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sun and moon embroidery

This past summer I began a stitching project on my jean jacket.

I heard about a fabulous new product from Sulky called Stick ‘n Stitch and decided to give it a try.

My jean jacket is white and you can see in the progress photos below, the product has my printed design on it… printed right from my inkjet printer! Stick ‘n Stitch comes in sheets for your printer… So easy and convenient!

Being a stitcher, I wasn’t sure I would enjoy having a sticky layer on the textile in my hand… or stitching through a product with adhesive, but it turned out to be a fun experience! And yes, maybe I had to clean or replace my needle once or twice, but it wasn’t terribly troublesome. The toughest part for me was stitching through a heavier jean material… and even that was not so bad considering the time saved trying to transfer a complicated design.

When the project was done to my liking, it was time to rinse away the product. I was a little nervous about how this might alter or change my design… would my stitches stay in place? would my knots fall apart? A learning experience that turned out just perfectly fine in the end!

Here are a couple Instagram videos I made during the process…

And then rinse!

Quilt Labels and other Projects…

It’s perfect for quilt labels! I made this label kit for my students while teaching on Allure of the Seas.

I also used it for my Italy stitch travel journal

I’ve learned a couple tips along the way!


keep your stitches snug… when you remove the product it is like removing a layer in between the background and your stitch.

If possible, print with fine lines, gray ink, or economy. You don’t need it printed super dark, the little black bits on the product take a minute longer to remove.

Try a sample project before diving into a complicated project.


Hugs! ~Sherri

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