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Color Play ~ Canyon Quilt

scrappy orange peel quilt in kate spain canyon fabric

I’m excited to show you this Canyon Quilt design I made for Moda.  It’s a large scrappy orange peel quilt.  You can find the instructions to make this quilt on the Moda Bake Shop.

orange peel quilt kate spain fabric

The fabric is called Canyon and it’s the newest collection from Kate Spain… it’s gorgeous!

moda fabric 040

 I wanted to share a little bit about how I hand quilted this quilt with perle cotton.

If you haven’t tried this before, please read my tutorial

How to Hand Quilt with Perle Cotton

so you know how to start and end your stitching and the basics of making a stitch.


Ok ~ Here is a list of supplies I used on this quilt:

Quilters Hoop ~ I’m using a 14″  Dritz 14-Inch Quilting No-Slip Hoop

Thimble ~ I use this one  Clover Metal Open-Sided Thimble

Perle Cotton #8

Scissors ~ small pair

Needle ~ I’m using a Clover Gold Eye Chenille Needle #24

Erasable Fabric Marker ~ I’m using a Mark B Gone marker

Batting ~ I’m using Soft Soft High Loft 1/2″ loft batting

Quilters Ruler

and of course your Basted Quilt Sandwich

Let’s get to the quilt details…

I used DMC Perle Cotton #8 for my quilting.

big stitch hand quilting with perle cotton

The needle I used for this quilt is from Clover.  This is my first go with this needle and I really like it.  The eye accommodated the perle cotton, and with a little finessing, I could thread the needle without my threader.  It’s very sharp, and it just felt like a good fit for my hand… not too small or too big.  I think its a keeper!

quilting DSC_0546

Before I made my quilt sandwich, I used the perle cotton to add a decorative stem stitch along the very edge of my applique peels and circles, just to add some fun definition.

quilting with perle cotton

big stitch hand quilting

Then I made my quilt sandwich using this Soft Soft High Loft Batting from The Warm Company which is quite nice to work with… look how my quilting stands out and makes the triangles in my border look like little pillows! So yummy…

hand quilting with perle cottonIt was also my first time using this batting.  I’m used to a low to no loft batting and I really love the comforter like feel to this quilt!  It’s very cozy, and requires less quilting than other batting.  Stitching can be up to 10″ apart!

I started hand quilting in the center of my quilt and quilted around all the peels… working my way out to the border and edges of the quilt.

big stitch hand quilting

When I made my quilt sandwich I gave myself a bit of extra batting and backing, extending beyond the quilt top for my hoop to grab onto when I’m working on the edges of the quilt…

big stitch hand quilting

And every time I move my hoop I turn to the back of my work to be sure that my backing fabric is secure and flat for stitching.  Looks good!

big stitch hand quilting with perle cottonAfter I finished quilting out to the edge I went back to quilt more in the space between the peels…

I used my quilters ruler to find the horizontal and vertical center lines and marked the lines with my water erasable marker (or other removable / disappearing marking tool).  Then I centered and traced the 3″ circle template from the pattern (here on the Moda Bake Shop).

hand quilting perle cottonI quilted directly on the drawn lines… which is so relaxing since I don’t have to think about anything but staying on the lines :)

big stitch hand quiltingWhen the quilting in that section is done, blot the blue lines away with a wet paper towel or mist with water… I love this part!big stitch hand quilting with perle cotton

Enjoy your finished Quilt!!!

orange peel quilt kate spain canyon fabric

Don’t forget to check out my tutorial:

how to hand quilt with perle cotton

See this post for another quilt that’s hand-quilted with perle cotton…

big stitch quilting ~ modern love xo quilt pattern by rebeccamaedesigns


4 thoughts on “Color Play ~ Canyon Quilt”

  1. Great tutorial and have added the embroidery accent to my list of things to try! I only hand quilt my projects; a style I learned from an aunt many years ago and is fast becoming a lost art. I’ll also have to try the Perle Cotton. Thanks for inspiring new ideas!

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