping it down the side.

Jars and clean lids – for jam I use 1/2 pt jars.

check your jars

Gather your jars up and check the tops for any chips or cracks.  Do not use any jars with a chipped rim as they won’t seal properly.

hot water bath

Place your jars into a hot water bath filled with water to sterilize.  Keep jars in hot water until you are ready to fill them.   You will be using this same heated water to process your jars after they are filled.

sugar and pectin

Measure out your ingredients in separate bowls according to recipe.

measure fruit for jam

Add cleaned crushed fruit, pectin and butter to pot and bring to a full rolling boil.

bring jam to full boil stirring constantly

Add sugar slowly and bring to a second rolling boil.

Keep at rolling boil 1 minute.

Take off heat immediately and skim off any foam.

remove jars from bath

Remove your jars from hot water bath and line up to fill.

Put your lids in a shallow dish (I use a glass pie plate) and ladle some of the hot water over them to

sterilize and soften the sealing compound.

ladle quickly into hot jars

Ladle the hot jam quickly into the hot jars.  Fill to within 1/4″ of the top of the rims.

Using a damp sterile cloth (I dip cheesecloth into hot water) carefully wipe all rims clean so they adhere to the lids properly.

add lids and bands

Add sterile lids and bands to jars

place full jars of jam into hot water bath

Place full jars into hot water bath.  Be sure there is at least 2″ of water covering jars.

Cover pot and process 10 minutes.  Start clock when water starts boiling.

Gorgeous AND Delicious!

Remove jars from bath and place on counter to cool!  That’s it!  Simple.


6  cups  prepared fruit (buy about 2 pt. fully ripe blueberries and 3 pt. fully ripe red raspberries)

1   box SURE-JELL Fruit Pectin
1/2 tsp. butter or margarine
7   cups sugar