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Jul i Scandinavia ~ Block of the Month Quilt

block of the month

The Jul i Scandinavia Quilt-a-Long is underway! This is a non-traditional block of the month pattern that’s all applique.

Originally, I had purchased some red flannel for the background fabric for my sample but I happened upon some red wool and I was hooked… but I’ll let you in on a little secret! I’m in a robin group with my local quilty friends and they are working on this pattern using a gray cotton background and white wool, similar to this needle book I made from the scraps!

Needle Book Pattern

In the photo above, the top white flower and the red heart and little circles are all wool and the two white hearts are velvet.In the next photo, the red flannel on the inside pocket is the flannel I had originally picked as my background.  It won’t go to waste tho, and maybe I’ll be able to incorporate a little bit into my quilt-a-long project!


If you’d like to make a needle book, I have a needle book tutorial you can use to make one too.

For the January installment of the quilt-a-long, subscribers received the supply list and the pattern for the tree already.

There are two main supplies for this project (background and applique fabric) and I will also be using some white velvet to embellish. I purchased all three of these items from a wonderful shop called Camp Wool in Kennebunk Maine. They don’t have an online shop but if you can’t find your supplies locally, you can call their shop for availability and ask if they will ship to you direct.

The two wools and other supplies I purchased at Camp Wool are:

Dorr Bright White #163
Marcus (red) Ro5-7717-2123
The Velveteen was off the bolt, and I don’t have the sku but it’s a creamy white color and lighter than the white wool. (lush velveteen 100%cotton)
Red wool sampler 5 pack (see photo below)
To Coordinate with the wools I purchased Aurifil Wool Thread (optional) in these two colors: Red 8260 and White 8021. I will use these wool threads to whip-stitch the wool applique in place.

If you use wool be sure to check to see if it needs to be washed prior to beginning your project. And, if you decide to use velveteen… Do not iron it!

You can embellish with some threads and extra fabrics if you want to. I’m starting with some pearl cotton, embroidery floss, red wool scrap pack and 1 1/2″ ribbon. (UPDATE: I did not use any embroidery floss but you could use it in place of the pearl cotton, it’s personal preference)

Some of these supplies are listed in my shop if you can’t find similar products locally.

UPDATE: You can also find a wool kit HERE!

I also have the Midnight Sprout version of the ribbon in my shop if you like the gray color scheme (who wouldn’t?) –

midnight sprout ribbon

Assembly of the tree pattern is pretty straight forward…


Since the applique is wool, no seam allowance is needed.  I simply pinned my template to the wool and cut out the applique shape. All the extra wool that is cut away will be used for the remaining applique shapes.


I made my tree in two layers. The first layer of my tree is wool which I whip-stitched in place using Aurifil wool thread and then I used pearl cotton for the decorative pekinese stitch around the perimeter.


The second layer of my tree is velveteen.  I cut it out using the same template, basted it in place and needle turned the edges under so it’s slightly smaller than the wool.  I then back stitched around the perimeter of the velveteen with the white pearl cotton 8scandinavian applique quilt pattern

The pekinese stitch is easy and looks so pretty. It’s basically a woven back stitch. I back-stitched the perimeter with white pearl cotton 5 and wove the ecru pearl cotton 8 through the back-stitches.



I’m using a chenille needle for the back-stitching and a milliners size 1 needle for weaving.  To weave, bring your milliners needle up from the back behind the first back stitch.  Working right to left (or whichever direction is comfortable to you) count two stitches to the left and use the eye end of the milliners needle to thread the pearl cotton under the backstitch from the top to the bottom.

pekinese embroidery stitch

leave a small loop, count one back-stich to the right and use the eye end of the needle again to weave the stitch under the back-stitch from the bottom to the top…

pekinese embroidery stitch

keep the needle above the loop and pull through…

pekinese embroidery stitch

pull until the thread is snug but not so tight you pucker your wool. Then just repeat (two to left, one to right)!

Pretty right?

pekinese embroidery stitch

If you want to join in you can

find the pattern information here.

See you next month!


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  1. Love how it looks so far. Is the white a velvet or velveteen? It looks more like a velveteen in the pics. Working on mine. I have the pattern printed and taped so far hut that is as far as i have gotten. Thanks for the stitching tutorial. I am anxious to try this out.

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