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Scrap Happy Sampler #8 Block of the Month

Carpenters Square is the block of the month for August!  Another great block for all those scrappy strips of fabric hanging around.

carpenters square quilt pattern

I chose three colors to work with – red purple and blue.  Then I just picked scraps in each color!  When sewing this block you work from the center out so it helps to press and square up your block as you go…

carpenters square quilt block tutorial

Hope everyone is having a good summer!  Have fun with this block!

As always, this months block pattern is free for the current month (August) and then I will list it.

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 block of the month quilt

Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt Pattern

Thanks so much for following along!

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Scrap Happy Sampler Quilt Pattern


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3 thoughts on “Scrap Happy Sampler #8 Block of the Month”

  1. Hey Sherri,
    Just found this Scrap Happy for a BOM & love it. You’ve great visual direction; that is the only block I’ve seen–keep up the great & bold quilting. I love your” Stepping Out”,nothing shy about the selections.

    It is so hot in Knoxville TN & I’ve lost interest in everfything, including quilting. However, I love looking & look who I found!

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