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Chapter 10 ~ Dear Daughter Quilt

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dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10

We are down to the last three Chapters and I’m really excited to be in the home stretch!  Chapter 10 is complete!
dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10

Chapter 10 fits into the bottom right corner of Dear Daughter quilt top.


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You’ve probably noticed there are some small patchwork pieces in these blocks.

dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10I wanted to share a couple pointers that I like to follow that help me when piecing these little bits…

Check your seam allowance.  One way to check is to sew three 1 1/2″ squares together.  After they are joined, the center square should measure 1″.  If you’re over or under, your seam allowance needs to be adjusted. Otherwise your block will not finish at the proper size (especially with all these seams… it adds up!)

Change your needle.  Do yourself a favor and start with a fresh needle in your machine to keep you (and your patchwork) in line… don’t let a dull needle drag you down.

Cut accurately.  Take your time and cut as accurate as possible, try not to rush through this step, it will save you later.

Use a short stitch length.  I like to use a shorter stitch length (a 2 on my machine) when piecing small patches.  I think it makes my seams stronger, but more importantly, the ends of my seams (at the sides of my block) don’t start to open as I’m working with the block. Remember, when your stitch length is short, picking stitches out with the seam ripper is a real pain, so check twice before you stitch.

Press seams open.  Some may gasp at the thought… but if you don’t do it already, give it a try! I love how nice and flat my blocks come out.  Sure, you can’t ‘nest’ your seams, but I don’t care (so reckless!), I just pin at the seams, and use a short stitch length… I’ve never had a problem, it’s all good!  Do I do this all the time? No, but I do it a lot when piecing small blocks with lots of seams.

Sew slow and steady.  Don’t race through these blocks, take your time and sew carefully.

Pin.  I don’t love to pin, but I make myself take the extra few seconds to pin my block at the start, end and intersections…  and sometimes in between! The pins you’ll see further down are clover fine glass head pins – use my amazon link or try to find some at your local quilt shop, (any brand of fine pins will do) they slide right into your fabric without moving it out of place.  You’ll love them.

dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10When I made my pinwheel blocks, I got my parts all cut and the diagonal seams marked (yup, marked… don’t eyeball this step)…

dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10

I pinned and chain-stitched when I could…

dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10

Pressed my seams open… see how flat?

dear daughter quilt pattern chapter 10

Then I squared up my blocks before joining.


All these little steps improved the outcome of my blocks!  Hope these tips helped some of you!

dear daughhter quilt pattern - chapter 10Remember last month I shared this fabric bundle from Fat Quarter Shop? Well, I used a bunch of the fabrics this month in my chapter 10!  It’s such a pretty bundle! It’s only available for a limited time :)image

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