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Scrap Happy Sampler #7 Block of Month

Log Cabin Twist is the Block of the Month for July!

log cabin twist quilt block tutorial pattern

This block uses up lots of scraps – all those thin strips of fabric that are too small for much else… you know those ones you’ve been saving because you can’t bear to waste a scrap? (…or is that just me?)

log cabin twist quilt block of month tutorial

I’m calling it an ‘improv’ (no paper) pieced block.  This block is typically put together as a paper pieced block but with a little patience and extra measure (meaning…. measure measure measure – THEN cut!) you’ll really enjoy watching this block unfold.

When making this improv block I prefer to use a square ruler like the omnigrid to help with measuring and cutting – The one I used is 9.5″ square.  You could use another size and then switch to a regular long quilters ruler if/when the square starts to get too short for your measures and cuts.  Good Luck and have fun with it!log cabin quilt block twist tutorial

As always, this months block pattern is free for the current month (July) and then I will list it.

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Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt Pattern


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4 thoughts on “Scrap Happy Sampler #7 Block of Month”

  1. WOW! Another amazing block! My daughter and I both love it! I have done some of these as individual blocks to go into different quilts, but I eventually want to start over at the beginning and make one quilt with all the blocks as they were intended. I am glad I have been collecting and savingthe patterns. Thank you, Sherri!

    1. Linda, I’m so glad you are enjoying them! And thanks so much for your nice comment… It’s nice to know (and hear) that your having fun with them. :)

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