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She*s Like a Rainbow update

Hello quilters!

I have a quick update on my She’s Like a Rainbow BOM qal! We have now completed four months! We began with some fun Dresden blocks 😊 I love how cheerful these are. And you can see that per-usual, I am adding in some pearl cotton accents as I go.

I got off to a bumpy start and decided to change my fabric choices lol… it happens! But I’m cruising along now!

Here are some photos showing months 1-4.

So far we have been working on a little piecing and also some applique, both circles and little feather or droplet shapes. It’s funny because I was not a fan of applique when I began quilting, but now I find a freedom with it that you can’t always achieve with basic piecing. And it’s easier than you may think!

And in month four we added the corner Dresden blocks! I am really enjoying this QAL. I am making this quilt for myself because sometimes we need to take care of ourselves! Haha… I have been really trying to keep the colors softer but sometimes its difficult because I really do love the saturated colors.

Join me!

You can join in anytime… I am sharing short videos and the pattern updates with subscribers each month. You can find out more here:

That’s all for now! Happy Spring!!!

Hugs ~Sherri

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