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Scrap Happy Sampler #10 – BOM

block of the month quilt pattern

I can’t even believe we are at #10 ALREADY!  I mean… WHAT?  It’s been so much fun creating the blocks for this sampler and I just can’t wait for the big finish!!!!

I’ve already been thinking of the coming year – I have so many projects on the table that I just don’t know where to begin!   Ok… more on that later…

BLOCK #10 is ‘Balancing Act’ – it’s an improv block that’s a little wonky 100_6497 Can I just say that I love wonky?  Who doesn’t love a little break from matching seams perfect?  Wonky is fun and I love that it’s ok to be imperfect… so no worries!  Yay!

and another shot… sideways!

quilt block

This ‘block’ is actually a set of two rectangles that we will keep as two separate units for the quilt if your following along – if not sew them together for a block!

Here are some of the other blocks if your just catching up…Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt Pattern


block of the month quilt pattern

Find the Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt pattern

 In My Shop. Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt Pattern


If you want to see more of this quilt, here are all the


3 thoughts on “Scrap Happy Sampler #10 – BOM”

  1. Thanks for another great block! I have so much fun making these! All my other BOM blocks have flying geese and are paper pieced Ackk!
    Welcome to the Bloglovin dark side Muha Ha Ha Ha! I’m a follower.

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