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Sew Scrappy Sampler ~ Block 4

modern quilt block of the month in kaffe fassett fabric

Quilt Block of the month #4 involves curved piecing…

Color Circusmodern-quilt-block-of-the-month-kaffe-fassett-fabric

You can find this pattern

in My Shop

You can complete this pattern in two ways…

You can use the template to cut and piece individual wedges…

quilt block wedges

Or you can use the complete arc foundation…


I completed two of each and accomplished the same results but cutting and piecing the small wedges is tedious and you have to be very precise in cutting and seam allowance.

I’m going to show you how I…

  • added the center and corner blocks to each arc
  • appliqued the “eye”
  • and some pictures of sewing the curved pieces.


After I got my arc’s complete I left the paper on while I connected the corner square to the arc so I could keep the seam accurate~

modern-quilt-block-month-kaffeBefore attaching the second arc to that same corner block I removed the paper from the end wedge and seam so it wouldn’t get in my way~

modern-quilt-block-month-kaffe-fabricNow I’m ready to attach the second arc~


Notice the second arc still has the paper on the end ~


After it’s sewn on, I can remove the paper from the end wedge and press the corner.  Nice and flat~


I repeat the process or the second corner block.  In the next photo I’ve already attached one arc and removed the paper at the end~


Now pinch the ends together ~

modern-quilt-block-month-kaffeIt will require a little fussing (and looks awkward) but if you keep the edges together and get it pinned right you’ll be good to go~

modern-quilt-block-month-kaffeThe pins I’m using are from clover.  I took a piecing class years ago and the teacher provided each student with a box of these pins…  If you have a chance to get some they are worth it.  They are thin and glide into the fabric without any drag…  perfect for piecing!  I’m sure there are others out there (look for fine or extra-fine) but these are the ones I use and love!  I see them at most quilt shops and you can find them (extra-fine like mine) here on amazon.

So now my arcs are attached and the ends are pressed.  I’m still leaving the rest of my paper on so any bias curves don’t get distorted.


You can applique the ‘eye’ any way you like (raw edge, needle turn etc)

Here’s an example of using freezer paper to applique.

Trace the applique shape onto freezer paper and cut out on traced line (no seam allowance).  Put a small spot of glue on the paper side of the freezer paper template with a glue stick and press the template on to the wrong side of your fabric (this is optional) so it doesn’t slip around . Cut fabric aprox 1/8″ – 1/4″ outside template.  Now with the tip of a hot iron, carefully press the seam allowance over to the shiny side of the freezer paper, working around and pressing toward the center.


The edges temporarily stick to the shiny side and you have a crisp applique to work with.

I left the paper in place and glue-basted the applique using this basting glue


I added just a few dots of glue away from the edge to hold it in place.


Press down to secure…


Hand applique with the freezer paper in place. And when you are ready you can turn your work to the back and pull out the freezer paper. moder-quilt-pickle-dish-variation

Last is the curved piecing.  Finger press the corner piece in half to find the center and align with the center wedge on the arc.  Pin in place.

moder-quilt-pickle-dish-variationNow pin ends which should extend about a 1/4″ into corner blocks~

moder-quilt-pickle-dish-variationStitch and repeat on other side… press and trim!  When trimming notice I’ve got my lower right corner block and upper left corner block on the 6 1/2″ lines… this is important when squaring.




Here is the link for the Pattern

in My Shop



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