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Block 1 ~ Power of Nine BOM

block of the month 2015

Block of the Month 2015

My Scrappy Block 1 is DONE!

block of the month 2015

If you’re just joining in, I’m on block #1 of this quilt…

block of the month 2015

Here is a picture of both blocks, the solid version from the completed quilt (above) and my new scrappy block!

bom 1 70

I love how colors and values can change the entire look of the block!

I started by choosing my fabrics, and decided on working from my (precious) Tula Pink Stash!  I planned out the placement of fabrics for my first block and if you’re switching up colors like me use this  block 1 color diagram so you don’t get too confused while piecing!

bom quilt a long

General Notes for getting started:

Press your fabric and get out all those folds/wrinkles.

Square or trim your fabric so you have a straight edge to work with.

Remove selvages before you begin.

Test your 1/4″ seam for accuracy.

Carefully press as you go with a dry iron and avoid dragging your iron around on your pieced unit to keep from distorting any bias edges.

Ok!  Let’s get going!  Get your pattern and cut all your pieces.

For step 1 we need to center the long edge of the triangle units on the edges of the center block.  I did some finger pressing to mark the center of each edge.

2015 block of the month quilt pattern

I did the same with the triangle ‘B’ units from the pattern.  Then matched the center marks up with the center block.

2015 block of the month

You could chain stitch some of these units together to speed up the process… but be careful with keeping track of your piece ‘B’ placement.

2015 block of the month quilt a long

In an effort to reduce bulk I pressed the first two seams (above) open.  Some people like to press open, some don’t.  When I have lots of seams, it helps my block lie a little flatter and also helps when I’m quilting.  SO, do what suits YOU best.   The second two seams (below) are pressed to the side, away from the center block.  Also note (again) that the triangles long edge is cut on the bias so take care in pressing – don’t distort your seam with over ironing and definitely don’t steam (control yourself )!  Sometimes I use a little Best Press (I love the Caribbean beach scent!) on seams that don’t want to like flat.

2015 modern block of the month patternI have this perfect ruler (below).  I didn’t purchase it for this pattern but it absolutely came in handy.  It’s perfect for nine patch blocks.  If you plan to follow along, I will likely use it with every block, but you can achieve the same results with any quilters ruler that measures at least 4.5″.  Now trim/square up your unit and get ready to join them!

9 patch quilt block

Once you have your nine units complete, Check your pattern diagram for placement and join units in rows of three.

block of the month quiltI pressed the two joining seams open.

modern block of the month quilt patternNext join your three rows and press the seams open.

2015 block of the month quilt pattern

Admire your beautiful block!!!

nine patch block of the month quilt

Want to follow along?

Here is the full Power of Nine Quilt Pattern in my shop.

Want to make a single block?  Find the Block 1 Pattern here on Craftsy.

modern quilt block of the month pattern

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5 thoughts on “Block 1 ~ Power of Nine BOM”

  1. Beautiful! I love Tula! I have quite a pile of that going myself. I got a bundle of Arcadia on Craftsy for $22! who could resist! I think I’m going to make that Halloween quilt, that I’ve been (hoarding for) meaning to make. I have a bunch of Black Cat Crossing and others. I’ve pulled and piled them so hopefully I’ll get to it this weekend!

  2. I’m in. I love your pattern and have always wanted to try a quilt as you go. I have some beautiful Joel new berry in the green/teal tones, and bought my solid fsbrics yesterday. Will start my December block just after Christmas – And look forward to a fun year. Thanks for the beautiful pattern and tutorial. Looking forward to having some fun.

  3. I have decided to join the BOM quit along with a friend.
    Any advice for cutting accurate 3 5/16 blocks? Ive never had to cut that size before!

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