dear diary quilt, chapter 2 by sherri noel

Dear Diary Quilt – Chapter 2

Happy February!

It’s been a busy month (as usual) and I’m excited to share my Chapter 2 block of the Dear Diary Quilt with you! If you are quilting along with me you should have received the pattern last week in your email. If you haven’t joined in, you are ALWAYS welcome to join in, any time!

You can find the pattern in my shop by CLICKING HERE.

My diary entry for February is: Live Life on Purpose.

Of course these words could have a different meaning for each of us, but this is what it represents to me: Know what you want, challenge yourself, don’t be complacent, don’t (always) play it safe, take chances, set your own rules and goals and lastly, it’s ok to let go of the handlebars sometimes. This is what these words say to me and I want to be reminded of them, so here they are.

dear diary quilt chapter 2 by sherri noel

I have to say that I am in love with these faux orange peel blocks… they are just happy little blocks in my opinion, maybe it’s the purples or the shimmer fabrics (from fabric designer Jennifer Sampou) that bump them up on my happy radar but no-matter the reason, they are just yummy.

dear diary quilt orange peel blocks

This next block is the first basket block I think I’ve ever made! Isn’t that crazy? I’m a little hooked now. And I added some pearl cotton stitching around the stems and flowers, because a special quilt requires some special detail… and I’m treating myself right.

dear diary chapter 2 by sherri noel
dear diary chapter 2 by sherri noel

I hope you enjoy this Chapter! See you next month!

dear diary quilt, chapter 2 by sherri noel

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dear diary quilt, chapter 2 by sherri noel

3 comments on “Dear Diary Quilt – Chapter 2

  1. September

    I just finished mine last night. In fact, I was going to bring it to work to get a good photo, and forgot.

  2. naplespeg

    Love the combination of quilting and embroidering. Coming to you from Naples, FL

  3. Janice King

    I’m loving this chapter! The stem stitch really stands out. May have to dust off my embroidery stitching and use it! Your colors always look just right.