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DIY Color Card for Fabric & Projects

diy color card for tracking fabrics

I have a free diy Color Card download to share with you today.

Do you ever want to track what fabrics you used for a project or wish you had a color card?  I started tracking my projects and fabrics with my own diy color card and it’s a great reference that I go back to… a lot!  I have two methods to my madness…

First I like to track the solids I use.  When I purchase any solids, I snip off a piece of the selvage and add them to my own diy color card.  This way when I want to refer back to them or need to purchase more of a color, I have a sample to go to. This is especially helpful with solids since there is no information on the selvage to refer back to later.

diy color card for tracking fabric

I also use this diy color card for projects.  When I start a project I like to make note (or a card) of all the fabrics I’m using ~ sometimes I run out of a fabric I need and the project might sit for a while (sounds familiar right?) then when I go back to it I don’t always remember what I used… no worries, I can just check the project color card.

Here is one I made for a holiday quilt I was working on…

diy color card for fabric and sewing projects

I use a glue stick to stick the samples on ~ easy and works great!

Then I put them all in a binder neatly tucked away!

diy color card for tracking fabric ~ sewing projectI hope some of you find this useful too!  There are two versions in the PDF, one for solids or general fabric tracking and one for projects.

Click for the free PDF download:


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Diy fabric color card for sewing and quilting projects


10 thoughts on “DIY Color Card for Fabric & Projects”

  1. What a great idea! I’m very excited to receive your DIY Color Card for Fabric and Projects. Just today, I’ve been wondering just where such and such fabric is, and do I have enough of the right colors to use for a project that I want to make, etc. This would be a quick solution to my fabric concerns. Thank you!

  2. Hi Sheri, I’m moving your blog over to my bloglovin account so if you notice that I left the direct mail route, please understand that I’m still listening, watching, reading whatever you post!

  3. Thank you so much. I just subscribed after discovering your blog via The Crafty Quilter blog. I was scrolling back and enjoyed your Dear Daughter Quilt blocks. Something to think about.

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