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Making Connections ~ Free-Motion Quilting Workbook

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making connections book review featuring allison glass fabric

Hello Quilty Friends!

I’m back with another book review and giveaway for you!

This month I had a chance to check out Making Connections, a free-motion quilting workbook.

As chance would have it, I happened to meet the author, Dorie (foreverquilting) and at Spring Market earlier this year. We had a great time and met a bunch of new friends.

Fast forward to Dorie’s book release and I see a lot of familiar quilt friends on the hop roster ~ so I think the title of this book Making Connections is fitting in more ways than one!

As some of you know, I’ve been working on my machine quilting skills (I love to learn) and of course Dorie is a fabulous quilter so it’s a no-brainer that I wanted to read her book!

Lets talk a little about the book.

Most of the designs are based on a grid pattern so they work with all kinds of blocks and borders. But the book really goes beyond the designs…

It teaches you how to make the connections

to move around the quilt.

I literally started and stopped in the same exact spot! Crazy!

Since I’m still a newbie, I used a couple of the more simple designs in the book…

Here is a peek at the tester I made with 5″ blocks – It was supposed to be my test sample but I was so happy with myself, and couldn’t believe how easy it was once I knew where to travel next!

I decided to try it on a comfort quilt I was making with 9″ blocks. The quilting design is a little different on this one but I really wanted to see if it would work as well on a larger scale. I found it a little trickier on the larger blocks to keep my lines smooth and arcs even but practice will help with that, and I think it worked out perfect!

making connections book CT publishing

Although the book demonstrates several designs, what I LOVE the most is that it teaches you HOW TO MAKE THE CONNECTIONS or how to get from start to finish without stopping or getting stuck.

My quilting isn’t perfect but I feel like I’ve learned a totally new skill, like I’ve made a connection (in my brain) on how to travel around a quilt! It was an ahhhh-haaaa moment for sure.

 ~ and the back looks pretty too!

If you want your own copy of the book you can find it in Dorie’s SHOP.

Plus you can check out her YouTube Videos!


To win, leave me a comment telling me about your quilting style or skills! I’ll pick a random winner when the hop ends on the 15th!


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59 thoughts on “Making Connections ~ Free-Motion Quilting Workbook”

  1. Wow! I am trying to be more comfortable quilting my own quilts … maybe this book would help me! Thanks for sharing Sherri!

  2. Good morning! From WNY – working up to trying machine quilting…. usually send out quilts to be longarm quilted. Will be my new quilting goal – still working on reducing fabric stash!

  3. Looks great! I have bought many classes from Craftsy and taken one or two from LQS but traveling is not often addresses.

  4. Hi Sherri! This book really hits the spot with me. I quilt in Houston TX, so now that I have made bed quilts for my children and grandchildren, I am designing and making smaller pieces, mostly seasonal door hangings, and learning how to free motion quilt them!
    Want to say again how much I loved and enjoyed making your Dear Daughter quilt!

  5. I have been wanting to learn to machine quilt my quilts at home without having to go to a shop and rent time on a long arm machine. Sounds like this book would be up my alley. The pictures you posted gave me some confidence to try this. Thanks!

  6. I love cutting and piecing, quilting on my machine-not so much. I’m okay with the smaller pieces, but lap and bed quilts intimidate me!

  7. I quilt on my domestic machine, usually smaller quilts. I would like to quilt more designs on them and get better at free motion. Your quilt looks great. Greetings from NJ

  8. Forgot to tell you where I’m from-the Blue Ridge mtns. of North Carolina, but right now, vacationing in Montana!

  9. I am comfortable quilting with a walking foot or meadering…I would love to learn more FMQ skills such as in this book.

  10. i love the idea of free motion but haven’t quite mastered it yet. i always struggle with choosing designs and figuring out how to move around the quilt. seems like this book is just what i need!

  11. Hi Sherri – I’m in soggy Alabama at the moment (Irma left calling cards – we have twigs and leaves everywhere but otherwise just lost power for a day!!! Love your fabrics in the quilt – so bold and modern looking. I love bold colors in my quilts!!!

  12. Your quilts turned out great, nice job! I am a diy domestic machine quilter, using free motion techniques. Dories book looks like its full of great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I like the idea of doing non-stop quilting on a quilt. I use my DSM and end up with so many threads to bury. Love the way you quilted your quilt!

  14. Great quilting, looks like a handy book. I have yet to try quilting on my domestic Singer! Maybe this book would help me out!

  15. Although I have been piecing for about fifteen years, my quilting skills are pretty basic. This book seems like it would give me a lot of confidence and increase my skills.

  16. I’ve been quilting for about 3 years and have always done my own quilting on my domestic machine, either straight line or free motion and I’ve played around a little with using rulers. I’m always struggling with how to quilt without having to stop and start too often or without quilting myself into a corner. I need this book!!!

  17. I have only did walking foot quilting, strait line so far. This book sounds great. Your quilt is beautiful!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  18. I love the idea to move around the quilt without getting stuck without a way out except to cut thread and start again.

  19. In my book, the best way to get comfortable quilting our own quilts is to do it and practice. I started practicing my quilting on potholders and mini quilts and baby quilts. With the numbers of quilt tops I am accumulating, it’s time to tackle my own quilts.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  20. I’d say my quilting style leans toward the modern designs. I love improv and the unexpected shapes and lines it gives. Bright, happy fabrics are my favorite to work with. I’m getting better with FMQ and this book looks inspiring to me to push me along!

  21. Hi, I do machine quilting with a walking foot. I usually only do baby sizes because I’m still learning and they are small enough for me to move around.

  22. Love the fabrics you used in your comfort quilt. I certainly need more practice and confidence in free motion quilting. I do a lot of straight line quilting because I don’t know where to start or how to connect the patterns. I am from Florida, no problem with Irma here, my thought are with all of those who are cleaning up and starting over.

  23. My quilting skills are limited to straight lines & meandering. Any larger quilts I send out to a quilter. I sure wish I could do them all myself.

  24. Your quilt looks amazing! And very inspiring! I need to move from stippling to something more adventurous! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book. It looks great!

  25. My quilting is weak and from your description i think i could use this book to improve my quilting. please pick me.

  26. My quilting style is usually simple. A lot of times I will do some straight line or wavy line quilting in the middle and then something a little more fancy on the borders. Also, I like a soft quilt so I don’t quilt densely. This book looks interesting. :)

  27. I love your quilting connections and am happy for a successful quilt finish. I use my domestic sewing machine and do meanders mostly. Once I was able to do a baby quilt with just one thread start and stop but it took me hours of contemplating and drawing to figure it out. (Then I only sewed a diagonal quilt line!) so I would really love to win this book.

  28. I love swirls but I get carried away on my longarm and end up with loops instead of a clean stop. But I love FMQ and am always looking for another great design to use. Thanks.

  29. Wow, your quilting looks pretty fabulous to me! I’m new to FMQ and am nowhere near as consistent as you. I pretty much stick to walking foot quilting for now. This looks like an excellent resource!

  30. What a lovely blog you have. I found it (you) while looking for tips on large stitch hand quilting (thanks for that tutorial). I do machine quilt, but mostly block by block, so learning to navigate a continuous pattern is still a goal for me.
    Thanks for hosting this hop.

  31. I love how you tried out the designs in different sizes. I really want to improve my fmq. This book looks so helpful. Thanks!

  32. The quilting design you used looks amazing, to think that I could learn that is so exciting.
    This book is a must have to build my FMQ skills. So far I straight line and do curvy lines.

  33. Greetings from Kentucky! I do some FMQ and some pantographs on my longarm plus detail work on my domestic machine. I would describe my style as simple, but I would like to learn some fancier things.

  34. Hello from Texas, about an hour north of Houston. I FMQ on my domestic machine but still need lots of practice. I really need this book!

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