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Quilt As You Go Tutorial ~ Part 1

If you’re following the Power of Nine quilt~a~long that’s fantastic!  I hope that you’ve done well with block one.

quilt as you go tutorial

If you are going to complete this quilt using the Quilt~as~you~Go method, then I have some additional information and things to think about.  This post is a bit long but please read through it entirely if you want to follow this QAUG method.

In this post I will cover:

  1. Important notes and additional requirements for qaug method
  2. Thoughts about the back of your qaug quilt
  3. Instructions on completing a block with the qaug method

 Quilt as You Go ~ Important Notes & Requirements:

  • Blocks will be quilted (with backing/batting) individually.  This includes all solid pieces between pieced blocks.
  • A walking foot for your machine is highly recommended.
  • This method will require additional fabric for attaching the blocks (aprox 3/4 yard for top AND back ~ see ‘sashing’ below).
  • This method will also require additional backing fabric.

In the quilt diagram below notice the dark grey sashing between all the blocks/sections of the quilt top.  This narrow sashing (for joining) is where additional fabric will be necessary.quilt top graphic with qaug sashsing 3

You can select one fabric for this sashing or several colors to coordinate it with each pieced row (ex yellow, orange, blue, green) or solid row (ex white).

If you choose 1 fabric, you will need approx 3/4 yard for the top AND another 3/4 yard for the back.  (we will discuss the back later in this post) Please note that these fabric amounts don’t account for pre-washing your fabric, so if you pre-wash, you will need a bit more to allow for shrinking.

My quilt is scrappy with all Tula Pink fabric and I will also be making my sashing scrappy with what I have in my Tula Pink stash.

Thoughts about the Back of your QAUG quilt:

Since the blocks will all be quilted individually, your quilt back will look similar to your quilt top.  You can use one backing fabric for the entire back (so it looks solid) OR you can plan the look of your back.back diagram ~ quilt as you go

Please note ~ If you are following the backing fabric requirements on the pattern you will need to add more to account for the additional cutting and trimming using this qaug method.

My quilt back will be scrappy.  With that said, I looked through my stash and chose fabrics for the back of my blocks based on what I had that would be large enough etc.  I printed out the back diagram and colored it so I could remember what I was doing with my block placement as I went along…quilt as you go tutorial

I cut all twelve 13 1/2″ backing pieces from these fabrics:quilt as you go tutorial and twelve 13″ square pieces of batting ~ I’m using Warm and Natural cotton batting:quilt as you go tutorial

Now that my backing and batting pieces are cut I’m ready to quilt my first block!

Instructions on Completing a Block with the QAUG Method:

1  Prepare your quilt sandwich~

(top) 12 1/2″ unfinished pieced block, right side up

(middle) 13″ square of batting

(bottom) 13 1/2″ square backing fabric, right side down

quilt as you go tutorialBaste layers together with method of choice (pins /basting stitch/ spray) ~ I spray basted mine… (using this spray found on amazon)quilt as you go tutorial

2  Make a Plan for your Quilting:

Remember when we colored this block diagram when we were making block 1?  I used that same printed diagram to draw out a plan for quilting my block…quilt as you go tutorial

Having the quilting plan helps keep me on track (I need all the help I can get!).

The center of this nine patch block will be quilted the same in all 12 blocks to keep some consistency.  As a side note, here is my ‘rough’ quilting plan from my power of nine quilt top without using the quilt as you go method.quilt as you go tutorial

3  Quilt your Block:

I used a walking foot (very highly recommended!) so my layers wouldn’t shift or get distorted and I began by stitching in the ditch of all the seams.quilt block of the monthI always began and ended stitching on the outside edge of my backing fabric, even if I had to double stitch a seam.quilt as you go tutorial

I traveled in the ditch to get to where I needed to add quilting… and I used my disappearing ink pen to mark a guide to follow when stitching across a block, so my lines didn’t get all wonky. quilt as you go tutorial

4  Square your Block:

When your happy with your quilting, square your block to 12 1/2″.  I used a 12 1/2″ square ruler, but you can use your mat and quilters ruler to square your block properly as well.
Trim off excess batting and backing…
quilt as you go tutorial

Check out the back…quilt as you go tutorialAll quilted! quilt as you go tutorial

Easy! :)

quilt as you go tutorialquilt as you go tutorialIn future posts I’ll go over how to join the blocks…



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  1. I was curious about your qayg method and am reading it up. I prefer qayg anyday as I can do a lot of fmq. Yours is the third method I have come across. Love your fabric choices in this series.

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