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Sew Scrappy Sampler ~ Block 6

I can’t believe we are half done!  Block #6 of the Sampler is…

‘Loop de Loop’

sampler quilt pattern Block #6

This block involves strip piecing and single fold bias tape.  You can purchase bias tape but it’s much more fun and economical to make it yourself.  I used this bias tape maker to make mine…

bias tape maker

If you’ve never used a bias tape maker before here is what you do… Cut strips at a 45 degree angle.  I made single fold bias tape (to keep the bulk to a minimum) and I wanted it to be narrow @ 1/4″,  so I cut 1/2″ strips on the bias (45 degree angle)

single fold bias tapeJoin strips with right sides together ~ sew along angle.

making single fold bias tape

Feed it through the bias tape maker ~ The green one I’m using is specific for 1/4″ size. 

single fold bias tapePin the little tail end sticking out of the tape maker to your ironing board and as you pull the little loop handle with your left hand, follow it with the tip of your iron with your right hand.  Hold the tip of the iron right up against where the fabric is coming out, moving together so you get it pressed neatly. 

single fold bias tape

That’s all there is to it.  Your single fold bias tape is ready!

I basted mine in place before I stitched it down with same Roxanne basting glue I’ve been using for some of my other projects.  You can also pin, or use a basting glue stick ~ whatever works for you!block of the month sampler When you get back around to the beginning and everything is secure, just tuck the end under the intersection and stitch in place.

block of the month using bias tape


quilt block of the month sampler in kaffe fassett

Here are the links for the


in My Shop

block of the month quilt in kaffe fassett fabric



1 thought on “Sew Scrappy Sampler ~ Block 6”

  1. Something brand new again! I learn so much from your quilt-a-longs! Thanks for taking the time to do them! I’m using the butterfly idea to make a seahorse for a beach themed swap. Can’t wait to see how it comes out!

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