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Chapter 1 ~ Dear Daughter Quilt

block of the month

Chapter 1 of the Dear Daughter Quilt is available today!

2016 block of the month quilt


Thanks so much to everyone who has subscribed, I think it’s going to be such fun!  If you missed the original post, this is my new Block of the Month for 2016, but you receive a full Chapter of blocks rather than one block per month.  Here is where we begin with Chapter 1…

Dear Daughter quilt a long 2016

If you’ve already subscribed in my shop and did not receive it in your email please contact me @ so we can verify your email address.

You can find the pattern

 in MY SHOP!

EACH CHAPTER includes:

  • Pattern ~ for all Chapter 1 blocks
  • Templates ~ including entire alphabet to make your own text
  • Technique Instruction
  • Sneak Peek into next month (for the over~achievers in the bunch!)

I’ve organized the Chapter 1 Pattern and Techniques page in a binder, if you’re following along you might want to do this too…

block of the month

I also included a spot to color in Chapter 1 with your own colors!

coloring block small

Here’s a couple pics I took of a some patchwork blocks in this Chapter…

block of the monthso fun :)

block of the month

For the text blocks I used Steam-A-Seam Lite 2 and printed from my computer onto printer ready sheets, but you can trace them as well.

dear daughter text quilt

Steam-A-Seam actually has paper on two sides, so after I printed it, I cut out the shape (leaving at least 1/8″ around template lines) and removed one side of the protective paper (non printed side.)  Then I ironed it onto the wrong side of my fabric…

text quilt block of the month

cut out each shape on the template lines…

block of the month

and removed the second layer of paper off the back of the trimmed letters.  NOTE ~ What I love is the back of your applique is tacky so you can position all your pieces and they won’t slide around but you can move them if you want to.  When you have them in position, just fuse and stitch!


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fat quarter bundle

Thanks for following along!  You can join in anytime!

dear daughter

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 1 ~ Dear Daughter Quilt”

  1. Hi Sherri
    Is it possible to adapt this for a son; might I add a masculine son? I would love to make this quilt, love your style! Come on now be honest with me lol

    1. Hi Regina!
      Thanks for your question about making this quilt for your son… My answer is… it depends on you! Meaning…
      1) You would have to change the colors
      2) You would have to change the text to read something different (in most cases) but all the letter templates are provided.
      3)You will have to be creative with some of the more ‘girly’ blocks – like the applique flowers etc. ~ There will be plenty of block patterns to plug in as the quilt progresses so you could replace an applique block with another pieced block.

      So it’s completely up to you and if you’d like to challenge yourself that way. Sandi left a comment that the applique from block one (bottom right) could be changed to look more like gears ~ I thought that was really interesting.

      1. I am going to challenge myself by making some masculine blocks along with these blocks. First thing to do is to decide what to use instead of “grow a wild and precious life”, I am thinking “build a something and something life” but I do NOT want to use wild and crazy as my sister suggested….anybody here old enough to remember the SNL skits of the “two wild and crazy guys” ? LOL. Any ideas?

  2. I think it would be very adaptable for a son. You can change the words because the entire alphabet is included. The EPP flower petals could easily be gears. Change your colors to blues, browns, use some novelty fabrics to reflect his hobbies. As the mom of two now grown boys, I’d love to see what you come up with!

  3. I’m so excited to start, but having a hard time deciding on the low-volume colors my daughter likes since this first section sets the tone for the whole quilt. My daughter also is more into zen type sayings, so I was thinking of starting with a special quote. Just need to stop pondering and start!

  4. Well im about 8 months late for his party but im here now! I have the daughter, the stash, the skills and i freaking love this quilt!! Im doing tradition needle turn applique for all text and applique. I don’t care for raw edge anymore. Love everything about this fantastic quilt for our girls :) Mine is 20 years old, my precious little bean💕

  5. I’m just joining. Nothing like being a year late🙃🙃. Can you tell me the finished size of this quilt as I’m just reading through for the first time and I’m most certain I missed that detail. If it’s not a lap size can it be adapted any way?

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