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Dear Son Chapter 10

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Hello All! 
Well, 2020 marches on to it’s erratic beat and… I don’t know how you feel about it, but I really do hope 2021 brings some positive changes. Anyone else feeling cooped up? Climbing the walls? In need of an escape? Well you are NOT alone. Thank goodness we have sewing to keep our minds and hands busy. I’m not going to be a wet blanket here… but I definitely need a mini escape – can’t travel far but that’s ok… Thankfully the ocean is close and never disappoints. I could certainly use a little sand beneath my feet.

So, getting to business here… when I planned out the quilt I took some Lyrics from Into the Mystic by Van Morrison because… you could say it’s our song (me and the boy) and this is the last of it. I didn’t originally plan to add more into the quilt – but here it is…

 into the mystic

As usual, my mind got to thinking about the word mystic – it makes me think of the ocean but I did look it up, and my favorite, and the most appropriate meaning is… 

  • inducing a feeling of awe or wonder

Which is truly a feeling the ocean brings to me… and what I wish for the boy… so I’m going with it.

You’ll notice the text is small this month… just take your time with it, OR you can use other fonts if this intimidates you. To make my life a little easier, you’ll notice I did not cut out the hole in the Y and also the small hole in the O. So feel free to save yourself some trouble with those if you like.

There are some templates this month but no worries, the blocks go together easily and I love the secondary design they make in the quilt.

You can see here in this next pic how this all fits into our quilt top…

Only three more rows and two chapters to go!!!

Stay safe and give yourself a little extra love this month. XO
happy sewing, Sherri

Please share your progress pics with me and the group! You can share on instagram #dearsonquilt or Join the Rebecca Mae Designs facebook group if you want to share there too.

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Dear Son Block of the Month Quilt by Sherri Noel,

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