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Dear Son Chapter 11

Hello quilters!

We are almost done with our Dear Son Quilt! Can you believe it? I can’t wait to share the big finish with you all later this month! But first… a quick update on Chapter 11.


I know that most boys are all about exploring, but I hope ‘the boy’ still wants to explore as a man. Life can get so busy and it’s important to explore… that message can really apply to any aspect of life. He can explore nature, the mind, his creativity… it doesn’t matter how he applies it as long as he continues to explore and grow. That is what I want for him…  simple really.

Again, this month we are back at our little black and white blocks…

And to refresh your memory… I lined up the diagonal line of the block with my ruler and also placed the 1 3/4″ markings at the center of the block then trimmed two sides before turning the block and trimming remaining two sides to 3 1/2″.
There are other repeating blocks this month… and as you can imagine, we will run this across the quilt into Chapter 12. Here is the layout with Chapter 11 included.Chapter 12 will be out soon too and I hope to wrap this up at the end of the month!!!!
happy sewing, Sherri

1 thought on “Dear Son Chapter 11”

  1. I stumbled across you web site, not sure from where, and joined your site. I love your use of color and am looking to buy your mitten template and pattern. I can never find a pair of mittens that I like, so I’m going to make them.
    I live in Southern Michigan and love to sew. I started with clothing and crafts then added quilting. I come from a long line of quilters, but a far cry from their ability. Thanks for your inspiration.

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