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Chapter 3 ~ Dear Daughter Quilt

dear daughter block of the month quilt

It’s so hard to believe March is here already, and we are up to Chapter 3!


The Chapter 3 pattern has already gone out to subscribers, so if you’ve already subscribed in my shop and did not receive it in your email please contact me @ to verify your email address.

If you want the pattern you can find it here:

 in MY SHOP!


EACH CHAPTER includes:

  • Pattern ~ for all Chapter blocks
  • Templates ~ including entire alphabet to make your own text
  • Technique Instruction
  • Sneak Peek into next month (for the over~achievers in the bunch!)

Here are Chapter blocks 1-3… coming together!

block of the month

And you can see how they fit into the quilt top:

TOP Chapter 1-3 filled inI completed my text for Chapter 3 using the needle-turn applique technique.  It’s one of my favorite ways to applique. I love the look of the turned edges and I also love that it’s portable and I can work on it anywhere!  Plus it has a sort of organic look that I like.

I’ve included some pictures of how I completed mine but if you’re making the dear daughter quilt you can use the templates with any applique method on the Techniques Page of the pattern… or any other method you prefer!

Before we get into it I want to talk a little about supplies…

applique needle and thread

To set yourself up for success, use a good needle and thread for applique.  Here are some of my favorites:

Thread: I have a couple favorites…

I like the following threads because they are light-weight and disappear into the applique fabric.
Aurifil ~ 50 wt (the orange spools)
Superior Thread ~ Bottom Line (donut) or 50 wt Masterpiece (donut)
(I have some applique thread donuts available in my shop)


You will need an applique or straw/milliners needle.
I like the tulip #10 big eye applique needles for needle-turn applique. When I’m working on larger applique pieces I will sometimes use an 11 milliners/straw needle. The extra length helps when turning the seam allowance to the back.
note ~ I’ve taken several hand applique classes and something I’ve learned is that the recommended needle isn’t always the best choice for me.  I took one class from a woman who had tiny little hands and she recommended this needle that I could hardly hold it was so small… so use what works for you and feels like a good fit, but stay with a thin applique or straw needle.

This applique will be done much like the butterfly from last months chapter.  To start, trace your applique with a removable marking tool, loosely cut out shape with a generous 1/4″ allowance and baste in place right down the center.


After your piece is basted,  finger press all along the traced lines.  By finger pressing on the traced line your applique will go much smoother as the fabric will more easily turn under for you.  In the next picture you can see that I have my W (Wander) loosely cut out, basted and finger pressed.

needle turn applique

Make sure to bring your needle up from behind the applique piece on the traced line of the outer edge.  If you bring your needle up from under your background piece and through the traced line you will not be able to turn your seam allowance under.

needle turn applique

Use your needle to turn the fabric under and take your first stitch.  You can see in the next picture that the fabric is turning under easily and I continue to finger press a second time as needed while I sew.

needle turn applique

I also like to trim my seam allowance as I go. If I trim it close before I begin I would have to contend with my seam allowance fraying from being handled, and that wouldn’t be any fun!

Here are a couple tips on curves and points:

Concave Curves:

When you come to an inner curve clip slits into the seam allowance without cutting into the traced seam line.  This will help your turned edge lay flat and ease the fabric under as well.

Convex Curves:

For convex curves, clip notches out of seam allowance to reduce bulk.

Inner Points:

I find these to be the trickiest.  Taper the seam allowance as you near the inner point and clip at the inner point to the seam line right before you sew it.  Take 2-4 small stitches right in the point to hold the threads in place.  If your thread matches your applique fabric these stitches will hardly be noticeable.

Outer Corners:

For outer corners sew right up to the corner, placing a stitch in the very corner, sweep fabric under with your needle and turn the corner.


Sew the entire perimeter of the applique and then go back to cut out any holes in the applique.

needle turn applique

I used small scissors or a sharp seam ripper to carefully start the hole, being careful not to puncture or cut my background fabric.


Turn those seams under and applique in place.  It takes a little practice but that’s all there is to it!


As you know we have Two Generous Sponsors for the 2016 Dear Daughter BOM Quilt-a-Long!  Including International Subscribers too!

Fat Quarter Shop

Fat Quarter Shop

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(see my fabric links at the end of this post!)

the warm company

The Warm Company

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I’m picking random winners from the subscriber list and

The Winners for March are…

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I will be in touch via email!  Yay!

block of the month quilt pattern

Lastly,  I’ve been getting some fabric questions, and since Fat Quarter Shop is so generous to sponsor this quilt I thought I’d link to a couple fabrics each month that are in my quilt blocks ~ so if you are interested in finding them you can just check out the links below!

The yellow text fabric is from Windham Fabrics and it’s called Paint by Carrie Bloomston for Such Designs.  I bought it at a local shop this past summer so I’m not sure if you can still find it…

I used a lot of different scraps but I’ve also used several fabrics from:

True Colors

Rhoda Ruth


Kaffe Classics

Like my fabrics?

Now you can get my newly curated bundle


at The Fat Quarter Shop!

fat quarter bundle


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Chapter 1 ~ Shaughna !

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 3 ~ Dear Daughter Quilt”

  1. Loving this QAL, I’m so pleased I found it :) I call mine ‘Dear Granddaughter’ and I’m doing it in her favorite color, purple. Thanks for sharing my January block here. Cheers til next visit.

  2. I can’t wait to get started. Just found this today. I will be making this for my daughter who is turning 50 on her next birthday

  3. Your work is stunning. So excited to start. I love bright colours and now I can use them all together . I have so many other things to do but I think I will put them off and do this instead.

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