my small world quilt a long qal

My Small World

my-small-world-quilt-018I have been working on lots of little things this spring so thought I’d share a little about my sewing projects / WIP’s and link up with some sewers and quilters.  It’s finally starting to feel a bit like summer around here ~ I was so happy that the snow finally ended and now, well, the weeds have arrived in full force! (insert crying emoji)

But I’m going to forget about the yard work (classic avoidance) and go to my happy place and I’ll tell you about some sewing…  May was ‘Prom Month’ (two proms / one month) and my daughter Emma Mae asked me to make a bow tie for her boyfriend to match her dress.  I was a little stunned cuz I had just finished my ‘I don’t have to alter her dress AT ALL’ happy dance…  no nips, no tucks and NO HEMS… oh the joy!  But a bow tie wouldn’t be so bad I thought… and I found this tutorial from Sew Like my Mom!  Making the tie turned out to be the easy part, tying it, was a little tricky but thanks to You Tube I think we did alright.


Matches her dress perfect! :)  Guess where one of her proms was… Fenway Park!  Yup!  Lucky girl!  And I’m totally going to skip the part about altering two of her friends dresses… ya, it’s not my favorite thing to do but I love those girls and I was only slightly traumatized (note to self, say no more often ~ ha!)

bow tie tutorial

I’ve also been doing a little quilting project.  I picked up a spring copy of QuiltMania magazine (pricey by the way at $22! Hello!)

quiltmania spring issue 2015 my small world quilt
And I got hooked on this My Small World quilt.

my small world quilt a long qal

The quilt is divided into six sections… I finished section one which is the far right column…

quiltmania spring issue 2015 my small world quilt

The text fabric is called noteworthy by Sweetwater.  I had it in my stash and it worked out perfect.


I was excited about using up my stash but the sky is made up of tiny 1″ squares… so thinking that I’ll still have many more scrappy projects to go before I make a dent.

my small world quilt a long quiltmania magazine spring 2015
Hopefully it’s not too long before I can get to column two! There are lots of pictures on instagram #mysmallworldqal and here is a QAL post with link up info and schedule @ VeryKerryBerry if you wanna go check it out!


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4 comments on “My Small World

  1. Meg M

    What a cute couple! I LOVE all your happy yellows for the sky!

  2. Lorna McMahon

    Wow! Sherri your world may be small. But it sure packs a punch! Such a lovely couple. Great work on making the tie. Looks fabulous. Your quilt progress does, too. Such a happy mix of fun fabrics!

  3. quilters101

    Wow prom, I can scarcely think of my daughter going. And it will happen all too fast. She looks lovely and great job on the tie. And this quilt is totally my thing. I have been wanting to do a house one for a long time now. I should get started.

  4. adriane g

    Hi, from NH, getting ready for winter here. Love the small world quilt. Oddly little bits overwhelm me, making quilting a strange hobby to pursue. I appreciate your picture of the one section. It makes it easier to envision success. Love your color choices, it encourages me to go outside of my box. Thanks