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Dear Son – Chapter 8

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Hello Quilters! The first week of August has proven to be super hot and so humid here in Massachusetts… If you like curls, this is the weather for you haha… crazy humid. I hope you’re all staying cool and getting some projects done.

The Chapter 8 pattern is complete and went out to subscribers July 31st. If you want to join in you can find the pattern by clicking THIS LINK to my shop. Simple message this month… but it needs to be said because life is short after all, so may as well go full on bold :)

Let’s look at this months blocks… There are 16 of these little blocks that you can turn any which way to create your own design… trust me I changed mine (A LOT!) and it can be dizzying lol but I love them! Plus, they come together fast and you can square them to size. Not sure if you can see in this next photo, but I lined up the diagonal line of the block with my ruler and also placed the 1 3/4″ markings at the center of the block then trimmed two sides before turning the block and trimming remaining two sides to 3 1/2″.The blocks with the large circle applique aren’t difficult but notice that the circle almost fills up the entire mid section. If your circle isn’t centered it will be problematic. To make your life a little easier, cut your background to 7″ and trim after you applique to 6 1/2″ making sure that your circle is centered. If you have a 6 1/2″ square ruler it makes things easier! Also, you could opt for a smaller circle if you choose. You can find the circle applique instructions in the techniques page.Lastly, the wedge block… I added little triangles which are totally optional! And super cute… ENJOY!! See you next month! happy sewing, Sherri Related Posts:

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