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Block 10 Power of Nine BOM

modern block of the month 10

We are really in the home stretch of the Power of Nine block of the month…  I’m done with block 10!


This begins the bottom (and final) row of blocks.  My last row is Green and Yellow… and I can’t wait to get it all together!

Modern block of the month quiltAgain ~ if you are just tuning in you can find the pattern and posts here:

Modern Power of Nine Quilt Pattern

All the Quilt-as-You-Go Posts.


If you like using the coloring sheet for the blocks you can find the download here:

Block 10 Color Diagram

Here is the full Power of Nine Quilt Pattern in my shop.

And if you want to make a single block find the Block 10 Pattern here on Craftsy.

I need to go get caught up with my quilting now… :)

block of the month quilt pattern
block of the month



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2 thoughts on “Block 10 Power of Nine BOM”

  1. I’m here in Enterprise, AL I found your blog when I was searching for bag patterns. I’ve never made a quilt but have been gathering info. On how to get started. I really like the way you teach and plan on starting a quilt as u go quilt after Christmas! Thanks for the great information. I am looking forward to seeing what your making next!

  2. Я с Украины! Большое спасибо за науку! Я квилтер с небольшим опытом и учусь стегать на бытовой машине и вы мне очень помогли.Все блоки давно сшила,осталось собрать.Спасибо.

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