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My Secret Valentine

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Thought I’d share with you a little project for my Secret Valentine…

Members of my quilt guild put their name in a hat and much like ‘secret santa’ we all picked a name.  My ‘valentine’ likes music and plays the guitar…  I thought about it and although we all love a hand stitched item I thought maybe she’d like something different… I decided to paint a little valentine decoration for her.  I used some wooden blocks I had kicking around the house.  I was just waiting for an excuse to paint them…

Acrylic Paint Craft

Acrylic Paint Craft

wooden blocks

wooden blocks


acrylic base coat

I used acrylic paints and gave them a quick base coat, painted the letters and symbols ~ and heart notes of course!  I usually sketch out my design on paper that is the same size as my surface so I can get a feel for the placement/size of what I’m painting – then I free hand paint it on the surface.  It’s so easy to clean off any boo boo’s that there really isn’t any worries about mess ups.  I like the organic look of free hand too.   After I finished with all the lettering and notes I added some highlights and floated some dark shading (right side) and light shading(left side) around some of the letters and notes to make them look a little less FLAT.   When I was done painting the blocks I gave it a quick shot of clear coat  (Krylon 6-Ounce Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Aerosol Spray) This step is SO important as far as I’m concerned because it really makes the colors POP!!

100_3751 600x500pix

Easy as Pie!  Now I have a nice home made gift for my secret valentine!  I’m also giving her a pair of pink mittens… it’s so cold in New England right now ~ that’s a no-brainer!

painted valentine

wool mittens from sweaters

Next I’m painting a sewing sign for my sewing studio!  I’m on a roll!

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