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She*s Like a Rainbow BOM update

Hello and Happy Summer! This year has brought such crazy summer weather… and a lot of rain. I live in Massachusetts, and we seem to be stuck in a rainy cloudy humid weather pattern. On the bright side, I’ve had more indoor time to sew and I’m getting ahead on my BOM.

You can see a sneak peek here… Xena has been making herself comfortable as usual lol…

Here is a better pic of the center…

We’ve done some applique and some piecing. I love mixing techniques together. I’ve even added some stitching around some of my applique so the end result will have a little bit of hand work feel to it. A little bling… my stitch signature :)

and the latest pieced blocks…

I am beginning to sew my center together and I’m so excited… it feels like I’m getting close! :) Working my way out to the corners! I keep saying this… but I really can’t wait to have this one on my bed. :)

Join me!

You can join in anytime… I am sharing short videos and the pattern updates with subscribers each month. You can find out more here:

That’s all for now! Happy Stitching Everyone!

Hugs ~Sherri

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