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Quiltville Inn

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Hello again!

I wanted to share a little about my trip to Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville Inn! This was my second year visiting, and I realize just how fortunate I am since I know there is a waiting list! I went for the first time in April 2022, and then again April 2023. Both fabulous trips, with very different weather! In 2023 it was cold and windy, it even snowed! We didn’t get to enjoy as much of the outdoors. Fast forward to April 2023 and we had spectacular weather and got to take a hike to see some wild ponies! Ah-mazing!!!

Quiltville is located in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia… a far drive from my home lol… but it’s all about the journey, right? Fortunately, this year my friend Sue Pelland was along for the drive and what an excellent co-pilot she is! She navigated us right around all the sticky New York and New Jersey traffic! :)

Bonnie is an excellent host and she has thought through every need of ours as quilters! She also loves to take guests out on hikes to share the beautiful area she calls home. She’s awesome and genuine, a real joy to be around.

Since I didn’t get to share photos here last year, I’m going to do a photo-dump of all things Quiltville… some photos of:

quiltville house pics

wild ponies just off the Appalachian trail

bed turning (so many quilts!)

Bonnie and Tara resting their arms after holding up my love and peace quilt lol

On the road (14+ hours!) with Sue

Too much food!!! lol


Hope you enjoyed my photos! If you like to travel and want to travel with me, check out my Travel and Retreat page.

Happy Stitching!

XO Sherri

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