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Chapter 4 ~ Dear Daughter Quilt

Hello! I hope everyone is having a good month!  I’ve been enjoying all your messages and loving all the pictures you’ve been sharing with me on your quilt progress!  I can’t tell you how fun it is to see all the variations in color and text and block design… thanks so much for sharing this journey with me!!!

And here is Chapter 4!  Yay!

block of the month

If you are new to my site, you can read about the Dear Daughter quilt in the first post to get caught up.  Of course, you don’t need a daughter to participate. Some are making this for their sons, grandchildren, even for themselves, which is awesome since we rarely do enough for ourselves!  If you want to join you can here…

Find the pattern

 in MY SHOP!


This is what we have so far, chapters 1-4 are complete:

block of the month quilt dear daughterAnd they fit into the quilt top diagram like this…

block of the month quilt

I thought I’d share a few pics with you this month on the pinwheels in this chapter…

dear daughter quilt alongThey are not difficult to make but they can be tricky to manage with all those points coming together at the center.

pinwheel quilt block tutorialHere is how I made my pinwheels, and how to press your seams to avoid a big bump at the center of your pinwheel block:

I used the two half-square-triangle method demonstrated in the Techniques page of the pattern and rounded up to the closest 1/4″ so I could trim and square my pinwheel after.

Start with two squares of each color…

pinwheel-quilt-block-tutoriaPlace right sides together, mark line diagonally, sew 1/4″ seam each side, cut on marked line…

pinwheel-quilt-block-tutoriaOpen four half-square-triangle units and press seam allowance to the darker fabric.

pinwheel-quilt-block-tutoriaTrim off all the ‘dog ears’ to reduce bulk (important) and organize into the pinwheel block design…

pinwheel-quilt-block-tutoriaSew together in pairs… notice that the diagonal seams nest together nicely when the seams are all pressed toward the dark (or pressed to same fabric)…

pinwheel-quilt-block-tutoriaNow open the pairs up and press the center seams in the SAME direction as the seams in the unit.  Notice in the next picture that the seams in the top unit are all pressed to the right, and all the seams in the bottom unit are pressed toward the left.  When you sew these together the center seam will nest together and the bulk will be distributed…

pinwheel-quilt-block-tutoriaAfter you join these two units together you need to press the center seam in opposing directions and carefully open and separate the center where the points meet…

pinwheel-quilt-block-tutoriaNow you can see here that all my seams are going in the same direction around the center and the center is pressed open so I don’t have a big bump in the middle of my pinwheel…

pinwheel-quilt-block-41Opening the center takes a little fussing if you haven’t done it before, but when you get it right it will be like “oh, I get it now!”  I showed the same technique in this post if you want to see another example.

Now, to trim you will need to measure from the center out.  I want my block to be 3 1/2″ so I’m measuring 1 3/4″ from center in ALL directions.

pinwheel quilt block tutorial

pinwheel-quilt-block-Now I have some good looking squared up pinwheels to make my block!

pinwheel quilt block tutorial

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Thanks for sharing!!!

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See you next month!


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