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Nature Walk Sewing Challenge

nature walk challenge

I was having my coffee the other morning, playing on my ipad (in the internet rabbit hole of course) and I came across this challenge ~ OH What’s this?  Oh, isn’t that pretty, Oh, that’s fun… the next thing I knew I was placing my fabric order… It happens!  I don’t have to explain myself, you get it… Right? (resistance IS futile!)nature walk sewing challenge

I really didn’t need another sewing project but I could not resist this whimsical fabric.  I will admit, I am weak!  Five minutes into reading about the challenge I was at the Fat Quarter Shop placing my order!  Oops, Happy Mail!

nature walk challenge

The challenge runs for the month of February and you can find all the details on the Michael Miller Fabrics site.  Of course, as part of the challenge you have to make something fun with the fabric.

nature walk challenge

I ordered two panels of letters ~ hard to resist.  I didn’t want to be stuck needing an extra letter!  I immediately cut one panel up so I could play with the letters.

nature walk challenge and I had to spell my name of course…

nature walk challenge

Then of course it was SEW, QUILT, STITCH… I’m trying to resist cutting my other panel for the second ‘t’ in stitch…

nature walk fabrc challenge

I haven’t decided what I’m making for the challenge yet ~ but I have been wanting to make a cover for my sewing machine… FOREVER, if I do that,  maybe I’ll go with stitch ~ or maybe Sew Crazy…

nature walk challengeOR Maybe I’ll change my mind all together. To be continued!  If you want to make something too, you can find the fabric here.


5 thoughts on “Nature Walk Sewing Challenge”

  1. Beautiful fabric! A fabric ABC book for the grandkids came to mind immediately and adding a few embroidery touches to the blocks. Have fun with your challenge. Can’t wait to see what you do.

  2. Lovely fabric but the teacher in me is confused by the mix of upper and lower case letters….guess it’s just artistic license!

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