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Happy New Year! This is just a quick note to hold myself accountable to tell you I am beginning an embroidery journal for 2023. I have wanted to make one for a couple years and now seems like the time to begin!

Am I crazy? Yes, I believe I am…. It’s already a busy year… but I’m giving it a shot! I think it’s great meditative work… and I like it!

What is an embroidery journal? I suppose it can be anything you want. But I will be stitching little symbols each day (ish) that represent something about my day or week. So a bit like journaling but with a symbol or reminder of something that happened. Here is what I’m using for supplies to begin:


  • 12″ embroidery hoop
  • 16 1/2″ fabric square
  • chalk pencil or water soluble marking tool
  • embroidery floss & pearl cotton
  • embroidery needles

I used a bit of wool for my center 2023 but I don’t have a plan to add more… although, this is a very fluid project and I really don’t have a precise plan… I am winging it! I cut my background fabric to 16 1/2″ and I am using a 12″ hoop. For my background I am using kaleidoscope fabric by Alison Glass. And I am not using stabilizer, because I simply don’t feel the need. Before I got it into the hoop I used a chalk pencil to mark lines so I can keep things organized by month… or at least know how much space I should allot to each month. I will begin at the top and work my way around by month.

If you want the download for this ‘pie’ I’ll add it here:

Warning…. these numbers are small! If you want to play along, you can also trace the numbers and stitch them. I cut mine from wool and appliqued them with wool thread before backstitching around them with pearl cotton 8.

As time progresses, I’ll add some symbols to my posts for you… to get you started!

I am going to check my supplies for some pearl cotton 12, which is a thinner thread and see how that works compared to the embroidery floss. I will likely mix the two.

So… now I’m ready to begin! :) I have a big blank canvas to fill up with whatever comes my way in 2023! And I hope it’s all positive!

Happy New Year and Happy Stitching!


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