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purr-fect patchwork

Hello Quilters! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve written a blog post. Life gets SO busy… But today I have some exciting quilty news to share. My friend Pamela Morgan has a new book release and I’m here to help kick off her blog tour! Purr-fect Patchwork… for Modern Cat People!

In case we haven’t properly met, I’m Sherri, the designer behind Rebecca Mae Designs. Welcome, and thanks for joining me on the Purr-fect Patchwork blog tour! :)

Purr-Fect Patchwork

I have to give you a little background first… I met Pam by chance back in 2016 at Sew Pro in Chicago. We randomly sat next to each other at dinner one night and began chatting… fast forward five years and we are now good friends, even though we live clear across the country from each other. Sometimes you just click with someone, get their weird (on my part) sense of humor lol. Plus, Pam is also an amazing professional photographer and has photographed some of my quilts… AND she photographed ALL the projects in her book! There is some serious quilty eye candy to enjoy!

Chasing Dreams by Pamela Morgan
Chasing Dreams by Pamela Morgan

Pam asked me to make her Chasing Dreams quilt in a second colorway and I was happy to help!!! This quilt, with all the embroidery stitches, applique and piecing was right up my ally! I made mine in scrappy pinks, purples and orange…

Chasing Dreams by Sherri Noel

I love a scrappy quilt… and those flying geese were a perfect way to use treasured scraps from my stash… and I also loved playing with all the wool applique on this quilt… If you have not tried wool applique, you really must! I enjoy it SO MUCH! Here are some close up pics…

Pam also asked me if I would give you all a little tutorial on how I hand couched my yarn ball to the quilt…. so if you’d like to see how I made mine, here is a little video tutorial!

Of course… a blog hop isn’t complete without a GIVEAWAY!!!

I am giving away an ECopy of Purr-Fect Patchwork! (international quilters eligible!)


  1. To win an e-copy of Purr-Fect Patchwork, please leave a comment below telling me where you’re from and your favorite cats name :) Mine is spooky… my black cat :) Winners will be announced and contacted after the end of the Blog Tour, by August 30th.
  2. For a chance to win a grand prize bundle from Pamela Morgan you must visit each of the blog tour stops and comment. Pam has a grand prize bundle of goodies for one lucky winner! Including her book and a bunch of sponsor goodies you won’t want to miss!

Want to buy your own copy of Purr-Fect Patchwork? Shop Here!

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Purr-fect Patchwork Virtual Tour Schedule

Fri. August 20:

C&T Publishing | | IG: @ctpublishing 

Pamela Jane Morgan | | IG: @pammiejane

Sat. August 21:

Sherri Noel | | IG: @rebeccamaedesigns (Chasing Dreams Quilt)

Shannon Fraser | | IG: @shannonfraserdesigns (Stabby Tabby Pincushion)

Sun. August 22:

Lorna McMahon | | IG: @sewfreshquilts (Get Your Paws Off the Tablerunner)

Tracy Brittain Loyek | | IG: @purplekatzquilting (Purr-fect Pocket Tote)

Mon. August 23:

Natalie Santini | | IG: @sewhungryhippie (Hiss and Make Up Bag)

Kaitlyn Howell | | IG: @knotandthread (Ziggy Kitty Quilt)

Tue. August 24:

Audrey Mann | | IG: @theclothparcel (Just Kitten Around Pillow)

Charisma Horton | | IG: @charismahorton (Feline Floral Quilt)

Wed. August 25:

Mollie Johanson | | IG: @molliejohanson (Tale of Two Kitties Needle Book)

Corinne Sovey | | IG: @corinne.sovey (Tuxedo Cat Wristlet)

Thu. August 26:

Melissa Averinos | | IG: @melissaaverinos (Blooming Curiosity Quilt)

Jeni Gaston || IG: @jenifergaston (Whisker Away Quilt)

Fri. August 27:

Tonya Alexander | | IG: @stashlabquilts (Cat Nap Pillow #1)

Nichole Vogelsinger | | IG: @wildboho (Cat Nap Pillow #2)

Sat. August 28:

Stacey Day | | IG: @staceyinstitches (Laser Cat Quilt)

Amanda Niederhauser | | IG: @jedicraftgirl (Self Pawtrait Softie)

Thanks for stopping by! And Happy Quilting!


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My sweet grandbaby (and quilt warmer) Ivy
Ivy loves quilts as much as me!

138 thoughts on “purr-fect patchwork”

  1. I foster cats for a local shelter. Some stay 2 weeks. Some stay 9 months. One was here for 14 months in total. We all live in Ontario, Canada.

  2. Raikou my grand-cat is my favorite. But she only likes you if you are feeding her – lol. I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina

  3. my fave and only cat is Red. aka Beanie– he likes to sit on my feet as I sew– kinda of hard to operate the foot pedal
    I am from Pittsburgh PA

  4. Hi, my name is Carolyn and my 12 yr old granddaughter’s cat is named Empress Marshmallow. I would like to win this book so I can encourage her to continue to learn to quilt.

  5. I’m from Jacksonville Fl at present, that’s not to say I wouldn’t move if given the opportunity and I have three cats but the one whose name I love the most is Ni9nja Cat and he comes by it honestly

  6. I’m from Rural Retreat, Virginia and my favorite kitty is my grand kitty, Calico. She doesn’t like many people but she loves me.

  7. I love anything with cats!
    My two (I can’t have a favorite!) are Oliver and Olivia, a brother-sister pair who go by Fat Cat Ollie and Pretty Girl Livy. We live in Washington State on thé West side of Puget Sound in a small town nicknamed Viking City.

    1. Hi I live in Greece but I’m from Denmark 😀
      Difficult to choose! At the moment we have four cats Maja, Patra, Mari-luu and Max

  8. I have 3 wonderful cats, Miss Molly, Kahil, and Hess. They love any place high or to sit between my back and my chair as I sew with occasional love nips to encourage me!!
    I am from Amherst Virginia

  9. So many favorites for me! My 3 Gimpy, Crystal and Heigh Ho, my grandcat Piper & one I’ve only met in pictures DFAC, a cat that was my brothers companion these last few years in Kabul. My brother posted so many videos and pics that I fell in love with him. My heart is breaking for DFAC as my brother was evacuated out of Kabul last Sunday night and no way could he take a cat. Especially one that belonged to many. I’m from Clarke County Alabama.

  10. Suzanne Clerk from Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada

    My favourite cat’s name is Bella. I got her at the age of 6 months from a cat rescue 15 years ago. She likes to check out my quilting projects.
    We’re from Ontario, Canada

  11. I have 3 fur babies. Finnegan is15 yrs old and is my cuddle buddy. He sleeps on my pillow every night and rests his paw in my cheek so I can’t turn away from him. MJ and Sissy Girl are rescues and are a handful. MJ is a 20lb scaredy-cat, even of his own shadow. Now Sissy Girl was named such because she is anything but a sissy. Lol. They all love living in East TN as they never know what wildlife they’re going to see passing by while sitting at one of their window beds.

  12. My blue cream Himalayan, Annze is my favorite. She has been with me in my sewing room since she was 7 weeks old and she is now 11 years. I also have her sister, Sadie. We live in Pace, Florida.

  13. I live in the DFW area. My fav cat at the moment is KC. She is quite the character. She has her own personality but loves her Mom & Dad.

  14. My most loved cat is black, called Bagheera after the panther in jungle book, my daughter Rebeccas all time favourite show and film. We live in Suffolk UK.

  15. I love the colors you chose for your beautiful cat quilt! I’m from Austin, Texas and Patty is my favorite kitty! (My puppy is named Ivy!)

  16. 3 months ago Mama cat wandered into our barn. 3 weeks later we had 5 kittens. Went from no cats (we thought we were just dog people) to 6 cats in a few weeks. Love them all to pieces. Keeping all and getting all fixed shortly 6 is enough. We are still working on names. Love your quilt.

  17. Hi,
    I’m visiting from Salem, Oregon in the Sunny Pacific Northwest. Our two youngest kitties are Zilly Bean and Chogi. Zilly Bean has her own following on Facebook and Instagram as she is a athletic, smart, and beautiful 1/2 Norwegian Forest Cat and 1/2 Red Short Hair. Chogi is goofy, clumsy and fast all black kitty. Those two are about a year apart in age but are buddies and play together all day. We also have a 13 year old tabby orange and white sweet love bug Gordon. He just likes live and being in the sun.

  18. Hi – I’m not a cat person but love your cat quilts! From Warwick, RI. Favorite cat name is Cinny – short for Cinnamon.

  19. My favourite cat name is our current cat Barney he is a black rescued cat who loves sitting on our laps. I’m from Portsmouth UK.

  20. Meow! Greetings from Oklahoma. Such a pretty project! And – I’ve never even thought to combine wool appliqué on a traditional pieced quilt!!! 🧐. Thank you for sharing the concept as I love the woolens, appliqué and scrappy !! My first experience with cats wasn’t great – I was intrigued from a distance, but “Chang” (my friend’s Siamese wasn’t into making new friends! In his defense, I was pretty young, had no experience with cats as mom was allergic and I was definitely a stray dog-collector 😉) My favorite cat was Tiger who survived an accident with a car’s fan blades and didn’t hate me when I helped saved her!
    I so enjoy your pink and purple version!!! Enjoy the rest of your summer!
    Peace and be well!

  21. Hi! My favorite cat ever was my old cat, Earl. He was a big gray velvet cuddlebug. Thanks for the chance to win this book, it looks great!

  22. I’ve never seen a pieced quilt with wool appliqué, love it. My kitty, Pebbles, would love to snuggle on that! Hi from TN!

  23. Hi from Southern California 🌞🌊 I have two cats 🐱 Stoney who I got in Northern California while visiting friends and going to the Stoneyford rodeo! Our other fellow is Jack! Blackjack is solid black and Tony is pure white!

  24. Hi, I’m from Southern California. I love your color variation of Chasing Dreams by Pamela Morgan. I hope you tell us lots about it. My favorite cat name is Ophelia Day. Years ago I had a beautiful little feminine snow-shoe Siamese that this name fit perfectly. I’ve had many cats, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy-Wuffy-Piggy-Wiggy-Woo II, Sue-Sue, Brother, Oscar, and a brindle cat named Pumpkin who thought she was a dog.

  25. Cindy hicks from oklahoma. My favorite cat is my natural bobtail girl named Daisy but I just call her Pretty Girl. Love the blog. Thank you.

  26. I live in Calgary, Alberta. We once named our cat Flash because of his speed. Currently we have Eve and Lily, two sisters who are part Siamese.

  27. Hi from Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada! Our favourite kitty is Bentley who’s personality is as big as he is! He loves to cuddle yet is as protective as a Rottweiler although he wouldn’t hurt a fly!

  28. I live in Central Oregon and my favorite name is from my favorite cat of all time we called Fernand the Fuzz…
    Big cat with lots and lots of hair.

  29. I live in West Blocton, Alabama. My baby’s names are Baxter, LilBit and Tiger. We rescued Lilbit, solid Grey, from the middle of a busy road, he was teeny tiny, he’s my shadow. Baxter came from a shelter he’s white with dark Grey markings and Tiger, orange tabby, was rescued from a tree.

  30. We had a cutie named Muffin who was a Siamese/Hymalayan mix. She was adorable and so loving. At the time we lived in virgina. Now we live in Texas.

  31. My favorite cat name is from my childhood. We had a kitten who accidentally got his tail cut off so we named him Bob Cat. He was a grey and white striped cat.

  32. Adore cats! Each one is my favorite for a different reason, including the cats of my friends. Current neighbourhood favorites are George and Tigger, who love to visit from across the road. They are happy with lots of loving, so much so that I had to start giving them a few treats to get them to leave! We live in Canada.

  33. here in Charleston, SC with 3 ragdolls,George,Bailey and Bella,and 1 black cat that was a foster fail Rocky who is the sweetest of all!

  34. I have three cats now, Sassie, Booger and Tipsy. My favorite though was Scooter, that passed away in June, miss him terribly at times. Male cats are just sweeter than females, of which my other three are.

  35. I live in central eastern Idaho, 3 hrs due S of Hamilton, MT. Cats?! I’ve rescued cats for 40 years, keeping at one time 16(!) – obviously a fail at fostering! Kitties passed and present, all names – I can’t just pick one: Sunshine, Sunny Boy, Jake, Oliver, Minnie, Tonkali, Laura, Tekka, Trisha, Mr T, Cowboy, Big Guy, Inge, Andy, Bari, Tips (my first in 1977), Rodney, Partner, Lavender, Lily, Wave, Smitty Kitty, Luke, and Oscar.

  36. Central Eastern Idaho. Of the few of those I’ve rescued and failed as a foster – I can’t pick one (!): Sunny Boy, Sunshine, Oliver, Tonkali, Trisha, Tips, Tekka, Inge, Bari, Lily, Lavender, Laura, Cowboy, Jake, Big Guy, Mr T, Big White, Partner, Wave, Andy, Smitty Kitty, Luke, and Oscar. Smitten with kitties!

  37. Hello from Geelong, Victoria, Australia…
    My friend, Mouse, the beloved pussycat, does love to play and then rest, sleeping next to me…

  38. Hi, first of all, thank you for the giveaway. I am from MT, and love to rescue cats as I hate to see them without a home. We have several cats in our family, so picking out our favorite name is like picking out my favorite child which I cannot do! I love them all equally. Again, thank you so much.🤗💓😻

  39. Hi. I’m from Canton, OH. My favorite cat’s name is Massey and he belongs to my granddaughter. She rescued it in Pittsburgh by “Massey Hall” when she was in graduate school. He was abandoned when he was a few days old and she nursed it to health. They have been best of buddies for six years now!❤️

  40. I have only ever had black cats. Sooty was my parents 1st anniversary gift to each other , one got the cat the other the black lab Princess. When I had a home of my own I adopted two kittens from the RSPCA – Soot and Cinders. I made the tough decision to re-home them when we had a posting overseas in 2001. 20 years later I still don’t have a cat but am happy to give lots of kitty cuddles when visiting friends here in Australia.

  41. Hi from Ryley, Alberta. My favourite cat’s name is Mini – a rambunctious mouser and leader of her litter (which is a good thing for a farm cat!)

  42. Hi! I’m from Cedarville NJ. I have 9 house cats.. Sadie,& Wolfy are the youngest at 4 yrs. old. Blondie’s the oldest at 181/2 Sam, Inky & Sisy are 6 yrs. Tigg & Pip are 10 yrs. and Little one is12 yrs. They all love to nap on quilts,

  43. It is hard to list my favorite cat’s name as we currently have 8 cats here in north Alabama. They range from 10 month old twins, Sam and Olliver to 2 year old Mia to TC, Eli, Tiny, Fred, to 15 year old Murphy. They are all strays and rescues.

  44. My favorite cat was Frisky. He was a real lap cat. And used to follow me all over the house just to see where I was gong to sit before he gave a little chirp and jumped in my lap.

  45. Our gorgeous Tortoiseshell cat is named Ginger – the most loving girl from a shelter. She loves to “help” when I’m placing quilt blocks into position, and is always first to curl up on a new quilt! I’m from Melbourne Australia

  46. My best friend cat was Abby. Her name is short for Abandoned. Someone had dumped her and my husband and I adopted her. She was very thankful to be rescued and showed us daily how much she loved us. I live in Southern California.

  47. Hi, I’m Denise from NH. I currently don’t have a cat, however my favorite ones name was Milo. I’m more of a dog person I’ve found

  48. Hi! I’m from The Woodlands, Texas and my recent favorite cat is Sawyer. My daughter rescued him while in college and then he lived with us when she started her Air Force career and couldn’t take him to Korea and Germany with her. Love your quilt!!

  49. Hi, my favorite cat is my orange tabby named Nixon. Nixon, her furry dog sister, Lady, my hubby and I live in Beverly Hills…Florida, that is!!!

  50. I’m from southern Oregon, and I’ve always loved cats and owned at least one at a time. My favorite kitty name was “Freddie Farkle,” and he was a charmer. I also once had an all black wonderful kitty I named Oprah.

  51. Ciao a tutti, sono Marina e vivo in Italia. Il mio gatto preferito si chiamava Ming, un siamese stupendo e dolcissimo!

  52. Hi – I’m from west central Indiana — have had LOTS of kitties thru the years – I guess my favorite would be Rachi – she was born in our barn – we had her for 13 years. Rachi is short for Barrachio from “Much Ado about Nothing” – we she was able to be weaned – we brought her to the house and the kids were watching this movie – every time they would say Barrachio – she would meow — it was so adorable – so she named herself!

  53. Hi from Wisconsin. We had a great cat named Kit Carson when we lived in Wyoming. She took on a rattlesnake by our door step right before my 2 yr. old stepped out that door. The cat was unharmed for she was a fast and crazy animal! RIP Kit Carson.

  54. My name is Penny Carruthers and from Braeside McNabb, Ontario Canada any my favorite cat name is Moose after the Moosehead beer hear in Canada. She is about 15 years old. would love to win the book as I am a scrapaholic

  55. Hi, I’m from New Zealand. We had Genevieve, (pure black), then Merc, (black with white Mercedes symbol on nose), then been cat sitters for daughters 2, Pickles and Cleopatra, (both marmalade). With less travelling now, we are looking for a new fur baby to keep us (semi-retired couple) company. Especially when I am quilting. ;)

  56. I have always got my cats from the shelter or off the street… first guy was Mozart he would climb my fire escape to get inside, second was Squeak – he stopped me on the lane when coming home from KFC he was a black and white with a huge personality and my recents were Coral (calico/tabi) and Leo – Coral was 9 yrs old and Leo 9 months and they got along pretty well – we only have Leo now but he is a mama’s boy.

  57. Hello from Oregon City, Oregon! I am SEW excited for this book and this project! I can’t believe you’re asking me to choose a favorite of my five babies, but I would have to say Mishka, my Russian Blue mix. Shhhh….don’t tell Pixie, Pokey, Pickles or Minnie!

  58. My favorite cat’s name was Festus. She was a great cat. She was already named before she came to live with me, so I couldn’t change her name. She loved popcorn! I live in Texas.

  59. Hi there! My favorite kitty is Tigger, she’s my orange tabby. We live in Kennesaw, GA , just outside of Atlanta.

  60. OMG this project is adorable! I love the sweet kitties playing with the bugs among the flowers, and what a fun time to use scallop edges.

    I’m from Walla Walla, WA and I saw a cat named Pickle on IG the other day and decided that it a super fun cat name!

  61. I from/live 25 miles east of Los Angeles. My favorite cat name is my now 16 year old…Mary Alyce, she still makes me laugh every day!

  62. Hi – I love that quilt – so cheerful!!! At the moment we are catless (way too many dogs around) but my sister is the cat person in the family. Our favourite cat was Garfield (my Dad’s buddy).

  63. I love cats! Scarlett, and elderly Russian blue is my favorite. I’m from Louisville, Kentucky. Adorable cat quilts! I have the Purr-fect fabric – It’s Raining Cats & Dogs cat version jelly roll.

  64. I have a 10 year old today Tuxedo cat named Squeak and a very large, Maine Coon cat stray who I hope to catch and take to the Vet soon for neutering, worming, shots, etc. We live in Central Ohio.

  65. This is the book this crazy cat lady has been waiting for her whole life!! So many neat projects!! I have 3 kitties who run the show around here: Oni – goddess of love, Master Claude – he who they bow to, Miss Lillian – femme fatale to the nth degree!

  66. This is the book this crazy cat lady has been waiting for her whole life!! So many neat projects!! I have 3 kitties who run the show around here: Oni – goddess of love, Master Claude – he who they bow to, Miss Lillian – femme fatale to the nth degree! Hugs from Wilmington, NC!

  67. Don’t have a fav name. But the story of our last ones: We got our black-and-white cats in July 2018. A Boy (Jojo -named after a cat I owned befor but had to let her go,her name was Josephine). His sister is named NURI -because she is whiter than her brother. Nuri – the light, the fire.

  68. I don’t have a cat currently. But out the ones I have had, Scooter is my favorite, followed by Patches, Mittens, Termite, Jumbo, Fuzzy, Goldie, Missy and Mittens.

  69. What a beautiful cat quilt!! You’ve inspired my thinking, thank you. I’m stopping by from Asheville, NC and my ride-or-die kitty is a silver tabby named Dobbu.

  70. Hi from Upstate New York! Love your wool kitty appliqués. My favorite cat name is Tigger right now because we have one who lives up to the name.

  71. Ahoy! I live in my quilt studio in Westport, Washington. My favorite cats have been my first and last. Both were gold and white fluffy longhairs. The first was named Scottie and the most recent was Putz. Cats are not allowed where I live now and I really miss having a fluffy yellow ball of fur in my lap.

  72. Hey from the Arkansas River Valley! Whiskers is my favorite cat name. Whiskers is my sisters cat and when she calls to chat her “Whiskers” is always part of the conversation.

  73. Hi, I’m from central NC and my favorite cat is Tucker (but don’t tell the others!). Your quilt is gorgeous – I love the colors and the wool applique is adorable!

  74. We had 2 cats named S’more and Charlie when our children were growing up, but we can’t have cats now because too many people in the family are allergic to them. So any cat I have now has to be on quilts.

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