Remember when I posted about my ‘she believed’ embellishment robin? After I passed my project to the next quilter in my robin, I received ‘national seashore’ (Kathleen’s Project). It’s a totally blank canvas made by Kathleen from a pic she took of the National Seashore on Cape Cod, MA.

By the way, Kathleen is an amazing quilter, and blogs about her sewing… find her original post on this robin HERE. She also makes awesome bags.  If you need a quilted bag she has some beautiful ones in her etsy shop including a yoga mat bag and a knitting needle case!

I didn’t think to take a picture of the quilted ‘canvas’ before I began but here is a pic in progress.seashore quilt embellishedPretend you don’t see the embellishments (seagull, felt, embroidery, flowers, beads etc) in the bottom right corner, and imagine just the blank canvas.  The ‘canvas’ I’m referring to is a layer of muslin, batting, and fabrics to create the landscape.  I have never worked on a landscape quilt and I felt a bit, omg help me, perplexed on where to start.  I had to consider that this project will go to 3 more quilters/embellishers after me, before it returns to Kathleen.  Finally after a week (or 2) of thinking on it, I decided I would simply focus on the bottom right corner… embellishment quilt seashore beach

So I added some felt, ribbon, fibers, perle cotton etc for grass (some is appliqued, and some is twisted and couched down) ~ The white flowers are yarn that I made into a loose knot, secured with white thread and French knots of perle cotton (orange and gold) in the center.  The fun green twisty things at the bottom of the grass are drizzle stitches made with perle cotton also… they kind of stick out all crazy and add texture. landscape quilt of seashore beach

I added another layer… more flowers with drizzle stitched centers, lots of fly stitching to look like seaweed, buttons,  blue ribbon and yarns for water texture,

seashore quilt  and a fish that Kathleen had included in her project bucket…

embellishment quilt landscape seashore

Then I moved over to the left and added my seagull (I love him) and some more fun stitching… My intention was to make it look like seaweed, shells, rocks and seaglass had all wahed up on shore.  You will see some yarn, jute, cheesecloth as a base.  Then I added beads, white and grey seaweed (drizzle stitches), an orange starfish (double cast on stitch) and a white sand dollar (whipped woven circle). seagull applique quilt woolMy seagull is made of a couple pieces of wool cut to shape and appliqued, a beak (double cast on stitch), grey wing tufts (bullion loops), black eye (French knot), scrawny legs (double threaded backstitch) and feet (bullion loops).  I outlined the body with a whipped backstitch.

I started going a little crazy filling in my beach ~ buttons and beads, more seaweed, more flowers with pink drizzle stitched centers…

applique seagull embellishment quilt

My corner is done!

national seashore quiltIt was time for the fun to end and pass the bucket on to the next quilter!  Now I must get going on my next round!






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  1. Is there anything you don’t do? :) I’m sure the owner of this robin is going to love it. What a wonderfully talented lady you are. I’m going to have to look up “drizzle stitch”, Your beach corner is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.