Welcome to my quilting journal…  I hope you enjoy it!

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 Scrappy Sampler 2013



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10 comments on “iQuilt

  1. Karen

    Just found your website. Love the quilts and colours, Will follow your” quilt as you go tutorial” as I have never tried this method and your instructions look very clear. Thanks Karen Tweed Heads NSW Australia

  2. Lucy VanHorne

    Hi Ive just found your websiite…awesome! and I would like to purchase the full pattern for your Scrap Happy Sampler quilt…Craftsy says they do not have any. Do you?

  3. Rose

    Love your quilts and colors. Just found you today.

  4. Donna Hambleton

    Love your colours and designs. Absolutely beautiful. Do you ship to Canada? I would like to buy the pattern for the Carpenter’s Square. Can you help?

  5. Terrie Olsen

    Hi, have my Dear Daughter quilt top finished and was going to post a picture but can’t figure out how to do that. I changed it to Dear Grandaughter but it turned out very nice.

  6. Lisa F Spivey

    LOVE your site/ Such beautiful use of color and patters.

  7. Linda Mueller

    Visiting from Springfield, IL, in the deep freeze. I first went to your Cabin Fever page. Your quilts are really beautiful. You put unique colors together for a nice overall appearance.

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