Crazy Quilt Blocks are a great way to use up scraps from your scrap pile and the blocks come together in no time!  It’s a win win!

This tutorial uses a foundation piece and the stitch and flip method.  Lets get going!

Start with a piece of muslin approximately 1/2″ larger than your desired block size.  I want a 12 1/2″ unfinished block so I’m starting with a 13″ piece of muslin.  The added 1/2″ is to allow for some wiggle room when squaring up your finished block.

step 1 300x

Place your scrap of fabric near the center of the muslin right side up.  Your scrap can be a square, rectangle or triangle, but I wanted this to be a bit wonky so I’m using a five sided shape.

how to make a crazy quilt block tutorial

Line up a second scrap of fabric, right sides together, along one of the five edges.  Sew a 1/4” seam.

how to make a crazy quilt block tutorial

Flip new piece over to cover seam, and press.

note: if you want to add a decorative top stitch, add it now… right on top of the fold.  Raw ends will be covered as you add scraps.

how to make a crazy quilt block tutorial

 With right sides together, align next scrap on side to the right and sew 1/4” seam.

how to make a crazy quilt block tutorial

 Flip seam, press open and continue working around adding to each of the five sides.  Trim away excess as you go.

how to make a crazy quilt block

When your muslin foundation piece is covered, trim block to desired size and…

Your Done!!!

crazy quilt block tutorial
Crazy Quilt Block Tutorial


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  1. Thanks for the information on doing a ‘Crazy Quilt block’, not my cup of tea but I’m up to the challenge! Now to pull the scraps out and to get started.
    From Middle Tennessee.

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