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Dear Son – Chapter 12 & Finish!

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Well… what a year it’s been! I’m sure we can all agree that 2020 did not go as planned (for sure)! I hope that all my quilty friends are safe and healthy. I’m so thankful to those that joined me this year on the Dear Son quilt-a-long. It gave me something positive to focus on during the craziness.

So… let’s get to it, shall we?

First up… is Chapter 12!  For Chapter 12, I’ve chosen Wander. I used this word in the Dear Daughter quilt as well… It’s just something that resonates with the free-spirit side of me… I share this sentiment with my family… including the boy ;)

Part of the meaning of wander is to move around in a way that has no fixed outcome or plan. Sometimes I have found that this is when new discoveries can be made. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have a plan for sure (and I am def a planner), but there are times when going off course and allowing yourself the freedom and acceptance of an unplanned side trip can be good for the soul. When you can just be present in the moment without any timelines or limitations. Makes sense, right?

Let’s take a look at everything in place on the completed quilt…  I can’t even stand the excitement over finishing this… it makes my heart happy and we can all use a little more heart happiness :)Believe it or not, I took these photos in Wells, Maine last month. I already had some photos of the quilt, but sadly they didn’t make the cut… so… to the beach we went. It seemed the most appropriate place due to the Sea and Sky reference in one of the chapters. :)

If you missed the quilt-a-long you can join in any time. Find the Dear Son Pattern Here.

The quilting on my Dear Son quilt is a free-motion swirly design. I know what you’re thinking… this quilt is a perfect candidate for custom quilting, or even hand quilting, but I really wanted the entire quilt to be my own work, start to finish, and with no time for hand quilting, I went with what I know… and I know swirls lol so I told myself it looked a little like waves or the wind which would be fitting for the quilt and the boy…

In my usual style I quilted over all the applique with the exception of the black ‘points’ on the dresden wedge block. 

For the back, I used this pewter fabric called just color by StudioE Fabrics. I pieced a couple of rows across the back in between the pewter fabric for interest…

I know this is photo overload lol but I can’t help it! They are all so yummy! :)

I had also taken some photos along a bike path near my home. There’s a really pretty spot on the trail with railroad tracks below. So my girlfriend and I went for a walk down the path to the tracks with the quilt in tow… and got a couple pics.

This quilt means so much to me, because it’s for ‘the boy’ who is precious to me. And I’m quite thankful that you all joined me on this 2020 quilt a long…

So, Thank You, and I truly hope you enjoyed it. Here’s to all the boy Mamas out there :) 

Take good care… XO
happy sewing, Sherri

Please share your progress pics with me and the group! You can share on instagram #dearsonquilt or Join the Rebecca Mae Designs facebook group if you want to share there too.

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Dear Son Block of the Month Quilt by Sherri Noel,

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