August is always the time I get into the spirit of harvesting and canning.  Since the blueberries, strawberries and raspberries don’t seem to be ripe at quite the same time, there is always a little freezing to do for one of them.  But no worries, the flavor is still fabulous!  This year I made Strawberry Jam, Blueberry Jam and a Blueberry Raspberry Jam.   Seriously, I can never pick a favorite they are all so delicious!  If you have never canned, it’s so easy…. just follow along.

jar funnel, ruler spatula, magnetic wand, jar lifter

First things first – you will need some basic supplies:

Hot Water Canner – a large pot with a rack at the bottom to set the jars on.

Jar Lifter – this tool is worth the pennies – lifts hot jars in and out of the water ‘bath’.

Jar funnel – wider and shorter than other funnels, they fit the jar perfect and reduce the sticky mess!

Ruler/spatula – helps measure the space between the top of the jam and top of the jar, also helps release bubbles out of  a filled jar by slipping it down the side.

Jars and clean lids – for jam I use 1/2 pt jars.

check your jars

Gather your jars up and check the tops for any chips or cracks.  Do not use any jars with a chipped rim as they won’t seal properly.

hot water bath

Place your jars into a hot water bath filled with water to sterilize.  Keep jars in hot water until you are ready to fill them.   You will be using this same heated water to process your jars after they are filled.

sugar and pectin

Measure out your ingredients in separate bowls according to recipe.

measure fruit for jam

Add cleaned crushed fruit, pectin and butter to pot and bring to a full rolling boil.

bring jam to full boil stirring constantly

Add sugar slowly and bring to a second rolling boil.

Keep at rolling boil 1 minute.

Take off heat immediately and skim off any foam.

remove jars from bath

Remove your jars from hot water bath and line up to fill.

Put your lids in a shallow dish (I use a glass pie plate) and ladle some of the hot water over them to

sterilize and soften the sealing compound.

ladle quickly into hot jars

Ladle the hot jam quickly into the hot jars.  Fill to within 1/4″ of the top of the rims.

Using a damp sterile cloth (I dip cheesecloth into hot water) carefully wipe all rims clean so they adhere to the lids properly.

add lids and bands

Add sterile lids and bands to jars

place full jars of jam into hot water bath

Place full jars into hot water bath.  Be sure there is at least 2″ of water covering jars.

Cover pot and process 10 minutes.  Start clock when water starts boiling.

Gorgeous AND Delicious!

Remove jars from bath and place on counter to cool!  That’s it!  Simple.


6  cups  prepared fruit (buy about 2 pt. fully ripe blueberries and 3 pt. fully ripe red raspberries)

1   box SURE-JELL Fruit Pectin
1/2 tsp. butter or margarine
7   cups sugar

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