Chapter 3 ~ Dear Daughter Quilt

It’s so hard to believe March is here already, and we are up to Chapter 3!


The Chapter 3 pattern has already gone out to subscribers, so if you’ve already subscribed in my shop and did not receive it in your email please contact me @ [email protected] verify your email address.

If you want the pattern you can find it here:

on CRAFTSY ~or~ in MY SHOP!


EACH CHAPTER includes:

  • Pattern ~ for all Chapter blocks
  • Templates ~ including entire alphabet to make your own text
  • Technique Instruction
  • Sneak Peek into next month (for the over~achievers in the bunch!)

Here are Chapter blocks 1-3… coming together!

block of the month

And you can see how they fit into the quilt top:

TOP Chapter 1-3 filled inI completed my text for Chapter 3 using the needle-turn applique technique.  It’s one of my favorite ways to applique. I love the look of the turned edges and I also love that it’s portable and I can work on it anywhere!  Plus it has a sort of organic look that I like.

I’ve included some pictures of how I completed mine but if you’re making the dear daughter quilt you can use the templates with any applique method on the Techniques Page of the pattern… or any other method you prefer!

Before we get into it I want to talk a little about supplies…

applique needle and thread

To set yourself up for success, use a good needle and thread for applique.  Here are some of my favorites:

Thread: I have a couple favorites…

I like the following threads because they are light-weight and disappear into the applique fabric.
Aurifil ~ 50 wt (the orange spools)
Superior Thread ~ Bottom Line (donut) or 50 wt Masterpiece (donut)
(I have some applique thread donuts available in my shop)


You will need an applique or straw/milliners needle.
I like the tulip #10 big eye applique needles for needle-turn applique. When I’m working on larger applique pieces I will sometimes use an 11 milliners/straw needle. The extra length helps when turning the seam allowance to the back.
note ~ I’ve taken several hand applique classes and something I’ve learned is that the recommended needle isn’t always the best choice for me.  I took one class from a woman who had tiny little hands and she recommended this needle that I could hardly hold it was so small… so use what works for you and feels like a good fit, but stay with a thin applique or straw needle.

This applique will be done much like the butterfly from last months chapter.  To start, trace your applique with a removable marking tool, loosely cut out shape with a generous 1/4″ allowance and baste in place right down the center.


After your piece is basted,  finger press all along the traced lines.  By finger pressing on the traced line your applique will go much smoother as the fabric will more easily turn under for you.  In the next picture you can see that I have my W (Wander) loosely cut out, basted and finger pressed.

needle turn applique

Make sure to bring your needle up from behind the applique piece on the traced line of the outer edge.  If you bring your needle up from under your background piece and through the traced line you will not be able to turn your seam allowance under.

needle turn applique

Use your needle to turn the fabric under and take your first stitch.  You can see in the next picture that the fabric is turning under easily and I continue to finger press a second time as needed while I sew.

needle turn applique

I also like to trim my seam allowance as I go. If I trim it close before I begin I would have to contend with my seam allowance fraying from being handled, and that wouldn’t be any fun!

Here are a couple tips on curves and points:

Concave Curves:

When you come to an inner curve clip slits into the seam allowance without cutting into the traced seam line.  This will help your turned edge lay flat and ease the fabric under as well.

Convex Curves:

For convex curves, clip notches out of seam allowance to reduce bulk.

Inner Points:

I find these to be the trickiest.  Taper the seam allowance as you near the inner point and clip at the inner point to the seam line right before you sew it.  Take 2-4 small stitches right in the point to hold the threads in place.  If your thread matches your applique fabric these stitches will hardly be noticeable.

Outer Corners:

For outer corners sew right up to the corner, placing a stitch in the very corner, sweep fabric under with your needle and turn the corner.


Sew the entire perimeter of the applique and then go back to cut out any holes in the applique.

needle turn applique

I used small scissors or a sharp seam ripper to carefully start the hole, being careful not to puncture or cut my background fabric.


Turn those seams under and applique in place.  It takes a little practice but that’s all there is to it!


As you know we have Two Generous Sponsors for the 2016 Dear Daughter BOM Quilt-a-Long!  Including International Subscribers too!

Fat Quarter Shop

Fat Quarter Shop

Every Month 1 Lucky winner will receive a $25 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop!

(see my fabric links at the end of this post!)

the warm company

The Warm Company

Every Month 2 Lucky winners will receive Steam-a-Seam Lite 2 from The Warm Company!

I’m picking random winners from the subscriber list and

The Winners for March are…

Fat Quarter Shop $25 ~ Shaughna K.

The Warm Company products ~ Candy L. and Loralee M.

I will be in touch via email!  Yay!

block of the month quilt pattern

Lastly,  I’ve been getting some fabric questions, and since Fat Quarter Shop is so generous to sponsor this quilt I thought I’d link to a couple fabrics each month that are in my quilt blocks ~ so if you are interested in finding them you can just check out the links below!

The yellow text fabric is from Windham Fabrics and it’s called Paint by Carrie Bloomston for Such Designs.  I bought it at a local shop this past summer so I’m not sure if you can still find it…

I used a lot of different scraps but I’ve also used several fabrics from:

True Colors

Rhoda Ruth


Kaffe Classics

Like my fabrics?

Now you can get my newly curated bundle


at The Fat Quarter Shop!

fat quarter bundle


Chapter 1 from Kathy!

Chapter 1 from Kathy!


Chapter 1 from Lisa!

Chapter 1 & 2 from Lori

Chapter 1 & 2 from Lori!

Chapter 1 ~ Sandi

Chapter 1 ~ Sandi :)

Chapter 1 ~ Shaughna

Chapter 1 ~ Shaughna !

Sandra's Chapter 1

Sandra’s Chapter 1

Sandra's Chapter 2

Sandra’s Chapter 2

Candy's Chapter 1

Candy’s Chapter 1

Chapter 1 & 2 from Vickie!

Chapter 1 & 2 from Vickie!


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Hello everybody!  Happy New Year!   I’m hosting a new Block of the Month for 2016.  This is a quilt pattern that I’ve been wanting to make for some time, and why not open it up to anyone crazy enough to join me!

dear daughter block of the month quilt pattern

Dear Daughter is a sampler quilt that will include some text blocks.  It will be divided into 12 sections, so sort of like a block of the month but I’m calling them Chapters ~ (just for fun, since there is text and all…) Within the quilt there will be 80+ pieced (6″ blocks) plus several text blocks.  Here is an example a text block and 6″ block from Chapter 1.

2016 block of the month Dear DaughterThe text blocks will have little sayings or quotes…    I named my quilt Dear Daughter because my daughters are the inspiration for my quilt.  But your inspiration can be anyone or anything!

Each Chapter will be a combination of several blocks…

Here is a look at Chapter 1 ~ the graphic…

dear daughter quilt a long

Every month a new Chapter will be released.  Chapter 1 will be considered the first ‘month’.  To keep my sanity intact, and to stay on track, I’ll keep some of the blocks on the simpler side, like a five patch or log cabin block etc.

dear daughter quilt 73

Here is the top diagram I’ll be filling in as I go along… you can see how Chapter 1 fits in…

Dear Daughter quilt a long 2016

The completed quilt top including the side borders measures a generous 72″ x 90″.

I’ll be running this BOM quilt~a~long a little differently than in the past so read on…

dear daughter quilt 67

Here’s a Q & A to help answer questions ~ If I miss something and you ask a question in the comments I’ll add the answer to this post, so check back.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by purchasing the pattern.

Find the pattern

on CRAFTSY ~or~ in MY SHOP!


What Can I expect after signing up?

After sign up you will receive a welcome email.  You will then be added to the monthly email list.  Each month (around mid month, or on the 16th) you will receive an email with the new chapter’s pattern.  Be sure to carefully check your email for accuracy when you sign up.  The first Pattern will be emailed mid January.

Can I sign up anytime?

Yes, if you sign up after January 2016, You will receive your welcome email, and then you will receive an email with the patterns to date.  Any remaining patterns will come monthly via email.

Will I be charged Monthly?

No, the sign up fee is a one time charge that covers the entire series from start to finish and you can sign up any time, it will not expire.

How will patterns be delivered?

As a printable PDF via the email you provide when you sign up.  These patterns are for personal use, please don’t share or copy them.

Will every block be different?

There are a lot of different blocks, and there are some blocks that will repeat throughout the quilt… for example the heart block from the Chapter 1 pattern might show up again in another Chapter.  There might be four identical 6″ blocks that come together to make one larger 12″ block…. you follow?

How much fabric will I need?

Good Question!  This quilt is intended to be scrappy, so I will not be posting a fabric list.  I am working from my stash on a month by month basis.  I have some wonderful saturated colored fabrics and some low volume fabrics to work with.  The blocks are small so little bits from your stash will work on most blocks.  You will need larger pieces for the text blocks.  I will keep track of my fabric consumption (so far my stash looks untouched) and put a list together at a later date that will give you an idea of approximate amounts in each color based on my colors.

Like my fabrics?

Check out my newly curated bundle


at The Fat Quarter Shop!

fat quarter bundle

UPDATE: That bundle is sold out ~ For a limited time you can find

Turn Up the Volume 2 

Do I have to use your text? Or any text at all?

No, I will provide you with my text to use if you like it ~ and the entire alphabet (in reverse for applique) so your quilt can say what’s on your mind!  You will only be limited to the space of the block.   As another alternative, You can repeat pieced blocks to fill in the space allotted for text.  This is Your Quilt, do what makes you happy!

Will I need to save previous patterns when I’m done with them?

Yes!  You will need to refer back to previous Chapters for repeating block information, so save them all.

Will you be posting progress?

Yes, I’ll post complete pictures monthly on my blog with my progress.

How else can we follow?

I will post progress on instagram @ rebeccamaedesigns using #deardaughterquilt.  And also on the rebeccamaedesigns facebook page.

What if I have questions?

You can ask questions through instagram (by commenting on my photos or tagging me on yours) or in the comment section of the blog.  If you ask in the blog comments section, I will answer there so everyone can benefit so please check back.

What type of applique will be used for the text?

I am using double sided fusible to applique most of the text, specifically steam a seam lite by the Warm Company. Some text will also be pieced.

What other piecing methods will be used?

I will be using a variety of methods, but mostly straight piecing, some english paper piecing and some applique.

Do I have to have a daughter to participate?

Haha… of course not!  This is your quilt!  You can mix and match some blocks if you need it to be more masculine (for example you might not want to add the flower applique) and you can also change the text to say something else as long as it fits in the same space.  Here are some alternate ideas…

Winter/Holiday (use Christmas fabric and sayings)

Wedding ~ (Use wedding dates, sayings and names)

Free Spirit ~ anything goes!

Sponsored By:

We will have some Monthly Prizes starting in February ~Generously Sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop and The Warm Company!

Fat Quarter Shop

the warm company

I hope you’ll join me!

dear daughter

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Block 12~ Power of Nine BOM

Here we are at block 12 in the Power of Nine quilt!  Time certainly flies…  this year was like, poof!

block of the month pattern

If you’re just catching up, here is the original quilt pattern in solids…block of the month quilt patternand here are the two blocks together in solid and scrappy versions…

block 12 block of the month quilt

I hope you enjoyed the quilt as you go version… Thanks so much for following along with me!  I’m really loving my quilt.  All I have left to sew is the binding so I’d better get on with it!

I will do a final post soon with a couple tips on completing the quilt top if you are quilting as you go… and I’ll show you this scrappy version all put together! Yay!

Here is the block 12 color diagram.  You can find this complete quilt pattern or the single block pattern on craftsy, and some of the related posts below…


block of the month

You can find all the related posts below…


Sew Scrappy Sampler ~ Block 9

I warned you that I love applique… so I have another applique block for you this month!

~ Plume ~

Plume feather quilt block of the monthPlume is made using my favorite fusible technique but you can use any applique technique.

feather plume quilt block of the month sampler

I think an entire quilt of these plumes would be so pretty…  If only there were more time!

feather plume quilt block of the month sampler

You can find this pattern in My Shop or on Craftsy.


Here are some of the previous blocks…




Block 9 ~ Power of Nine BOM

This summer has been so crazy!  But I did manage to get block 9 done… just barely!

block of the month quilt pattern

So that takes care of the blue row!  Phew!  I’m looking forward to getting this quilt all together.  I’ve got the first two rows and spacer rows joined now and I’ll be showing you that soon…  But here is a look at block 9 on the original quilt, it looks really different from my new block 9…

block of the month quilt a long

block of the month quilt pattern

block of the month in tula pink fabric

If you want to try out a coloring sheet of this block to figure out your colors or fabric placement it’s right here:

block 9 color diagram

Here is the pattern for the quilt in my shop:

Power of Nine Quilt Pattern

You can find the single block pattern on Craftsy here:

Block 9 Pattern

power of nine block of the month


If you are interested in joining in the quilt a long or following the quilt as you go method you can find the previous posts here:

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Sew Scrappy Sampler ~ Block 5

Quilt block # 5 of the Scrappy Sampler is all about half square triangles!

‘Tranquil Tree’

Half Square Triangle Tutorial
Lets do some Half Square Triangle (HST) Math (chart below)

~ This block is made up almost entirely of half square triangles.

I’m going to show you two methods to make half square triangles for any quilt project!  Both methods keep the bias on the diagonal of the block and NOT the edges of your block ~ which is important for keeping your HST blocks straight and your quilt from ‘warping’.


For this method add 7/8″ to the finished size you want your block to be and use that as the size of the two starting blocks.

Place two squares right sides together.  Draw one line from corner to corner.  Sew 1/4″ on each side of the drawn line.


Cut on the drawn line.

Half Square Triangle Tutorial

Open and press for two Half Square Triangles!

Half Square Triangle Tutorial


This second method will give you 8 half square triangles…

Start with two squares that are 1 3/4″ larger than the finished size times two.

For a 3″ finished HST ~ 3 x 2 = 6 +1.75 = 7.75 or 7 3/4″

Place two squares right sides together.  Draw a line from corner to corner on both diagonals.  Sew 1/4″ on each side of the two drawn lines.

Half Square Triangle Math

Cut on both drawn lines AND make a horizontal and vertical cut in center of block.

How to do half square triangle math tutorial

Open the triangles and carefully press… try not to drag your iron across the blocks so they don’t get distorted.

Half Square Triangle Math Tutorial

Here is some math for both options…

Finished HST block
Unfinished HST block
Starting block size
2 HST Method
Starting block size
8 HST Method
 1 1/2″
 1 7/8″
 3 3/4″
1 1/2″
 2 3/8″
 4 3/4″
 2 1/2″
 2 7/8″
 5 3/4″
2 1/2″
 3 3/8″
 6 3/4″
 3 1/2″
 3 7/8″
 7 3/4″
3 1/2″
 4 3/8″
 8 3/4″
 4 1/2″
 4 7/8″
 9 3/4″
4 1/2″
 5 3/8″
 10 3/4″
 5 1/2″
 5 7/8″
 11 3/4″



For my Tranquil Tree block I pressed the seams open so I wouldn’t have too much bulk at the seams…

Half Square Triangle Math

Even if your careful pressing it’s a good idea to square it… the extra step will help you avoid headaches later :)



5-scrappy-quilt-block-037Here are the links for the


in My Shop


on Craftsy!





Block 5 ~ Power of Nine BOM

Quilt Block of the Month #5 is DONE!

tula pink fabric quilt block of month

For this month’s block I did a little fussy cutting for the center and some of the corner blocks…

Block of the Month Quilt in Tula Pink Fabric

I have a small 2 1/2″ square that I used for fussy cutting the circles out…  Fussy cutting is simply cutting out a portion of the fabric to feature, in this case I wanted to center the circles in this fabric.

Quilt Block of the Month in Tula Pink Fabric

Now I have them all ready to go!

Fussy Cut Circles in Tula PinkIf you’re following along, you know I’m working on block 5 ~ a scrappy Tula Pink version of this quilt…

full quilt with block 5 boxed 0127

Join in with me:

Modern Power of Nine Quilt Pattern

and if you want to quilt as you go…

All the Quilt-as-You-Go Posts

Here is block 5 in the Kona Cotton version…

Block of the Month in Kona Cotton Fabrics

The orange against the white fabric is pretty spectacular… Purple is my favorite color but I gotta say I’m a huge fan of orange!

If you want to color in your block with your own fabric choices or colors ~ here is the color sheet to download:  block 5 color diagram

If you are following the quilt as you go method, check this post to be sure you have the correct backing fabric and layer your quilt block for quilting.

Block of the Month in Tula Pink Fabric

 I did the stitch in the ditch and straight line quilting first as usual…

quilt as you go tutorial

 And then filled in the center and some of the triangles with pebbles.

Machine quilting pebbles quilt as you go


The quilt details again…

Here is the Power of Nine Quilt Pattern in my shop.

Want to make a single block?  Find the Block 5 Pattern here on Craftsy.


You can find all the related posts below…


Sew Scrappy Sampler ~ Block 4

 Quilt Block of the month #4 involves curved piecing…

Color Circusmodern-quilt-block-of-the-month-kaffe-fassett-fabric

You can find this block pattern

in My Shop


on Craftsy.

Here are some pics / tricks on my assembly…

You can complete this pattern in two ways…

You can use the template to cut and piece individual wedges…

quilt block wedges

Or you can use the complete arc foundation…


I completed two of each and accomplished the same results but cutting and piecing the small wedges is tedious and you have to be very precise in cutting and seam allowance.

I’m going to show you how I~

  1. added the center and corner blocks to each arc

  2. appliqued the “eye”

  3. and some pictures of sewing the curved pieces.

After I got my arc’s complete I left the paper on while I connected the corner square to the arc so I could keep the seam accurate~

modern-quilt-block-month-kaffeBefore attaching the second arc to that same corner block I removed the paper from the end wedge and seam so it wouldn’t get in my way~

modern-quilt-block-month-kaffe-fabricNow I’m ready to attach the second arc~


 Notice the second arc still has the paper on the end ~


After it’s sewn on, I can remove the paper from the end wedge and press the corner.  Nice and flat~


I repeat the process or the second corner block.  In the next photo I’ve already attached one arc and removed the paper at the end~


Now pinch the ends together ~

modern-quilt-block-month-kaffeIt will require a little fussing (and looks awkward) but if you keep the edges together and get it pinned right you’ll be good to go~

modern-quilt-block-month-kaffeThe pins I’m using are from clover.  I took a piecing class years ago and the teacher provided each student with a box of these pins…  If you have a chance to get some they are worth it.  They are thin and glide into the fabric without any drag…  perfect for piecing!  I’m sure there are others out there (look for fine or extra-fine) but these are the ones I use and love!  I see them at most quilt shops and you can find them (extra-fine like mine) here on amazon.

So now my arcs are attached and the ends are pressed.  I’m still leaving the rest of my paper on so any bias curves don’t get distorted.


You can applique the ‘eye’ any way you like (raw edge, needle turn etc)

Here’s an example of using freezer paper to applique.

Trace the applique shape onto freezer paper and cut out on traced line (no seam allowance).  Put a small spot of glue on the paper side of the freezer paper template with a glue stick and press the template on to the wrong side of your fabric (this is optional) so it doesn’t slip around . Cut fabric aprox 1/8″ – 1/4″ outside template.  Now with the tip of a hot iron, carefully press the seam allowance over to the shiny side of the freezer paper, working around and pressing toward the center.


The edges temporarily stick to the shiny side and you have a crisp applique to work with.

I left the paper in place and glue-basted the applique using this basting glue


I added just a few dots of glue away from the edge to hold it in place.


 Press down to secure…


Hand applique with the freezer paper in place. And when you are ready you can turn your work to the back and pull out the freezer paper. moder-quilt-pickle-dish-variation

Last is the curved piecing.  Finger press the corner piece in half to find the center and align with the center wedge on the arc.  Pin in place.

moder-quilt-pickle-dish-variationNow pin ends which should extend about a 1/4″ into corner blocks~

moder-quilt-pickle-dish-variationStitch and repeat on other side… press and trim!  When trimming notice I’ve got my lower right corner block and upper left corner block on the 6 1/2″ lines… this is important when squaring.




Here are the links for the


in My Shop


on Craftsy!




Block 3 ~ Power of Nine BOM

Block of the Month 2015…

My Block 3 is DONE!

block of the month quilt pattern

We are working on block three of this quilt…block of the month quilt pattern

Here is the comparison with the solid version…

block 3 of month quilt

If you’re just joining in, we are doing a ‘quilt as you go’ version of this quilt.  You can join in any time…

I colored in my block 3 color diagram to help with color placement and to get a rough draft of my quilting. I kept the quilting about the same as in my solid block this time…

block of the month quilt pattern

General Notes for getting started:

Press your fabric and get out all those folds/wrinkles.

Square or trim your fabric so you have a straight edge to work with.

Remove selvages before you begin.

Test your 1/4″ seam for accuracy.

Carefully press as you go with a dry iron and avoid dragging your iron around on your pieced unit to keep from distorting any bias edges.

Ok!  Let’s get going!  Get your pattern and cut all your pieces.

When joining your triangles (A pieces) to the center and corner units, you’ll notice there is a ‘V’ created by the triangles…

block of the monthWhen  you place that ‘V’ under your presser foot (if it’s centered properly) it should be in alignment with your 1/4″ mark…

block of the month

Stitch in place and press open.

block of the month quiltYour corner pieces should line up nicely at the edge…

quilt block of month

When your nine patches are done, trim them up square.  I’m using a 4.5″ omnigrid ruler  that has a half square triangle diagonal mark that comes in handy.

nine patch block of month quilt

Join your nine patches and layer your block for quilting (see quilt as you go tutorial) Remember from the tutorial you need to plan the back side of block too.

nine patch quilt block

It’s a good idea to check your bobbin before you begin quilting your block to see if you have enough thread to finish.  But if you forget, (like me) just trim any loose threads, and position your needle back a few stitches.  Hold the tail of your top thread and drop your needle down into your work, bring it back up and use the top thread to pull the bobbin thread up to the top of your work.  Grab the bobbin thread and pull it out a few inches…

block of the month quilt

Hold both tails taught and off to the side to start, backstitch one or two stitches and continue sewing.

nine patch bomThis will avoid those nasty ‘thread nests’ on the back of your work.  Tie tails in a knot close to quilt top.  Thread lose ends on needle and put needle through top and batting to bury the tails.  Come back out of top and trim tail ends close to quilt top.

power of nine bom

I marked my block with a water soluble marker to keep my stitching lines straight.

quilt a long

Then stitched right over my marks.

quilt as you go tutorialand gave them a quick spray of water… lines disappear!  I love this marker!

When my straight stitching was done I quilted some free motion pebbles… and squared up my block!

quilt as you go tutorial

A couple close ups…

quilt as you go tutorial

quilt as you go tutorial

block 3 power of nine 201 logo


quilt as you go tutorial

Want to follow along?

Here is the full Power of Nine Quilt Pattern in my shop.

Want to make a single block?  Find the Block 3 Pattern here on Craftsy.


You can find all the related posts below…


Sew Scrappy Sampler ~ Block 2

Block of the Month #2 of the ‘Sew Scrappy Sampler’ is a wedge & applique block…

 ~Tequila Sunrise~

wedge quilt block of the month pattern

 You can find the complete block Pattern in My Shop or on Craftsy.

~Here are some Tips and Pics on assembly~

Start by cutting out all your wedges… accuracy and consistency are key.   I’ve got half mine shown here…

quilt block of the month

Chain stitch them all according to the pattern…

chain stitching wedge quilt block

Chain stitching is a way to ‘speed piece’ on your sewing machine that saves you time (and thread).  Sew one piece and then pause, position next piece and feed through.  When done cut the ‘chain’ between each piece. chain stitching I set my machine to a shorter stitch and backstitched once or twice at each fold to secure (the fold will be your point). wedge quilt block

Before you turn your points you can clip the seam allowance slightly at the fold to reduce bulk.  When I turn my points I use these handy tweezers and hold right at the point…

wedge quilt block of month

Then with my left hand I take the tail of the wedge and pull it down and under the tweezers…  wedge quilt block

It gives me perfect points without poking into the corner and stressing out the seam…

wedge quilt block

When you are joining your wedges, sew a scant quarter inch as directed and only sew the length of the shortest wedge.

wedge quilt block

I chose to hand applique my wedges, but you can use your machine to straight stitch, zig zag or blanket stitch…

dresden wedge quilt blockI hope you have fun with this block!  Don’t feel you need to follow my colors, you can switch it up any way you like.

Maybe you want to keep the entire inner and outer circle similar colors…

wedge quilt block pattern

or just the inner circle…

wedge quilt block
You get the idea!

block 2 tequila sunrise 107 logo

You can find the Pattern in my Shop or on Craftsy.




Sew Scrappy Sampler ~ Block 1

Block #1 of the ‘Sew Scrappy Sampler’ is a Foundation Paper Pieced Block…

 ~Tallahassee Twist~sampler block of the month 2015

You can find the complete Pattern in My Shop or on Craftsy.

~Here are some Tips and Pics on assembly~

I made my block using this Velum paper…

vellum paper piecing

You can find the Vellum paper here on amazon: Simple Foundations Translucent Vellum Paper… But you can just as easily use regular copy paper (thinner is better for tearing away).  I’ve used regular copy paper in the past and thought I’d try this vellum paper to see what I was missing out on.  I don’t think it tears away any better, but it was a benefit to have it translucent, especially for beginners.

I cut my templates out just outside the 1/4″ seam allowance line so I can trim the finished unit on that line later…

foundation paper piecing

Cut your fabric first per the pattern instructions so you don’t have to guess at size of scrap to fit…

sampler block of the month

Place your center fabric right side up on the unprinted side of your template…

foundation paper piecing

Place your second piece in place right sides together.

block of the month Hold up to the light to check placement 1/4″ over A1/A2 line.

block of the month

Sew on line all the way to edges, backstitch at both ends to secure.

foundation paper piecing

Fold back the paper…

foundation paper piecing tutorial

and trim any excess fabric in seam…

foundation paper piecing tutorialI used this add a quarter ruler.  It has a little lip that rests along the paper fold to keep it in place while you trim the fabric.

When all corner pieces are all in place ~ trim away fabric (and paper) extending beyond outer seam allowance square/line. (cut right on that outer line)

paper piecing tutorial

After your trim your first A unit should look like this ~

foundation paper piecing Continue to complete block!

tallahasse twist 017 logoDon’t limit yourself to my color placement ~ with a little planning you could make your block like this ~

block alternate 2

Or even like this!!! ~

block alternate
Darn!  Wish I thought of this sooner!  I love this second layout… now I’m going to have to make another one! :)

You can find the Pattern in my Shop or the single block pattern on Craftsy.




Block 2 ~ Power of Nine BOM

Block of the Month 2015…

Block 2 is DONE!

block of the monthWe are working on block two of this quilt…

block of the monthHere is the comparison with the solid version… doesn’t this look SO different?

modern block of the monthI used this block 2 color diagram for keeping me on track with my colors and to get a rough draft of my quilting for this block.

block 2 bom color diagram

General Notes for getting started:

Press your fabric and get out all those folds/wrinkles.

Square or trim your fabric so you have a straight edge to work with.

Remove selvages before you begin.

Test your 1/4″ seam for accuracy.

Carefully press as you go with a dry iron and avoid dragging your iron around on your pieced unit to keep from distorting any bias edges.

Ok!  Let’s get going!  Get your pattern and cut all your pieces.

For step 1 place two A squares right sides together and draw a diagonal line down center of your top square, we are making some half square triangles…

block of the month quilt a long

Sew down both sides of line using 1/4″ seam.

block of the monthCut on center line ~

block of the monthPress two half square triangles open and make your second set (for your 4 corner blocks).

Next, for C/B blocks, place long edge of C piece on short edge of B piece.

block of the month quilt a longPress

block of the month quilt a longRepeat on opposite side…

nine patch quilt BOMPress open and repeat for second set

block of the monthAssemble Block
DSC_0038 logo

If you’re following the Quilt as you Go method… Go ahead and Quilt Your Block! Check out the quilt as you go tutorial for more information if you missed it.

quilt as you go block I love how easy it is to quilt one block at a time!!

2015-01-04 001 037 logo I think I’m a bit addicted to this method.

quilt as you go methodquilt as you go block 2Thanks for quilting along with me!  Here is the back side :)
quilt as you go tutorial

Want to follow along?

Here is the full Power of Nine Quilt Pattern in my shop.

Want to make a single block?  Find the Block 2 Pattern here on Craftsy.


You can find all the related posts below…


Quilt As You Go Tutorial ~ Part 1

If you’re following the Power of Nine quilt~a~long that’s fantastic!  I hope that you’ve done well with block one.

quilt as you go tutorial

If you are going to complete this quilt using the Quilt~as~you~Go method, then I have some additional information and things to think about.  This post is a bit long but please read through it entirely if you want to follow this QAUG method.

In this post I will cover:

1 Important notes and additional requirements for qaug method
2 Thoughts about the back of your qaug quilt
3 Instructions on completing a block with the qaug method

 Quilt as You Go ~ Important Notes & Requirements:

  • Blocks will be quilted (with backing/batting) individually.  This includes all solid pieces between pieced blocks.
  • A walking foot for your machine is highly recommended.
  • This method will require additional fabric for attaching the blocks (aprox 3/4 yard for top AND back ~ see ‘sashing’ below).
  • This method will also require additional backing fabric.
In the quilt diagram below notice the dark grey ‘sashing’ between all the blocks/sections of the quilt top.  This narrow sashing (for joining) is where additional fabric will be necessary.quilt top graphic with qaug sashsing 3
You can select one fabric for this sashing or several colors to coordinate it with each pieced row (ex yellow, orange, blue, green) or solid row (ex white).
If you choose 1 fabric, you will need aprox 3/4 yard for the top AND another 3/4 yard for the back.  (we will discuss the back later in this post) Please note that these fabric amounts don’t account for pre-washing your fabric, so if you pre-wash, you will need a bit more to allow for shrinking.
My quilt is (Tula Pink) scrappy and I will be making my sashing scrappy with what I have in my Tula Pink stash.

Thoughts about the Back of your QAUG quilt:

Since the blocks will all be quilted individually, your quilt back will look similar to your quilt top.  You can use one backing fabric for the entire back (so it looks solid) OR you can plan the look of your back.back diagram ~ quilt as you go
Please note ~ If you are following the backing fabric requirements on the pattern you will need to add more to account for the additional cutting and trimming using this qaug method.
My quilt back will be scrappy.  With that said, I looked through my stash and chose fabrics for the back of my blocks based on what I had that would be large enough etc.  I printed out the back diagram and colored it so I could remember what I was doing with my block placement as I went along…quilt as you go tutorial
I precut all twelve 13 1/2″ backing pieces from these fabrics:quilt as you go tutorial and twelve 13″ square pieces of batting ~ I’m using Warm and Natural cotton batting:quilt as you go tutorial
 Now that my backing and batting pieces are cut I’m ready to quilt my first block!

Instructions on Completing a Block with the QAUG Method:

1  Prepare your quilt sandwich~
(top) 12 1/2″ unfinished pieced block, right side up
(middle) 13″ square of batting
(bottom) 13 1/2″ square backing fabric, right side down
quilt as you go tutorialBaste layers together with method of choice (pins /basting stitch/ spray) ~ I spray basted mine… (using this spray found on amazon)quilt as you go tutorial

2  Make a Plan for your Quilting:

Remember when we colored this block diagram when we were making block 1?  I used that same printed diagram to draw out a plan for quilting my block…quilt as you go tutorial
Having the quilting plan helps keep me on track (I need all the help I can get!).
The center of this nine patch block will be quilted the same in all 12 blocks to keep some consistency.  As a side note, here is my ‘rough’ quilting plan from my power of nine quilt top without using the quilt as you go method.quilt as you go tutorial

3  Quilt your Block:

I used a walking foot (very highly recommended!) so my layers wouldn’t shift or get distorted and I began by stitching in the ditch of all the seams.quilt block of the monthI always began and ended stitching on the outside edge of my backing fabric, even if I had to double stitch a seam.quilt as you go tutorial
I traveled in the ditch to get to where I needed to add quilting… and I used my disappearing ink pen to mark a guide to follow when stitching across a block, so my lines didn’t get all wonky. quilt as you go tutorial

4  Square your Block:

When your happy with your quilting, square your block to 12 1/2″.  I used a 12 1/2″ square ruler, but you can use your mat and quilters ruler to square your block properly as well.
Trim off excess batting and backing…
quilt as you go tutorial
Check out the back…quilt as you go tutorialAll quilted! quilt as you go tutorial
Easy! :)
quilt as you go tutorialquilt as you go tutorialIn future posts I’ll go over how to join the blocks…




Block 1 ~ Power of Nine BOM

Block of the Month 2015

My Scrappy Block 1 is DONE!

block of the month 2015

If you’re just joining in, I’m on block #1 of this quilt…

block of the month 2015

Here is a picture of both blocks, the solid version from the completed quilt (above) and my new scrappy block!

bom 1 70

I love how colors and values can change the entire look of the block!

I started by choosing my fabrics, and decided on working from my (precious) Tula Pink Stash!  I planned out the placement of fabrics for my first block and if you’re switching up colors like me use this  block 1 color diagram so you don’t get too confused while piecing!

bom quilt a long

General Notes for getting started:

Press your fabric and get out all those folds/wrinkles.

Square or trim your fabric so you have a straight edge to work with.

Remove selvages before you begin.

Test your 1/4″ seam for accuracy.

Carefully press as you go with a dry iron and avoid dragging your iron around on your pieced unit to keep from distorting any bias edges.

Ok!  Let’s get going!  Get your pattern and cut all your pieces.

For step 1 we need to center the long edge of the triangle units on the edges of the center block.  I did some finger pressing to mark the center of each edge.

2015 block of the month quilt pattern

I did the same with the triangle ‘B’ units from the pattern.  Then matched the center marks up with the center block.

2015 block of the month

You could chain stitch some of these units together to speed up the process… but be careful with keeping track of your piece ‘B’ placement.

2015 block of the month quilt a long

In an effort to reduce bulk I pressed the first two seams (above) open.  Some people like to press open, some don’t.  When I have lots of seams, it helps my block lie a little flatter and also helps when I’m quilting.  SO, do what suits YOU best.   The second two seams (below) are pressed to the side, away from the center block.  Also note (again) that the triangles long edge is cut on the bias so take care in pressing – don’t distort your seam with over ironing and definitely don’t steam (control yourself )!  Sometimes I use a little Best Press (I love the Caribbean beach scent!) on seams that don’t want to like flat.

2015 modern block of the month patternI have this perfect ruler (below).  I didn’t purchase it for this pattern but it absolutely came in handy.  It’s perfect for nine patch blocks.  If you plan to follow along, I will likely use it with every block, but you can achieve the same results with any quilters ruler that measures at least 4.5″.  Now trim/square up your unit and get ready to join them!

9 patch quilt block

Once you have your nine units complete, Check your pattern diagram for placement and join units in rows of three.

block of the month quiltI pressed the two joining seams open.

modern block of the month quilt patternNext join your three rows and press the seams open.

2015 block of the month quilt pattern

Admire your beautiful block!!!

nine patch block of the month quilt

Want to follow along?

Here is the full Power of Nine Quilt Pattern in my shop.

Want to make a single block?  Find the Block 1 Pattern here on Craftsy.

modern quilt block of the month pattern

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Modern Block of the Month & Festival!

Here is my newest Block of the Month Pattern!

Modern Power of Nine

modern block of the month quilt

Power of Nine ~ Modern 9 patch Block of the Month Quilt Pattern

You might be wondering… What the heck is all this ‘Power of Nine’ business in a twelve block quilt?  Well I’ll tell you!  Every block in this quilt is a nine patch block!  Isn’t it a beauty?

modern block of the month quilt pattern
Here are the Quilt ‘Deets’

Designed and Pieced by Sherri Noel

62″ x 78″

Shown in Kona Cotton fabric by Robert Kaufman

Batting is Warm and White by The Warm Company

modern block of the month quil pattern 2015

You can purchase the

complete 12 block pattern here.

block of the month quilt 2015

I will be hosting a quilt~a~long and making a scrappy version… because, I must face the truth… I’m addicted to scrappy quilts!

Every month I will complete a new scrappy version of the current block AND quilt that individual block on my domestic machine!  I will be using a version of the ‘quilt as you go’ method.  When all the QUILTED blocks are done we will put them all together!  And the quilt will be finished!  Already quilted! Yup, that’s right! Here is a closer peek at block #1:

modern quilt block of the month 2015

I’ll kick off block #1 in December!  At the end of the year I will have a beautiful new scrappy version of ‘Power of Nine’!

My (loose) plan is to still keep similar colors within rows but I think I’m going with red, purple, blue and green, scraps.  Want to make the scrappy version with me?  Find the pattern here and get your fabric and batting scraps ready!  We begin in December!

modern quilt pattern BOM

I’m linking up my quilt with the bloggers quilt festival going on at Amy’s Creative Side…  Thanks to Amy for hosting such a fun event!!!  Check out the quilts, be inspired and vote for your favorite in November!  Go see my other entry!


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Finishing ~ Quilt Sampler Layout


wedge quilt border

Time to start finishing your Sampler Quilt?  If you’ve pieced all your 12 blocks, I’m certain you’ve already been playing with your layout and you’ve probably come up with a couple (if not a few) possible layout options on your own.


 I want to share my layout with you including the coordinating block/month numbers…

scrap happy block layout

There are four pieced sections…

layout 1

You will notice that the 4 pieced sections in my layout are identical (divided by color) ~ there are 2 full and 2 half blocks in each section, in the same order.  They are all simply rotated in a different direction.  If you decide to follow this layout shown above:

1) piece all 4 sections

2) piece 3 bottom columns/sections together

3) add top row/section.

sampler layout PDF

scrap happy bom sampler quilt

or you could position all the rows/sections horizontally shown below in option 2…

layout 2

You can move around the blocks in each row to come up with a new layout.

Here is a third option shown below.  The two blue rows are identical and the two purple rows are identical.

layout 3

There are several ways you can put these blocks together… do what suits YOU! I’ve really enjoyed offering this Block of the Month, thanks so much to everyone who took time to send me messages, comment on posts and add pics to the flickr pool (Maureen!).  I love my quilt (yes I’m keeping this one!) and I hope you love yours too!


Find the Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt pattern

 in My Shop AND on Craftsy.


More finishing tips:

I’m going to share more finishing tips over the next couple weeks.  Here is what I have planned…

Borders ~ how I pieced my sampler border

wedge quilt border

 Quilt Sandwich ~ batting, backing, basting

how to make a quilt sandwich

 Quilting ~ hand quilting and other methods

how to hand quilt with perle cotton tutorial

Binding ~ bias binding

bias binding tutorial

Binding your Quilt

how to bind a quilt


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Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt Pattern

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Scrap Happy #12 Block of the Month

Today I get to reveal the FINAL block!  Block number twelve in the Scrap Happy BOM is ready!  I’m calling this block Double Starburst.  It reminds me of those Christmas Crackers that are filled with treats ~ I don’t know why but that’s what I think of every time I look at this block.  Crazy?  maybe.

quilt block of month #12

I’m pretty sure my dog ate the photo disk since I could only find one picture of this block but there will be plenty more in the final post!

In January I will post pictures of the completed quilt with block layout options and I will also post the tutorial on how I made the border for my quilt top in case you’d like to do something similar.

Here are some of THE SCRAP HAPPY BLOCKS!

Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt Pattern

Find the Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt pattern

 in My Shop AND on Craftsy.


Thanks so much for following along!

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Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt Pattern



If you want to see more of this quilt, here are all the