Handmade Holidays!

Don’t miss out on Handmade Holidays!  Every November Kristin and Beth over at SewMamaSew host this fantastic series of tutorials, recipes, and printables to get you ready for the holidays!  Not only is this is a fun tradition over at Sew Mama Sew ~ they have prizes GALORE!


Every day this month there is a guest curator offering links to free tutorials… and PRIZES!  Here is a peek at the topics this past week…

November 1 ~ Handmade Gifts for Tweens

November 2 ~ Handmade Gifts for Gadget Lovers

November 3 ~ Handmade Gifts for Cooks

November 4 ~ Handmade Holiday Clothing and Accessories

November 5 ~ Handmade Gifts for Babies & Toddlers

November 6 ~ Handmade Gifts for Geeks

November 7 ~ Handmade Gifts for Travelers (ME!)

November 8 ~ Handmade Gifts for Make Believe


 And Don’t Forget ~

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Scrap Happy Sampler #3 Block of the Month

The March Block of the Month is a ‘Joseph’s Coat’ variation.

joseph's coat quilt blockThis block is appliqued using fusible web.  It’s really a fun block…  It goes together easy and is really stunning with the negative space between the inner design and the outer ‘circle’.  I’m loving this block!

josephs coat quilt

If you’re not following along with the block of the month this block would make some gorgeous pillows, or an entire quilt.   You can even play with the placement of the shapes to create your own block design.  It opens the mind to other applique possibilities and it’s great for beginners or a refresher if you’ve used this applique technique before.   If you prefer to assemble this block using needle turn applique (rather than the fusible) that is definitely an option.  I machine appliqued using cream color thread that matched the background fabric but not the shapes so the stitches are more obvious.   You may choose to use thread colors that match your shape colors if you would like your stitches to blend better.

joseph's coat tutorial

I hope you enjoy this months tutorial.  Please post pictures to the flickr group  I love seeing them!  Thanks so much to those of you that have posted your finished blocks or projects!!! So fun!  Here’s a look at Block 1 & 2…

#1 january block

#2 february bom

The  current Joseph’s Coat block is available free for the entire month of March.  When March ends, you can find the complete pattern in My Shop OR on Craftsy.

march block1

More blocks to come…

Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt Pattern


Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt pattern is in My Shop AND on Craftsy.



If you want to see more of this quilt, here are all the



How to make a kissing ball

A couple days ago I saw a Christmas Kissing Ball at my friend Suzanne’s house.  It kept catching my eye.  It looked…. traditional, fun, bright, and dare I say, romantic!  It just made me plain old happy!  I like feeling happy!  So I asked her about it, and to my delight she told me she made it!  And that’s not all, she would tell me how I could make one too!  Yippee!!!  I couldn’t help but wonder how many Christmas’ her kissing ball had lit up?  How many people have kissed under it? How many family members had gazed upon it while dreaming about their new years resolutions? (nostalgia!)

Kissing Ball

Kissing Ball

Bottom line was, I had to make one.  I love traditions and I was ready to start a new one…  The Christmas Kissing Ball.

Good news is – You can start one too…  Here’s what you need:

32 – 4.5 oz cone cups

1 set of mini Christmas lights (35-50 light strand) clear or colored

1.5 yard 1″ wide ribbon

32 Christmas ball ornaments 2.5″ – 3″


glue gun and extra glue sticks

15 feet garland (nothing too poofy)

Start by counting out 9 cups and staple them together.  Staple them 1″ down inside cup (mine shown were only .5″ which wasn’t really enough)

 Next place six cups on top of your set of 9 and staple in place.

 You have now completed 1/2 the ball.  Make another half identical to this half.  Fold ribbon in half and lay across the bottom side of one of the halves and staple on securely.

kissing ball tutorial

Next connect your two halves with staples and it’s time to start stringing your lights.  Take the end of your light string without the plug and start weaving the light string between the cones beginning at the bottom of your ball where the two ribbon tails are.  Depending on the number of lights in your string you may need to have two lights poking out in the same spot – just work them in as evenly as possible.  Use your stapler to close cup gaps up as needed  and to keep cords from poking out.  Finish at the top of your ball where the ribbon loop is.

kissing ball tutorial

Next get your glue gun ready and start gluing your ornament balls into the cups.  Put a thin ‘bead’ of glue around top edge of each cup and place your ornament inside.  Depending on the size of your cup and ornaments – they will sit up higher or deeper into the cup. 

kissing ball

 When you get to the end, you might have to really snuggle the last couple ornaments in.  I had ornaments of varying sizes so I got to cheat a little here.  If your ornaments are smaller, you may have more wiggle room between them – no worries – it will all fill in nicely when you add your garland.  You can also embellish and fill in with miniature ornaments.  There are no rules here!

kissing ball tutorial

When you are done with your ornaments it’s time for the last step!  Start at the top or bottom and weave your way around with the garland – applying glue from your glue gun here and there to keep it secure.

kissing ball tutorial

Now… Light it Up!  And test it with a KISS of course!  Magic. 

kissing ball tutorial

Here are a couple variations that my kids made for Christmas gifts…

This first one is for a girls room – pink and silver, very cute…

kissing ball tutorial

And another one with traditional Christmas colors…

kissing ball tutorial


I think these would be great in silver to make for weddings!  The sky is the limit… 

Thanks so much to Suzanne for sharing with me!