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wrap ukraine with quilts – poland trip

Last time I wrote, I mentioned this trip was coming up and I made a request for quilts and mittens… many of you donated and shipped items to me or Hello Cottons, and I’m here to assure you they were received by people in need…  Thank you so much for your generosity! I hope you see some of your items in the photos here!

The trip to Poland was both exciting and humbling…

Our mission was to set up a sewing center for refugees and teach them some basic sewing skills. Remember when I interviewed Beth Hawkins and Gina Halladay for my QAL… well, they were our hosts for the week in Krakow, Poland. Tetiana, in the center of the photo below, was a great help in translating for us all week! 

There was a large group of us who all traveled from the US to be part of this endeavor, along with 1 ton of supplies and quilts. I was among so many quilters, shop owners, fabric designers, reporters and those who just wanted to do their part and support the cause. 

Somehow, everyone made it safely to Poland, with bag and baggage! 

The women from Ukraine who attended the workshop were really delightful… perhaps hesitant at first but then you could see that they desperately needed a creative outlet, a bit of sunshine, something to distract them from the thoughts of their present circumstances.

It was really more than a sewing workshop, it was about connection and compassion. It was about the ‘human’ in humanitarian and providing a little comfort and support. Letting them know they are seen and cared for.

Many of the women in our group even helped in the kitchen, preparing meals for the Ukrainian families… and for us too!

We traveled to two different refugee centers where many of the women from Ukraine are currently living. It’s hard to express the gratitude received from these women for your generous donations to Wrap Ukraine with Quilts. There are some experiences that you don’t need a translator for… and this was one of them. In some cases, words were unspoken and replaced with hugs.

This was an experience I won’t forget anytime soon. Below is a photo of the group on our last night together. Sometimes, it takes a village.

Learn about more ways to get involved and donate at

~Happy Quilting!


4 thoughts on “wrap ukraine with quilts – poland trip”

  1. Hi, Sherri!
    What excitement! First, Italy! 😍😍😍
    And a BOM for 2023! I can’t wait to learn more!
    Lastly, your trip with Hello Cottons to share some love with Ukrainians. I know that will stay with you forever and I’m so glad you were able to go and we were able to be a small part of it through you. Blessings to you!
    Rest now! Or stitch! πŸ’•
    Be well!

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