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Easy Sew in Labels Tutorial

Need to make some quick and easy sew in labels?  Here is one way to get it done…

You will need an inkjet printer. 

First pick up some inkjet colorfast printable fabric (sew on).  It comes in 8.5″ x 11″ sheets that you can feed right into your printer.  Set up your design and do a test print on copy paper first to be sure you have the size etc that you want.   Then simply print onto the printable fabric sheets…

do some slicing…

labels cut

and some dicing… 

labels slice

and some sewing…


mitten with label

label in mitten

label on garland

label on garland


Don’t forget you can use this for making quick labels for your quilts too!



3 thoughts on “Easy Sew in Labels Tutorial”

  1. This looks easy and fun. I am wondering which product you bought as I once used the fabric sheets from June Taylor and found them very difficult to sew on. Maybe just my fingers- but I was wondering if there is a brand that you like. Thanks.

  2. I have found when I use my inkjet printer that when the label is washed the ink washes out. How do you make it permanent?

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