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cloud 9 geocentric tote bag

Want to make this Zipper Pouch? Here is what you will need…

2 – exterior fabric cut to 8″ x 6″

2 – lining fabric cut to 8″ x 6″

4 – fusible interfacing cut to 8″ x 6″

7″ zipper

2 – light weight leather pieces cut 2″ x 8″

2 – light weight leather pieces cut 1″ x 1″

1 – 7″ leather lace for zipper ‘pull’

zipper foot for sewing machine

leather sewing machine needle

leather sewing machine foot (or a walking foot)

clips (instead of pins) to hold leather in place


1)  Iron interfacing to the wrong side of each of 4 fabric pieces. (2 lining and 2 exterior pieces)

2) Line up a leather piece along the long edge of the exterior piece and topstitch 1/8″ from edge.


3) Sew small leather 1″ squares to ends of zipper so entire piece measures 8″.  Trim zipper tails if necessary.  Place zipper right side up on long edge of lining fabric, also right side up.  Note: using these leather squares will create bulk in seam when sewing – you might want to consider using a scrap of fabric with sewn edge turned under instead… personal preference.

wristlet sewing tutorial

4) Create a zipper ‘sandwich’ – place exterior piece right side down on top of lining and zipper, aligning all three long edges (lining/zipper/exterior).  Move the zipper pull to middle and place clips on edges  to hold layers in place.  Use your zipper foot to sew along long edge.  Stop when you get close to the zipper pull, lift pressure foot (needle in down position) and move zipper pull to back where you have already stitched.  Lower pressure foot and sew to end of long edge.

zipper pouch tutorial

This is what your pieced unit will look like:

zipper tutorial cloud 9 fabric

5) Create a second zipper sandwich by placing unit from step 4 between one lining layer (right side up) and one external layer (right side down).  Notice the external layers are right sides together and the lining layers are right sides together.  Start with your zipper pull in the middle again and move it out of your way when you get close by lifting pressure foot (with needle in down position).  Lower pressure foot and finish sewing edge.

102_5474 (2)

6) Open pieced unit up and topstitch using zipper foot.

lined zipper case tutorial

7) Match up the two external layers right sides together and the lining layers right sides together as seen below.  Pay attention to lining up the edges of your leather pieces as well.    Push any zipper bulk toward the lining.  Clip/Pin in place.  Sew using 1/4″ – 1/2″ seam around edges leaving large enough opening on lining side to turn.  Be sure to backstitch at start and stop points to keep seams secure when turning.

zipper case sewing tutorial pattern

8)  Clip corners and trim leather within the seam allowance. Turn pouch right sides out and stitch lining closed.  Attach a decorative scrap of leather ‘lace’ to zipper or clip on a handle for a sweet wristlet!

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cloud 9 geocentric tote bag



4 thoughts on “Zipper Pouch Tutorial”

  1. love what I”m seeing and so thankful for your patterns! My printer is out of ink and I”m not paying $100.00 for an ink pack! I have drawn the line! I will be making some things for Christmas . Thanks again.

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