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Quilt as you go Tutorial ~ Part 3

quilt as you go tutorial
TUTORIAL ~ quilt as you go method of joining blocks

If you are following the Quilt~as~you~Go method this post covers joining the blocks into rows.  We will:

1 Cut the fabric sashing strips for joining blocks.

2 Join the blocks and spacers into rows using the qaug method.

Need the pattern?  Find it here:

Power of Nine Quilt Pattern 

You can find the instructions on completing a quilted block (part 1) or a spacer (part 2)with the qaug method in previous posts.

Materials you will need:

  • quilted blocks ~ full blocks and spacer blocks
  • sashing fabric ~ cut into strips (see below)
  • quilters ruler
  • hera marker (like this one)

Quilt as You Go ~ Notes:

A walking foot for your machine is highly recommended.

This method will require additional fabric for attaching the blocks ~ (see previous post).

Remember this quilt diagram below?  Notice the dark grey ‘sashing’ between all the blocks and spacers of the quilt top.  This narrow sashing (for joining) is what I will be covering in this post.

quilt as you go sashing tutorial

If you’re following along, you should have all your blocks(3) and spacers(4) for the top row complete.

quilt as you go tutorial

Lay out your blocks in order on a large surface or design wall.  Check the front and back sides of your blocks if you have any directional prints to be sure that they are positioned properly ~

quilt as you go tutorial joining blocks

The fabric on the back of my blocks has raccoons, I don’t want the racoons upside down or sideways, so I need to be aware of this as I’m joining my blocks.

quilt as you go tutorial joining blocks

Here is what you’ll need for Each Row ~

Six 12 1/2″ x 1″ sashing strips that coordinate with the front of your quilt.

Six 12 1/2″ x 1″ sashing strips that coordinate with the back of your quilt.

quilt as you go tutorial joining blocks

Lets start by connecting the first spacer block and the first quilt block on the top row (see next pic).

Select one sashing strip for the front of the quilt plus one sashing strip for the back…

quilt as you go tutorial joining blocks

Place your quilted spacer block with the front side facing up.  Sandwich it between the two sashing strips along the right long edge.  The front sashing strip on top and the back sashing strip on the bottom.  Each sashing strip should be right sides together with the spacer block…

how to joing blocks using quilt as you go method

Stitch in place with a 1/4″ seam.

how to joing quilt blocks with quilt as you go method

Press only the top sashing strip open to the right.  Layer the quilt block on top with the front side down (front sides together).  Align the right side of the block with the edge of the top sashing strip.

how to join quilted blocks using quilt as you go method

Sew together on right edge using 1/4″ seam.  This is what it should look like after it’s joined…

join quilt blocks with quilt as you go method

Now flip it open, the front side is done! It’s a beautiful thing! SEW EASY!

how to join quilt blocks with quilt as you go method

Let’s take a look at the back now…how to join blocks quilt as you go methodAlign the 1/2″ mark on your quilters ruler with the stitching on your sashing piece.  Use your hera marker to mark along the edge of your ruler.

quilt as you go tutorial on joining blocks

Now you will have a nice crease mark on your sashing strip.

joining blocks quilt as you go

The crease makes it nice and easy to turn under the sashing strip for a clean line… Pin and press turned strip.

joining quilted blocks quilt as you go

After pressing I basted the turned strip in place ~ I don’t like having pins in my way so this works perfect for me.  I used this Roxanne basting glue and dotted along the seam allowance.

how to join quilt blocks

And then I just finger pressed the strip in place.quilt as you go joining blocks

It’s ready to stitch in place!  I hand stitched mine, but you could machine stitch also.  The glue bastes quick (no waiting for it to dry) and washes out so there’s no worry about it leaving a residue or stiffness.


Ready for the next spacer block?  Join in the same method except this time your block will be sandwiched between two strips and your spacer block will be on top… joining quilt blocksquilt as you go tutorialLooking good!


Continue until the row is complete!quilt as you go tutorial

Quilt as you go joining blocks tutorial.

Dreamy!!!quilt as you go tutorial

That’s all there is to it!  What do you think???  I hope you love this method as much as I do!

You can try the ALTERNATE METHOD that I use when joining the rows for joining the blocks as well.  It uses a fraction more fabric but you could easily use this method for joining the blocks as well… might even be a bit easier, and I think it’s become my new go to method!

The next QAUG post in this series will be on quilting the long spacer rows.

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 How to join quilt blocks using the quilt as you go method.

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9 thoughts on “Quilt as you go Tutorial ~ Part 3”

  1. I wish your series had come along a year earlier. I am currently putting together a QAYG quilt, and boy, what a mess. It has been demoted from bed quilt, to sofa quilt, to cats quilt. It has pretty much put me off the whole method. But, I might start again, but smaller using your method.

  2. Hi,
    I just finished a Craftsy class by Marti Michell and she taught this method except that she had us press the edge of the backing strip under 1/4″ and then pin in place. From the right side of the quilt, you can then stitch in the ditch and catch the pressed edge on the back. It looks just like yours except that the edge is pressed under before you sew both strips to the first block.

    BTW, this is the coolest looking bunch of tutorials I’ve seen yet! Congrats….very beautiful blocks and pics

  3. I really enjoyed this post. My preferred type of quilting is machine applique and that can be difficult to do all the details, if working on a queen size quilt. This type of quilting where you can pre-quilt the individual blocks will allow me to do more detail with some of the fussier designs. Thank you very much! Kat

  4. I found about this a couple of years ago, so happy I found this. Much easier than doing my queen size on my home machine. I have made 4 quilts this way with the disappearing nine block.Thank you for sharing this.

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