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Jul i Scandinavia Block of the Month ~ March!

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Hi! Today I have a quick tutorial on the Whipped Woven Stitch that I used as part of the stitching on this months applique.

But first I have to share some pics of the progress!

scandinavian applique quilt pattern


Photo-Mar-16,-4-00-17-PM Photo-Mar-16,-4-00-41-PM Photo-Mar-16,-4-44-47-PM


To begin, I whip-stitched a white wool circle to my background.  You don’t actually need to do this but it makes the Whipped Woven Circle stand out even more.

1) Stitch some spokes, coming up from the outside edge and going down into the center of your circle.  I’m using pearl cotton 8, and eight spokes in the example below.

2)Bring your needle up from the back near the center and in-between two spokes. From now on you will be working only from the top of your work.

3) Use the eye end of your needle to travel under the stitch to the left and right of where your thread is coming out… threading under both stitches. This will create a small loop over each spoke that will create the bumps in your finished circle.

4) Pull snug (not tight) and repeat going under the next set of two stitches that are on either side of where you came up. You can see that I am working counter clockwise around my circle.Photo-Mar-17,-11-42-22-AM

5) Continue working in the round…Photo-Mar-17,-11-46-14-AM

6) When your circle is full, take the thread to the back of your work and tie off.

 Done! Hopefully this helped some of you out! :)Photo-Mar-17,-11-48-57-AM

If you want to see another example, I made a whipped woven circle to resemble a sea shell on this project! You might have to search for it, it’s white and (hopefully) looks like a tiny sand dollar.

Thanks for playing along and checking out this month! You can find the pattern here…

Jul i Scandinavia Pattern

scandinavian applique quilt pattern

See you next month!


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